Every game is a cup game as Eduardo is due to return…

“He looks very good and very sharp in training.” Which is quite a short summation but a good thing nevertheless. It will be an exciting game tomorrow – for those of you who have Arsenal TV, it’s live – kick off at 7pm – the coverage starts at 6pm. For those of you who have watched the game against Middlesborough, one thing quite noticable, was a change in Adebayor’s attitude. Maybe the return of Eduardo has got him scared for his place in the team. Or maybe he thinks he won’t be able to move if he finishes fifth or maybe, just maybe, he actually gives a crap. Ade’s recently been talking about how every game is a now a cup game. And he is right. We need to treat every game as if our lives depended on it. That’s how we should always play and should have played since the beginning of the season. Here’s what Ade had to say:

“We have to forget about what we have done against Chelsea and Manchester United. We have done that so the most important thing is just to keep focused against Liverpool. If we think because we have beaten Man United at home, Chelsea away so we are going to win easily against Liverpool then we have got everything wrong. Every weekend comes a massive game, massive game, massive game for us. [Each is] the game of the season. We all know how important this is for the Club so we will just try to keep our dreams alive. “For us the most important thing is to keep positive. We have a good chance because we play at Emirates Stadium in front of our own fans. We always play quite well there. For sure, they broke our dreams last season. But what they have done they have done. That happened last season. The most important thing is what we want to achieve now. “All the people will be talking about it and that will make it a big game for everybody. As a player you dream of playing in these big games. When I was young I had a chance to watch Arsenal against teams likes Liverpool and Manchester United. Now I have a chance to be in those games. “That is why I say to myself whenever I wear the shirt I have to keep giving 100 per cent.”
There are some interesting points that Ade makes. Ade will give 100%, Eboue will give 200%, Bendtner will give 10% and we’ll win the league. It’s imperative that we don’t play on our laurels. Yes, we’ve beaten Man United and Chelsea this season – it doesn’t mean we will automatically beat Liverpool. We are going to have to play to our best if we are going to beat Liverpool. There will be much more Liverpool talk later this week. Til tomorrow.]]>

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    < ![CDATA[yeah I agree, no expectations for Eduardo to be at his best 2moro, but it would be a joy to watch him play again, and that would be amazing... Goodluck dude! As to Ade and his views, I swear someone always makes some sort of motivational comments before each game and nothing different really happens. I expect them to do all the talking on the pitch. I don't really see the Liverpool game as important in terms of gauging the teams' performance cos well, from previous experience with the so-called big 4, we know they'll turn up- 3 points is a must though. I'm more interested in the Villa match, and the matches after that, as they turned us over last time around, and it would be interesting to see how the team responds, considering Villa are in blistering form. If it's still the same story, then I'd know that all the 'talk' is just that- talk. But yeah, I'm hoping the message's getting to the players (and Le Boss) and there's a turn-around for the good sooner rather, than later!]]>

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    < ![CDATA[Well, we've been written off bi Rio Ferdinand now - as good a footballer as he is, he has no brain of his own, so it can only mean Fergusmoan has written us off to his team. And who can blame them? Debs - I'm with you, Villa are the team at the moment. If anyone will be challenging United/Liverpool/Chelsea at the top its Villa - they are above us on points and are the team that look like they'll win each week. I'd even go so far as to make a specific effort to watch a non-arsenal match for Villa. I watch whatevers on usually, but I'd cancel my plans to see them at the moment. Ironically out of the top three I see Liverpool as having the most weaknesses - which is why I think we'll struggle. Now watch - after me slating his dire performances, Keane will score a hat-trick, Almunia is due a duff game soon.]]>

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    < ![CDATA[

    Well, we’ve been written off bi Rio Ferdinand now – as good a footballer as he is, he has no brain of his own, so it can only mean Fergusmoan has written us off to his team. And who can blame them?

    you know, I really hate it when ppl who are in no way connected to Arsenal write off our title chances, even though I may have done that myself anyways! It’s just annoying! I hope it riles the players and they want to prove them wrong! But yeah, wishful thinking!
    As for Keane, hopefully he’ll stay on the bench! lol! Gerrard’s the one to watch, considering he all but gave Liverpool all 3 points against Hull! But yeah, Keane’s definitely looking to impress, but hopefully, he’d try too hard, cos then it wouldn’t work! And you know, we seem to be relying on Almunia more and more as the season goes on to keep us in matches! If he does have a bad game, hopefully the back 4 don’t! Fingers crossed!]]>

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    < ![CDATA[dev ! eduardo was injured this year. not last :P even Harry Redknapp's 'written us off'. thats how the media are reporting it. I'm not so sure it was that clear by Harry, but even so, at least the media's doing some good for us. We usually seem to do better when everybody's written us off. so hopefully this works in our favour.]]>

  • Debs

    I guess Dev meant to say last season. But yeah, it does seem like it was a long long time ago!

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    I really really really really really hope we beat the scousers because my boss is a Liverpool fan and he has been churpping all season about the mighty reds…I would love it if we beat them…love it!! lol

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    < ![CDATA[So today is the day - Eduardo is back. The Croatian media have block booked the press box, and there could be a larger than normal crowd. Eduardo has been brilliant in recovery and could come back even faster than before, and with all the skills that made him so special. But he also said he still needs another six weeks to put him at the top again. Hopefully those six weeks will include some cameo appearances for the first team. Meanwhile The Tiny Fantasists did what they do best - made utter fools of themselves. At their AGM everyone was saying how wonderful the plan for the new 60,000 stadium is (ignoring the fact that they have double-counted the number of fans that they have waiting for tickets, as we discussed a few weeks back). It was all slap-each-other-on-the-back time until bubbling over with bon homie and enthusiasm Mr Leavy asked Mr Red Napp to give a quick run down on how the team was doing. The manager said, if you are asking if this team could get into the top four, the answer is nothing like. It¿s relegation material. Of course everyone knew that - but Mr Leavy had actually said just a few minutes before that there was no money to buy new players in the January transfer window. Bit of a problem then. Still, Eduardo at Barnet. That¿s more like it. Bischoff on the wing, a run out perhaps for Wilshere, Merida playing at being Cesc in the middle Looking like quite a team]]>

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    I soooo meant to say last season!

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    lol JDD! It’s not as easy as that, and besides, the lads haven’t given us any reason to be cheerful of late. Of all the statements you made, the only guaranteed one is that Eduardo is back, well sort of, and for that I am cheerful!

  • debs

    I like your optimism anyways!

  • devday

    Who seems depressed?

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    < ![CDATA[Gosh, I don't think it's depressive - sure we could finish above Chelsea, United and Liverpool, but I bet you if we do Villa will be on top of us!! Current form just shows we're a solid fifth nothing more.]]>