Eduardo's Return Poses Questions As Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith And Richard Carr Depart…

Almunia Sagna – Gallas / Toure – Djourou – Clichy Denilson – Song – Cesc Van Persie – Adebayor – Eduardo This formation would see Van Persie play on the right side of the attack, as he does for his country, with Eduardo playing on the left and Adebayor deployed as a central striker. In reality, would this work? Well, it would require a complete re-think of how we move forward as the formation required will have to accommodate all players. If Walcott, Bendtner and Vela were playing – could they fit this formation? Yes, they could. But if Nasri, Rosicky and Diaby were fit, how would they be accommodated. In my personal opinion, which may differ from that of your own, we should stick to 4-4-2. A 4-4-2 which means we have more shape. A 4-4-2 will allow us to match our opponents and it’s the way we’ve always played. The question which is more likely to be raised is whether Eduardo can be played on the left of midfield – and is that his best position. Yes, he is a poacher, yes he is a fox in the fox – but at the same time, he does have skill and the ability to get past players. It may be possible, that we’d see the team above but with Eduardo on the left of midfield. Not for the weekend game, however, as Eddie’s got a couple more weeks to go before he returns to first team action. Onto the other topic hitting today’s headlines… Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and Richard Carr depart and we’ve got a new chief executive named Ivan Gazidis. Bracewell-Smith comes as a bit of a shock to us as she was the safe haven. We knew she wouldn’t sell, she has a long history with Arsenal and she entered the lockdown agreement. However, her departure from the board has signalled an end to her part of the lockdown and this means that her shares are for sale. Peter Hill Wood had this to say:

“The philosophy of the club remains the same. Our efforts are directed towards stability and making the club successful. Changes of personnel will not alter the directors’ view of how we should proceed in the future. All the directors love the club and are committed to maintaining its heritage. Acting in the best interests of the club is fundamental to the decisions we take on behalf of Arsenal. The directors feel the club’s
future is positive both on and off the field. “Lady Nina is no longer representing the club and therefore is released from the lockdown. However it was created to maintain stability in the club and those participants are committed to maintaining the ownership structure as it is. I don’t know for certain what she wants to do with her shares. I do know that the Bracewell-Smith family have been involved with the club for many, many years and are great supporters. I know that Lady Nina is an advocate of the policies we have been following to make the club self-sustaining and free from external injections of money. She has certainly been in favour of what we are doing. We hope that she would remain a shareholder, but she has not spoken to me about it lately. She is no longer in the lockdown so she is free to do what she wishes to do. “A number of the board have indicated in the past that they are interested in buying more shares so the future stability of the club is secure. The board is very keen to retain control of the club to ensure that its values and traditions are upheld and live on for many years to come.”
Interesting words from PHW and a phrase that does worry me is “I don’t know for certain what she wants to do with her shares”. He could have said something like “she doesn’t intend to sell”. But instead, it’s clear that a sale could happen in the near future. With rumours that her departure was because her shares had become devalued and that she could no longer sustain such an agreement, this could potentially happen sooner than later. Within the lockdown agreement, of which Stan Kroenke is part of, another board member has first refusal to buy the remaining shares. To see Bracewell-Smith exit the lockdown agreement does open the door for Usmanov to come in. Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith’s share are approximately 15.8% of the club, so a sale to Usmanov would see him go upwards of 40%. A big chunk of a club for a silent shareholder. No doubt the papers will turn in this into turmoil in the Arsenal board room and takeover imminent. In all reality, we, the fans have even less idea about what is going on… Let’s not worry too much, because worrying gets us… nowhere… Champions League draw tomorrow… Til then.]]>

  • zohaib

    wat can be done to prevent usmanov from buying lady nina bracewell smith’s shares ?

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[the good news is that nasri's '95%' certain of returning against liverpool. woohoo oh and this will come as a shock to some of you. it certainly has to me. wenger says a january transfer is 'feasible' hahaha. that was prolly the only word that he could've used, knowing his reluctance to spend. lol. oh well. WOOHOO. but i'll take that woohoo back if he signs another 20yr old kid. argh ! dont know whether to be excited or cynical.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib u should trust Wenger. And belief me if he says his buying ,what he means is that his going to sell some one. The question now is who is he possibly going to sell. May be Gallas, Bendtner - who knows]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA['trust Wenger' - you gota be joking man. havnt you been a fan long enough to know that he's the SPIN DOCTOR. the ultimate spin doctor. trust is a serious word. it cant apply to wenger. i'm not saying he's a dishonest man. in fact its the opposite. he's probably one of the very few honest people in the job. all i'm saying is one can never really know what he's thinking. and i respect him a great deal because of that. i think its a brilliant quality to have lol.]]>

  • Pissed off

    lol; forget Wenger.

  • JDD


  • Pissed off

    JDD, your dreaming. U and I know that cant happen, Not in this Arsenal world at the moment.

  • Debs

    yeah JDD’s in dreamland! lol

  • AJ

    We can all dream can’t we?

  • Fabrez!

    lol…Pato’s cost alone would do Wenger’s head in… but dream on my friend lol

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[i heard a lot over the last 2 years about Yoan Gouffran. i think he's also at Bordeaux with Yoan Gourcouff - on loan from AC Milan and i got the feeling that AC either didnt want him in their team yet or he didnt want to go back to AC or something of the sort. it seems they were all rumors. but those two are serious talents. but what exactly do we need at the moment ? defensive midfielder ? winger ? centreback ?]]>

  • Dan

    Eduardo is a striker, Dev. I think your mental to suggest playing him wide. We need someone who can finish, and he gives us that. Nuff said. Full Stop. End Of. RVP and Ade can be used when circumstances require their games. Edu is always required, he is a goalscorer!

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[I can't see Wenger switching away from 4-4-2. The only other formation I've ever seen us play is 4-5-1 in the CL the season we got to the final. I think Eduardo will come in and just give us more options. Hopefully the competition will force RVP and Ade to raise their games, mean that we can play Bendtner less and keep the players fresher for what is a very long and busy season.]]>

  • paris

    < ![CDATA[I'm really frustrated. I look at the league table and like many Gooners I hate what I am seeing. This season could have been so different. The title is there for the taking. Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are not exactly setting the league alight and we haven't taken advantage of the situation. We have struggled this season but Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United have too. Inside Arsene Wenger must be kicking himself. If he could have managed to keep last seasons squad together and made a couple of summer signings, this season could have been the easiest shot at the title he has ever had. Instead we face a battle for fourth place and wonder what might have been. I have reluntantly ruled Arsenal out of the title race and hate to do so. I can't see us not losing another game this season. We are too inconsistent and lack the quality needed. What is frustrating me is we were almost there last season and now instead of building on that we seem to have gone backwards. We have weakened when we should have strengthened. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Arsenal were back. Now I just hope for a top four finish when really I should be thinking that we are going to be champions. Arsenal should have been in a strong position at the top of the table. The fixture list was kind to say the least. The way the results are going if any of the top four put a run together then they would be title winners. It's too late though for Arsenal. It may be too late but I often wonder what might have been. We could have won it this year. This could have been Wenger's easiest title win.]]>

  • McClone

    Guys – I really don’t think we need anyone new except for the people we needed before – i.e. A defensive midfielder. Denilson, Walcott, Nasri, Eduardo, Vela and Rosicky can all play on the wings – plus Simspon, Bischoff, Merida and Wilshere – also Ramsey used to play left wing for Soton!

  • devday

    Dan – the only reason I’d suggest playing him wide is the severe lacks of wingers at the moment. I’ve maybe not expressed myself properly. I want Eduardo up front. Full stop…. “he is a poacher, yes he is a fox in the fox “, but at the moment he could add some creativity to our midfield. I have my doubts over VP at the left of midfield which has swayed the argument!

  • zohaib

    paris – agree completely with your comment. well written too. good stuff !

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[the way i see it, we're out of the premier league title. even if some people don't agree, the fact is we're what 8 points away from the leaders ? we've nothing to lose. i think we need to give a 4 - 3 - 3 a serious thought. our fullbacks are very mobile, and sometimes play like midfielders anyway. so playing a 4 - 3 - 3 isnt as 'scary' as some of you are thinking. its basically a slightly more threatening and attacking version of the 4 - 5 - 1 we've been playing. its more direct on the wings which is what we need to do. we need to have that outlet so that if our midfield is losing the battle in the center, we can pass it out elsewhere. and our midfield has been weak. so i say put 3 men in there and tell them to stay put (not entirely literally). that way the 3 strikers and one of the midfielders maybe and one of the fullbacks could join up in the attacks. it'll help us in the center where we're lacking a bit. we'd be creating just as many chances if not more, if we play it properly. if played well, we'd be better defensively as well. it'll give us that extra bit that we're lacking when we get the ball and take ages to make a move allowing them to get all their players behind the ball. it'll prevent that from happening, if played right. it'll give us better, quicker counter-attack. it'll probably give our fullbacks 5%more responsibility but i think our fullbacks are the best in europe. i'm sure it'll come as a challenge which they'll be determined to face and overcome. wats got u folks so worried about a 4 - 3 - 3 btw ?]]>