• zohaib

    < ![CDATA[congrats on the blackberry mate. i gota say though :

    kieran man, u really shudnt have argued about keane's quality. too late to not be embarrased. i think i'd be right in saying its as much ur fault as it is djourou's. wat a finish though. absolute cracker.

    mistake by djourou. shud've been standing on the other side of keane. but why didnt almunia come out. i gota have another look. it seemed like he could've come out and cleared it. i'v seen it again and nope. it wasnt almunia's fault.

    and wat was gallas doing later ! he almost helped gerrard score a second.

    looks like a nasty injury to cesc. where was teh need to put ur foot in cesc ! he was looking in some serious pain. hope he's not done his ligaments. it really looked bad.

    ade was lively in the first 30 mins. he had that little mazy run and kept posession against 3 liverpool players and it looked like he was gona do something. (for the first time he looked like he had some quality with the ball at his feet). then it was as if he said, thats it. its like he's already decided that he's gona be lively for half an hour and then doze off. disappointing. he looked like he was blaming almunia for not picking his head/feet out with a goalkick ! maybe he shud take more responsibility and get moving and judge the ball better when its in the air ! he wastes too many opportunities. song looked good. denilson looked decent. vanpersie - great control and finish. cesc was looking good too. nasri - wat a pass, though he wasnt really seeing the ball before that. djourou was good apart from that one mistake. sagna looks like he's lost a bit defensively. gallas was okayish.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[the second half - howard webb - wat a C*** with a capital c. absolutely gutted.

    not only should ade not have been sent off. he shouldnt even have got one yellow card. he's hardly made any contact. yes he shudnt have left his leg that high on both occasions but to have someone sent off when there isnt even contact made, it becomes a bit unbelievable. some would say its intent that matters ...

    that said we seemed to work harder with 10 men. that says something about our commitment not being at a 100% with 11 men. we only play hard wen we'r forced to. and that needs sorting out. we lack urgency.
    diaby was okayish i suppose. but he really didnt look fit. didnt seem to be able to run with pace. or maybe he's just not a winger. nasri was doing really well. vanpersie was working hard too. but without cesc in the middle the team's just not the same.
    some would argue why diaby had to come on. and then you look at who else could come on - eboue - and it makes a bit of sense. but maybe wenger could've gone with ramsey in his natural position in the center or at rightmidfield. but then i'v got the advantage of hindsight.

    i suppose we'r lucky we didn't loose that in th end. liverpool had some chances to finish it off.]]>

  • Debs

    Anyone else pissed? I am- not with the team’s performance, definitely not, but with the everything else, especially the ref! Absolute joker. But yeah, title hopes may be over, but good response after the red. Yeah, Zohaib, we played better after the sending of- the crowd got behind the team and they reacted positively. It didn’t show we were down to 10men at all. Absolutely gutted about the injury to Fabregas though. Thought The Boss would have brought Ramsey on at half time, as I think he’s more like Fabregas- creativity and all. But Diaby did alright I guess. I hope Fabregas’ injury isn’t too bad, cos it’d be a big blow cos our season can’t get any worse! I’m still in a bit of a rage so I probably won’t be making sense right now! lol! But I’d say we deserved 3 points though, but well-played today, boys.

  • fan

    Why is Wenger keen on playing the backline so damn high? Passing was sub par from Diaby, Song, Denilson. Ref fuked us. hope Cesc is okay.

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Hope Cesc injury extends till the end of January. Wenger was sounding that Liverpool were without a Torres, forgeting no player is immuned to injury.

    Like I said how I wish Cescs injury extends a bit further,so it can get sense out of Wenger. I confirmed Nasiri a good player - but please guys dont wait for disaster to come bf u play more purposeful. Thats Why players like Rosicky and V.P re important in this team.]]>

  • Debs

    what are you on about, pissed off?!

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[LOL!!!!!

    It may sound crazy but ve been asking myself what if Fab gets injured what will Wenger do.

    And the answer just came up today. So sad but I cant help but put my hands crossed and see what Monseuir will do.]]>

  • Debs

    lol pissed off! I’d rather Fabregas was out through suspension or whatever, but definitely not injury. That’s absolutely frustrating, especially for him, seeing as he’s captain and all, but I sort of understand where you’re coming from though! any idea when Walcott’s back by the way?

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[No idea at all. This season should please move as first as possible it looks like its not going to happen for us.

    I was thinking with Scolaris lack of premiership experience, Benitez inconsstency and ManUs lack of enthusiasim that we could be it this season. But football has proved time and again that its not mathematics.

    \this is just a wake up call for Wenger . By the way will Ade be available for the Villa game Zohaib?]]>

  • Debs

    I’m not Zohaib pissed off, but I guess it doesn’t matter! lol. It says on Sky that he’ll miss the villa game! Not a happy bunny! There’s some argument that it might be the pompey one though…

  • raj

    < ![CDATA[that ref needs a slap for that idiotic mistake - good game and yes we didnt lose it but we can see where we are lacking the quality.

    Just have to beat Vila come next week ;-)]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[pissed off - i duno man about ade. i'm a little to angry right now. gota cool off before thinking about football again.
    and man come on. i know how you meant it about cesc but to me, probably because i'm already in a rage, that just sounds so cruel. i could see cesc's face when he was walking off and he was in some serious pain. he was having to control his tears. i almost couldnt watch. so wishing that he was in that sort of pain till th end of jan is criminally cruel.
    even if cesc's out for a long time, i doubt wenger'll buy someone to replace cesc temporarily. that wouldn't make sense if it was any other club, so its probably a definite no at arsenal.
    it'll probably give diaby the chance to play centrally. and thats a positive to come out of the situation. sometimes, though, it seems like denilson, song and diaby are well below the level of cesc and thats a worrying thought. its not like they got a switch that they can turn on and improve suddenly, so expect more of the same average passing i guess.

    also i wouldnt want arsenal to win the title because of good luck or us having a fortunate season and the others not being at their best. i'd rather win it with everyone else playing on their best form. thats the only way i would think of arsenal as the best.

    on ade - it wasnt a straight red, so can we appeal it or can it be taken back ?]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[this is so ridiculous though. why is it arsenal that keeps having their first 11 injured so often. and when one comes back from injury - eduardo - another gets injured - cesc.

    also, another thing i want to point out. theres an interesting fact/statistic about liverpool coming from behind this season and winning matches against teams that have had a player sent off. it happened against mancity. it happened against another club. and i think it happend against one of the other top 4 clubs as well. and now its happened to us. can someone confirm this. kieran. give us some stats plz. i'm too mad to search for them right now.

    its got me wondering though - has the FA got some sort of agenda ? have they got a plan to help liverpool out. rafa's been asking for protection this season. we'v all heard his comments. he hasnt whined. just asked politely. maybe the FA have 'respect' for rafa ? what the hell is going on though ?

    wenger was so right to be fuming in the post-match interview. he was absolutely spot on when he said that if ade should have been sent off so should keane for the clumsy challenge on clichy. why is it that for 3 or 4 years now we'v been on the end of absolute garbage refereeing decisions ?! why does it always happen to us ? a week or so ago, the showoff who's winning all the top football awards this year - ronaldo - kicked out at davenport (i think) and he wasnt even given a yellow ! this is the sort of absolute rubbish inconsistency (favouritism/agenda) that exists in english football today. i cant help but feel we're th victims of some sort of plan by the referees or the FA. we play the best football, make the least fouls, have the most humble set of players, and we're the least protected team, the team who gets most fouled, the team who's players get kicked off the pitch and no yellow cards are given, and the team against who penalties that are not penalties, are given.

    i wish arsene would come out stronger and try to get those b******* at the FA and the refereeing panel to work fairly for a change.]]>

  • zohaib

    just read on the arsenal website – wenger was asked about rumors linking us with sending vela out on loan, and getting arshavin and tevez, and he denied them all.

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[We dont ve English players so that tends to hurt them.

    And again David dean used to be a member of the FA but ever since he was booted out I dont think refreeing has been ................................

    But more importantly the lack of real English players has eluded us in the political side of Premiership.Who said politics isnt every where.]]>

  • Fabrez!

    < ![CDATA[I'm absolutely gutted...i was looking at Cesc walking off and getting that feeling u get when u know something really bad has happened...i have deep love for Arsenal but i really don't know guys...feels as if our season is crashing around us piece by piece...and it hurts like hell.

    Almunia & the defense had a good game in fairness, Song was brilliant i thought...really good and gave Cesc that freedom he needs. Diaby was not very good, Nasri did well, as did Denilson and VP. I'm really feeling for Cesc tho...done in his medial knee ligament...he played well and i think his injury and those 2 crazy yellow cards made the difference in the end!

    What the hell Howard Webb...i'm pretty sure he needs to stop being involved in our games...2 horrid decisions against Ade...not gonna fume about it...but he single-handedly crushed me!

    Is there something posistive that can be said? Debs? Zohaib? Anyone?

    I have this bitter bitter feeling the prem is done and dusted for us... :(]]>

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[I know what you mean Fabrez. We keep saying our season can't get any worse, but it keeps happening, and true, it does hurt like hell! But there's a positive from the game. After we were down to ten men, especially without Fabregas, I thought we were going to implode and Liverpool would go on and win and all, but the players actually battled hard! you could tell that they wanted to win badly and the fact that we lost Ade and Fab seemed to spur them on. We've been moaning all season that they don't show enough will to win, that fighting spirit, but they did yesterday and I was really proud of them. It truly be what turns our season around, bizarrely! It sort of reminded me of last season's Bolton match when we were I think 2nil down and were down to 10men also, and we played brilliantly and won! I really hope Fab's not hurt too badly cos he looked absolutely crushed when he was walking off and that really set me off, but hopefully, it's not terribly bad.
    So yeah the positive, Fabrez, is we know that the team have fight in them, and will not give up even if everything's crazy around them, whih it is right now. But the Villa match should prove whether that was a fluke or not. So chin up, it's not all bad, even though it feels like that! :) We'll see now whether Wenger's faith in them's justified or not. Fingers crossed though!
    PS- the PL could probably be done and dusted- we'll be able to tell based on how Chelsea perform against Everton today!]]>

  • Fabrez!

    < ![CDATA[Wow...didn't actually think any1 cud make me feel better! U r rite tho...definitely some positives with the fighting spirit which we are questioned about. And well...Villa is a big big game...and hopefully Chelsea draw if not lose...i'b cheered up by that! Thx Debs. Good positive talk! :)

    PS - Just remembered that Keane's ex-club lost so there is some satisfaction there!]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I am very dissapointed in the refs performance, but our fighting spirit kicked in...and a few liverpool players, Sagna...that man was soooo angry. lol

    After the game it wasn't a bad result considering all that had gone on, but as Aston Villa won again the boxing day match a must win.

    Cesc has not been having the best of seasons to be honest struggling to find form in the first half but It looked like he was coming back to his old self...and now he is injured...typical of our whole seasons fortune.

    Lets just prey to the gods that we get better luck from now on and hope that we can actually start enjoying match of the day once again.

    A good christmas to one and all]]>

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[This result is not the end of the world. Liverpool are top of the table as we speak, and the premiership is all about consist wins against the weaker teams. Villa are not in the same league as Arsenal, even this season, and we have to beat this team on boxing day!

    I'd agree with Debs that the team showed the desire and commitment to win this game, even when we were down to 10 men. This is what we need in every game, not just the big games.

    On a day dreaming note, does anyone know if we had a sell on clause for Diarra? And does this new recruit mean Yaya Toure is up for grabs?]]>

  • Sam

    I read that Arsenal will net 5Mil for Diara’s transfer.

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    < ![CDATA[

    Villa are not in the same league as Arsenal, even this season, and we have to beat this team on boxing day!
    Is that a joke?! Villa have consistantly been the most exciting team of the last few months. They in awesome form and fully deserve to be third in the league.

    Yes, we made about £3.5m from Diarra’s move to Real Madrid. Yaya Toure plays for FC Barcelona though, so I’m not sure how Diarra moving to their biggest rivals would affect him?

    In terms of the match I was a bit annoyed that Keane’s studs up petulant challenge warranted a yellow when he clearly went in hard, but Adebayor got sent off for winning the ball.

    At least we showed some backbone, and although I think we should have won, going by everything that happened, seems like a draw was a good result in the end. Would loved to have nicked it though.

    Oh, and Robbie Keane – I said he was shit here weeks ago. You read it here first! (On a serious note though, once he tried to kill an Arsenal player and scored a wonder goal, he dissapeared! The liverpool fanzines are going mental today, he went awol when we were down to 10 men – he should have been trying to double his tally and he went home in his mind!).]]>

  • parsi

    < ![CDATA[The message cannot be clearer - with the injury to Cesc now, and the clear signs that Liverpool are still be protected by referees in a way that other teams are not, the Lord Wenger will know exactly where we stand for the second half of the season.

    Back comes Eduardo, followed somewhat later by Rosicky and Theo. Out goes Cesc for a while, plus anyone from the kiddies’ side who wants to go off on loan. Hovering is Jack Wilshere who the lord Wenger described last week as Bergkamp II. (That’s interesting because about a year ago Wenger said that if there were another Dennis out there, he couldn’t find him). Bergkamp II. Can you imagine? And he doesn’t even have a fear of flying.

    If he is unsure as to whether the baby team will be able to step up and do their stuff, the Lord Wenger can go and buy anyone he wants. Real Mad have already spent their dosh paying several hundred billion for Lasagne Diarra - which is ok because it gets us more money, and it gets money for Portsmouth (and it is hard not to feel something for Portsmouth given who now runs the show, and who is in and around the team).

    Virtually everyone else is bust - BarBarBarcaSheep could buy someone as could one or two Italian clubs, but it is going to be a very thin market - which means Arsenal can get whomsoever they wish. (And that’s leaving aside the fact that by and large most of the people we buy are not on other team’s shopping lists anyway).

    I haven’t a clue whether we should buy anyone or not - time and again I have been amazed at what he has conjured up from the realms of the outer darkness. I’m the one who wondered what the hell he was doing with Henry who didn’t seem to know where the goal was for the first two months. (I also thought Dennis was over the hill when we bought him. Shows what I know.)

    With that in mind, I was heartened by Sunday, and as each game goes along I think that Denilson is not just a great midfielder, but is getting that inside knowledge that Gilberto had - that “invisible wall” stuff that made him so valuable. I do recall how, when Gilberto got his year-long injury, there was a general feeling that he would not be missed because he really did nothing. When he came back he got an overwhelming reception - everyone knew by then why he was in the side, and what we had missed without him.

    So, now its Villa. If you thought Liverpool were play-acting (as they were), just wait until you see the “go down and hold your head” approach they have been using.]]>

  • Debs

    what would you know! Chelsea draw! Fabrez you’ve got to be happy now! :) lol

  • Fabrez!

    Of course I am Debs!!! lol!

  • Jimmy

    < ![CDATA[Cesc out for at least three months, we need to buy in Jan or Villa come 4th. When was the last time Gallas and Toure played together, he is goin to man city.
    i hear we are gonna buy arhavin, we should get someone to replace fabregas, i heard of elano, and hangeland or someone in for toure. what we need most is some leaders, playersto pick us up when were not doin well.]]>

  • Fabrez!

    I heard about that 3 months rumour…not confirmed yet but wud b detrimental to our season…will def force Wenger’s hand in the market.We’ll kno how long for sure in a few hrs…keep ur fingers crossed!

  • Debs

    Fabregas’ out for 3-4 months! I don’t know anymore…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[He has ruptured knee ligaments.

    Wenger said "The news is not good. He will be working hard to come back earlier but I count four months."

    Also asked about possibly buying in Jan he said " It is more likely but we also have internal solutions and we are not desperate."

    I would like to know what point we will become desperate.

    Our options in CM our Song, Denilson and Diaby as first choice and Whilshire and Ramsey as second choice...then we are hitting the likes of Randall and Lansbury which for me are not ready for the big league just yet.

    Both Song and Delison have improved pretty well this season but both have no decent passing ability both give the ball away on a regular basis which in turn puts pressure on our defence.

    I think Mr Wenger needs to go out with his spade and dig up a few gems in the transfer window]]>

  • Fabrez!

    Great…just what we needed…4 months is ridiculously long…AW better buy…but who can u get to replace Cesc tho? This is more complicated than it seems cuz what happens to that player when Cesc comes back? Maybe the very player he clashed with should come here! Senor Alonso…*sigh* What do we even do? I kno Ramsey is young but its my gut feeling that Ramsey should play in Cesc’s role for now…he’s got a lot to learn but i think he shud b the 1…Diaby & Denilson are ok there too but lose the ball too much in my opinion… Keep ur heads up Gooners!! In Wenger we trust? Don’t really have a choice do we…

  • Debs

    yeah, I think Ramsey should play on Cesc’s role, but the fact that Wenger didn’t bring him on against Liverpool raises the question of whether Wenger thinks he’s ready to play on that role- I think he is! We’re definitely going to miss Cesc, and yeah, Fabrez, if we replace him, when he’s back to fitness, what happens? Cos if the team seem to do really well without him, he may start to wonder whether he’s still got any future with the club, and does the replacement then become 2nd choice when Cesc comes back?… So does Wenger just get someone on loan, or get a proper replacement? I guess he should get someone, but I wouldn’t say as an out and out replacement, cos obviously we want Cesc to stay after he’s fit. But well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Wenger does, but I’d really like to see Ramsey play in Cesc’s role in the interim… But yeah, hope by the time march comes along, we’ll have Walcott, Fabregas and Rosicky back, and hopefully, the season doesn’t get any worse…