Best Commenter for November 2008

Debs Debs has been a regular commenter on The World of Arsenal for quite a few months now and speaks from the heart and always has a positive outlook on things. Here’s a snippet of what Debs had to say on the captaincy change last month:

I think it’s the right decision, Fabregas as captain. It wasn’t going to work with Almunia, him being stuck in goal and the fact that when he’s off his line, every Bentley in this world will try to put one past him! As for Clichy, he was my personal choice, but I think it would be too much pressure on him, seeing as he’s been our best player this season so far and he’s started making mistakes. The less focus on Clichy and he seems to be unbelievably amazing. Fabregas as captain will more than likely shut up those who’ve been creating rumours that he may be leaving in Jan or summer. He may end up doing so (I hope not), but at least for now all the speculation will stop. Also, he’s not been playing well so far this season, and I feel that now he’s captain, he’ll step up his game. I think he’s the type of player who can handle the spotlight on him, and he’s press conferences about the team, performance, and chances are exactly the type you’d expect from a captain, unlike Gallas. I wich I was going to be at the Emirates 2moro to see how Gallas responds to his demotion! It should be funny! But yeah, tomorrow’s the beginning of a new era (it sort of feels like when the new sp*rs era started with Redknapp, although I shouldn’t compare us to those ’scum’ lol). But yeah, I’m excited about the rest of the season now! Woo hoo!
The award has been given by an independant panel which I’m not part of…! Congratulations and keep up the great comments.]]>


    Yes congratulations Debs! Good positivity, insightful words and always a pleasant attitude! Good stuff.

  • Debs

    Gee, thanks! :)