Match Preview: Arsenal vs Wigan

Tomorrow, we take on Wigan at the Emirates in a clash that is so important to our season it's ridiculous. But of course, that's where we find ourselves in. A loss to Wigan would end our title challenge once and for all, but a win tomorrow and then another against Middlesborough and followed up with a final one against Liverpool would see us push on a little.

Arsenal v Wigan Athletic
Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium
Saturday, December 06, 2008, 15:00

Tomorrow’s game is a game we know we can win – heck, our under 21′s beat Wigan in the Carling Cup 3-0! So we need to believe in ourselves and go into the game with the correct mentality. A win so vital for a season.

Gallas is an injury doubt for tomorrow, with a calf strain as is Djourou with a hip injury. Toure, on the other hand is back from injury and may find himself paired with Silvestre at the back.

In midfield, with Walcott, Eboue, Diaby and Rosicky all out, I’d expect to see Nasri, Denilson, Song and Fabregas deployed, with Van Persie and Ade up front.

The line up should be:

Right Back
Centre Back
Centre Back
Left Back
Right Wing
Left Wing
 Van Persie
Support Striker

And I think we’ll have Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela and Bendtner on the bench.

It’s been a week where people have laboured for news stories. The “I almost joined Arsenal” story from Cristiano Ronaldo came out again and we’ve been linked with moves for Haageland of Fulham, whilst Gallas is supposed on his way to Milan…

Arsene has spoken about William Gallas and had this to say:

“My desire is clear, I want him to stay of course. Of course [I am sure he will stay]. I have given you information there by telling you I want him to stay and it is because I have spoken about that with William. The problem in the modern game is that you always have to fight against an environment that attempts to destabilise you just by creating news. I cannot fight against that, I can only give what we want inside the Club. We want to keep William with us because he is an important player in the squad and what other people try to provoke, or try to put out in the media, we cannot master. It doesn’t change my mind and in the end I will decide that.”

So, that’s clear, Gallas for sale, £1m bargain.

Thanks for all for your patience this week whilst I’ve been battling to keep the blog alive.

Good luck to the team tomorrow, should be a super game!

Til then…


  • Fo

    < ![CDATA[You're back!!

    We really need a normal win against a team we should beat. Van Persie is on fire now and could raise the team with his performance. Ade needs to get going now...!!

    Tomorrow he we come!]]>

  • devday

    Indeed I am back. Ade needs a good performance after such lazy ones recently. Can’t wait for Eduardo to be back. Rumours are he is playing the reserve game next week – hopefully I can pop down to Barnet and give you guys a proper Eduardo return report!

  • zohaib

    djourou’s fine. in place for a starting spot.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Sky sports says "With Johan Djourou also struggling with a hip injury" - but I hope he is fit as he's been tremendous recently.

    Zohaib, have you heard the link with Sylvain Distin - it looks like we're going to linked to every CB around!!]]>

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[Good to have you back, Dev! And yeah, 2moro's a big game. Even Clichy acknowledges that it's an even bigger game than against Chelsea. We do need to beat Wigan, considering if we don't, apart from being out of the title race for sure, I'm sure the media will have a field day comparing the first team with the Carling cup squad! (I would too! lol)
    I don't even know if a draw would do, but I win is in order. Whether we win the title is another issue, but we've got to be in the mix at least.
    Toure's back, which is good, but he's not really had a great season so far. We've not seen the Toure of the past, scoring the odd goal and being a rock in defence. I'd like to see Djourou come in in place of Silvestre, cos I think Djourou needs to play consistently to build up his confidence, cos he's a great player. I'm gonna approach 2moro with caution, but if we win, I'll be on top on the world! lol
    Eduardo! I just can't wait. I know it's gonna take a while for him to be at his absolute best, but as long as he's playing, I'm good!
    But yeah, fingers crossed for 2mo!]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[yeah dev ! i read the link. distin claimed there arsenal asked about his situation in the 'recent 'past' - duno if that means the summer or even more recently.

    and then there was roy hodgson of fulham who had to deny that arsenal made an enquiry about brede hangeland.

    the papers are upto mischief again.

    for us though, i read on arsenal's site, in wenger's pre-match press conference statement. he said that djourou was 'fine'. but the way he spoke about silvestre - 'we have silvestre of course' - makes me think he'll start with either djourou and silvestre or toure and silvestre. he said toure was back but he'd still have to decide if he can start with him.
    i'd like to see a toure and djourou partnership though ! i really think it could become our best CB partnership from this squad, if its given time to gel.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[diaby's back next week. and eduardo shud be a week or so away from a competitive game hopefully.

    eboue's back for today. i duno whether to be happy or dissappointed !]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[but i dont understand why we didnt go for distin if it was in the summers. he's twice the defender silvestre is. maybe 'arry didnt let him go. and if it was more recent contact, then i really hope we sign him in jan. tony would understand i hope. we could give them silvestre as an exchange !
    we could certainly do with another CB who can play LB as well. portsmouth's in that period where some players might be considering their options. and why wouldnt he want to move from portsmouth to arsenal.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[theres a fantastic article on arsenal's site about how close wenger came to signing cristiano ronaldo. ronaldo even got an arsenal shirt with his name but
    in the end we couldnt agree a transfer fee with lisbon.]]>


    < ![CDATA[Trouble is - when Eduardo comes back who would you drop? Last seasons highest scorer or our currently inform striker RVP?

    I can see Bendtner leaving the club to be honest especially after his failure to convert any chances against Burnley, with the dearth or tacking options we have.

    If Gallas leaves we will need to buy a top class centre back, but then we need to buy one already!

    Anyhow, going to work today so will deliberately avoid the football scores until MOTD!

    Come on Arsenal!]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Cool stuff from the gunners but yet another injury (Nasiri). There has to be an explanation for this. Our creative players are getting injured when we need them the most. Rosicky, Walcot and now Nasiri. If none comes back this next few weeks it will hit hard on us.
    The only creative players left are Fab, Van pers and to a lesser extent Denilson. Wenger and Man management, I dont know; look at fergie with his management.]]>


    < ![CDATA[Once again, I'm absolutely gobsmacked - the challenge on Nasri was atrocious, how can Wenger be in anyway held accountable for an injury to a player on a pitch unless he runs on and two foots the player himself?

    With Rosicky, we've obviously bought a prize turkey, but Walcott and Nasri are injured through accident. Even Ronaldo and Rooney have missed a significant number of games this season through injury, so I'm not sure how Ferguson man manages his injuries better. Mary Poppins was fiction after all.

    In regards to the match - not really the show of force we needed and a few spurned opportunities aside, a win is a win! Shame Liverpool overcame the worst match of the season to get a flattering result.

    Funnily enough - anyone noticed CSK Fulhams bench today? Shockingly poor, although sounds like Deco was a bit more interested today. The paper talk has been brilliant about Terry and Lampard telling world cup winning coach how to do his job. Fingers crossed Manure ship a few soft goals!

    (Oh and can someone please explain why Keane has been getting bad press? In two years he's achieved promotion, premiership survival (no mean feat!) and this year they are already better off than they were last year - its like Sp*rs and Jol all over again. Black Cats for the drop!).]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[pissedoff you probably wernt watching the game and just read or heard some end of match summary. it wasnt wenger's fault that palacios injured nasri.

    kieran mate i feel the agony. its on the edge of being a red card in my opinion. he's decided to lunge for the ball with almost both feet without regard to what he lands on or whether the other player's foot is still intact at the end. that kind of attitude deserves some kind of extra punishment ! specially when you injure a player so that he has to get sub'd.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[What i meant has nothing to do with Nasiri's injury.Now we v got the injury, will u be counting on Ramsey to be our saviour? definetely not.

    Wen I mean sth should be done I mean what we all ve been saying this season( good back up players).]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[kieran wats ur opinion on what hapnd in the last 10 mins. with eboue making a shameful mess of every pass. i remember him losing posession 4 times. and the crowd was getting very impatient, and i think some of them started boo-ing as well ?

    the commentators were upset at the crowd. but when you make completely idiotic errors 4 times in the last 10 mins of a game ur leading by only 1 goal, what do you expect ? specially when the kind of annoying posession football you play frustrates people for the first 80 mins.

    we started of well i thought. with song, ade, vanpersie, cesc, denilson all doing well. as the game went on, we got a fortunate move that ended in a goal. after that the game kind of locked out. it became even with different players playing well in patches. either we wernt good enough or serious enough to get a second. we hit the post twice but it wasnt anything special. just 2 weak shots from long range. they really should have been more clinical.
    i dont mean to sound negative. vanpersie came close to scoring a few times. but again. he seemed to be working less and less hard as the game went on. and the thing that upsets me about ade is that when he faces his own goal and runs back to recieve a pass and pass it back, why he stays rooted ! he shud immediately make another run into the space. and he doesnt do that. he just stands there and becomes a 5th midfielder, weakening the attack, lessening pressure on their defence.
    our team still has a lot of learning to do. even the 25yr olds show signs of being naive at times.

    just glad to get a win. glad to be putting some distance b/w us and 5th spot. manutd got lucky as usual. won with a deflection-hits-post-falls-to-vidic-who-scores goal in the 91st min.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[We really need Rosicky in this team. For Van persie not being good enough this is the right time to rest some key players like V.P and Fab and bring in other players, But wen u look at the bench its empty. Thats what I meant when I said man management.

    We lost last seasonly partly bc of lack of man management, wen players were off form (Ade and Fab) and others injured (rosicky and Edu),there was no proper quality replacement. This season may be worse but as fans we dont wish for that, we wish for better days ahead. I still belief the league is open.]]>

  • Fabrez!

    Wilson Palacios’ tackle was more or less disgusting… should have seen red. It was not nice to see how much Nasri’s ankle was strained under Palacios’ weight. I’m starting to wonder if we need to buy a winger seein that we have these injuries (Rosicky, Theo, now Nasri…Eboue and Denilson aren’t really creative wingers) What do u guys think? At least Eduardo is back in 10 days… Eboue has a horrid time but is definitely unfit and while he didn’t play well in the least, booing is a morale buster 4 the guy…u got to feel for him. He looked quite hurt when he was getting substituted. Hope he picks himself up and we stop that rubbish behavious as Arsenal fans. All in all good result…not our best game ever but on to Porto nxt week! Go Gunners!

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[i'm not for boo-ing. its not the best way to express yourself. but i'm glad wenger realized the urgency of the situation and substituted him. eboue was clearly unsettled.
    but wat is also obvious is that his attitude isnt right and never has been. he's always been a whiner. he lost concentration bcuz of the crowd. not many professional footballers can do that. thats some (lack of) quality to have. you gota pick urself up and focus on the game rather than wat people are saying. but he didnt want it enough.
    but wat surprised me was that, after they stopped boo-ing, which was probably after he got subbed, they suddenly started cheering for arsenal. which is what they shudv been doing. either they realized they were wrong or there were still some decent fans around who realized wat they needed to do.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[pissedoff i get ur point. but when a manager has the amount of injuries we have, its not possible to do man-management. theres just not enough players. you do man-management when you have too many players to choose from.
    our players keep getting injured. sometimes its bcuz referee's dont protect them well enough. sometimes it just happens.
    with wenger, he sometimes has to make a decision with which players he chooses and how the balance will be affected. wen we have first team members out, it becomes a compromise. do we choose denilson on the right for creativity or do we choose eboue for attacking threat. do we choose denilson for CM or song who gives more height and is stronger in challenges.
    these are challenges every team faces. but our second string feels a bit incomplete. and you can understand that. theyr just kids.
    but what you shud understand is that arsenal is a club that takes responsibility for its financial situation and tries to keep it in order, which is what is needed in today's economic climate. for years clubs have ignored the need to care for credit problems, and maybe now they'll pay. whereas we'll still be here without those problems.
    if its correct what i hear, manutd and liverpool are bankrupt.
    its great that wenger's got a degree in economics because where football is a sport, it also needs to be run with people who know about finance and economics, so that it can still exist and not die off.
    other clubs pay over-the-top for players, which makes agents raise the price and wages of players. bcuz everybody is able to get money through sponsors, they keep paying those over-the-top prices if they want to get a player and charge over-the-top if they want to sell, thus forcing the way the market works, and driving prices up. that is why that system is unstable in the long run. it just drives prices up.
    what we do is more sensible. we refuse to pay over-the-top. bcuz we know that if one club does it, it'll just make others do it too. wat we want to do is to control that never-ending upward spiral of prices.
    and wen we'r trying to do that, we can't have a second string team who's just as good as the first team, or the second string of another top4 club.
    wats also important is that we dont compare ourselves with manutd liverpool or chelsea bcuz they dont follow our model. they spend wat they like. comparing like for like makes sense, and this isnt the case. so its unfair to compare us with any other top4 club.
    then wen u look at it, it makes sense. its okay that some players are not as good as other top 4 clubs'.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[anyone see chelsea's second ? deco's goal.
    ballack header at exactly the right place and pace for deco to diagonally-overhead-kick it.
    those are what you call experienced footballers. its a shame they cost 25 mil +. but thats what they give you.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[and i'v just read that cesc might have a problem with his knee after that idiotic challenge by bramble. it was a rough challenge. it could've been malicious had cesc not jumped out of the way. i think his thighs or knees have made contact with cesc. and it looked quite spectacular. he was gona go straight through cesc if he hadnt jumped. but its shocking once again, that the referee's didnt give him a yellow. i dont think a free kick was given either. appaling !
    something needs to be done about these referees.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[on the other hand. maybe they were just calling his name out rather than boo-ing him.

    maybe they were just saying E-boo-ue]]>

  • Fabrez!

    lol @ E-boo-ue…that’s funny zohaib! But still…poor fella!

  • JDD

    the way most of the emirates crowd acted towards eboue was arsenal player deserves that reception when they get subbed so what if he made a few bad passes nobody was perfect yesterday.remember this was his 1st game back from injury im sure wenger didnt expect him to play any were near an hour on his first game back i think eboue was tired.i think yesterdays central defensive partnership is our best.toure played one of his best games this season.

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[yeah, poor Eboue, considering it was his first game after a long-ish injury. Hope he comes back stronger.
    As for man management, pissed off, there's really not much Wenger can do, considering we've got such a compact squad, but I understand what you mean, cos we seem to pick up an injury every game, and that's frustrating. Hope Nasri's injury isn't to serious though.
    As for our performance, I know we all expected them to come out guns blazing, considering we're supposed to be on a high after Chelsea, and also cos the young guns had beaten them 3 nil already. But after watching the highlights and thinking about it a bit, it was alright to be a bit cautious. The way I see it, the Chelsea game was a turning point, sort of a new beginning... You'd not expect them to be at their best immediately. I think we're going through a rebuilding process, and as long as we continue winning, it'd only get better. As the games progress, we'd play better and our confidence would be sky-rocketing, but I wouldn't expect that from the first game, and that's what happened. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going and keep winning and we'll be back playing our game the way we want it to be played and scoring the goals also. We did have opportunities to score more goals, so it's a good thing. We need to start finishing the chances we start and I'm sure there'll be an improvement at the next game.
    So I guess so far so good, 3 wins out of 3 for our Fab captain...
    Onto Porto mid-week, obviously we've qualified already, but a win would guarantee us finish top of the group (I think?), but that aside, we need to win, cos a win would help in this rebuilding process... I hope Wenger plays people like Ramsey, Vela and even Wilshere, in order to rest some of the first team players, but I don't expect a Carling cup squad, cos we do need to win the game and I think a few first teamers need games cos they've missed a few dut to injury, but yeah, a win is in order. I'd say any win would do, but I expect an improvement from yesterday's performance.
    And yeah, the best Christmas present any Arsenal fan could wish for, Eduardo should be playing for the reserves on the 16th of December! That's like the best news ever, and I hope he able to play as well as he can soon. I really wish I could watch the match, so I can cheer as loud as I can, but I have no idea who's allowed to watch the match and if you need tickets and all, but yeah, I'm really happy for him and I hope he's able to play without worrying about being tackled badly again. Any idea when Rosicky'll be back?
    So looking forward to a good game against Porto and Eduardo back in action!]]>


    < ![CDATA[Zohaib, my thoughts on booing are well documented - it's disgraceful and appalling that "supporters" would behave like that. Bear in mind my thoughts on Eboue who I firmly believe is shit, its still a disgusting way to treat a player of the club. He never has a bad word to say, unlike Gallas, he never storms off when substituted (RVP, Ade) and he's not an arrogant git like Bendtner. As far as I could see his main fault yesterday was being unfit. He's been out for 5 weeks and no player will walk back into the team - especially when they are punching above their weight to begin with. He was unfit and un-confident - booing him didn't exactly help. In fact after the first booing he became apprehensive and appeared to get worse. It must be terrible when 60,000 people are booing you. Note this isn't the same as the team when you collectively take responsibility, they were booing one man. A hate figure for 60,000 people is not going to play well.

    As Wenger said, he was clearly distressed and the booing was in very real danger of causing him to make a mistake which could lead to a goal.

    Funnily enough the fans bang on about passion and commitment - Arsenal FC reduced a grown man to tears yesterday on the touchline. Don't think he'd be crying if he didn't care do you?

    Regards to the result, if the two chances that hit the post had of gone in it would have been 3-0 and a totally different game.

    Any comments on Almunia winning us the game with that save?

    Oh - and watching the replays of the Palacious tackle I don't think it was malicious and a red that early would have been harsh, but really Pissed Off you're crackers. Even if you didn't mean the challenge was Wengers fault, you'd realistically need a squad of 33 premiership quality players to cover an injury in each position plus suspensions and still have a decent bench. Name me one club with 33 first team players. As I alluded earlier - United had 3 players on their bench with less than 10 league starts between them. Chelsea had no JCole, Drogba or the like and had no match winners on their bench.

    The only team who played yesterday with a potential match winner on their bench was Liverpool, and Robbie Keane is hardly quality in my book.]]>

  • Richiebacardi

    < ![CDATA[I didn't see the match and didn't even want to watch in on MOTD cuz i was so disgusted because of the boo-ing.

    Eboue is not the best player in the world, but he is an Arsenal player, and a non-sulking, non-hand-on-hip, Arsenal player at that! And what do we do? Reduce him to tears! Sad.

    He is not the best footballer, but to me he gives his all and has got his heart in the right place and that's good enough for me!

    That's just my £0.02]]>

  • Fabrez!

    Yeah kieran…really good save from Almunia to be honest! He does what he must when it really matters so credit to Mr. Almunia. I really hope Eboue doesn’t feel so bad he wants to leave Arsenal…bcuz it was absolutely degrading to be honest. Sometimes i wish that those who booed him could make it up to him? Apologize and chant his name at the nxt Emirates game? Dunno. A question for u guys…do u think any other club…particularly out of the big 4….would have booed their player in the same situation?

  • Fabrez!

    And yes Richiebacardi…his heart being in the right place is what matters. He could have left after i think Juventus were interested in him over the summer…could have given him more money i guess…but he stayed at the Emirates man…give the guy some credit cuz that’s what real Arsenal players are made of!


    < ![CDATA[Ah, I just thought of when it might be acceptable to boo your own player. Ashley Cole, England shirt, nonchalant back pass leading to a goal for the opposing team. And then its only ok, because he's a grade a judas fuck nut and his sloppiness caused a goal. And its England, so its different.

    If my kids ever pass the ball back square across the defence I'll clip them road the ear never mind boo them.

    But really Eboue didn't do anything nearly so bad, he was just behind the pace and he's not talented enough.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[kieran i can't help but notice flaws in ur argument. i hope you dont take this to heart, but i have a feeling you will.

    its not that eboue never has a bad word to say - you couldnt know that. its just that its either not been reported or he's

    not intelligent enough to know that th team is incomplete and hasnt raised concerns like gallas had. gallas was captain so he

    had reason to raise concerns. if eboue was ever made captain, which he can never be bcuz we all know he's not got that sort

    of mentality, he might have some concerns which won't sound rosy.
    from what we have seen over the years he's a whiner, a diver, an actor and has the ability to get nasty wen frustrated -

    (that studs up stab on evra and countless other dives and exagerrations). i dont see a footballer when i think of eboue. not

    the sort of player i want to see at arsenal.
    the question is not whether he cares. he probably does. the question is, is he good enough. and the simple answer is, no he

    is not.
    if it sounds like i hate him or have a grudge against him - no, i dont. it baffles me why wenger has him at arsenal. just

    like its baffled loads of pundits etc., why we ever got cygan, jeffers, senderos etc. - obviously mistakes. and it can

    happen. but now we'r stuck with him. why cant we get rid of him and get someone better.

    if he was unfit and unconfident - again, which only wenger (not you) could've known before he actually stepped onto the pitch

    - then why did wenger play him. he could've played ramsey or wilshere. either eboue pretended he was fit in training or

    wenger got his substitutions wrong.

    it wasnt as a result of the boo-ing that he misplaced his first pass. its the other way around. and i can understand why, a

    few hundred or thousand maybe - definitely not 60,000 as you state - got nervy and started boo-ing him after only one

    misplaced pass. i'll be the first to admit it is cruel and harsh to boo someone just after one misplaced pass. and it got

    louder every time he misplaced it again - misplacing it a total of 4 times before he was finally subbed (thankyou Arsene and

    might i add thankyou to the boo-ers for making arsene do what he might not have done otherwise bcuz we all know how stubborn

    he can be - which is another reason why they were boo-ing). but when you realize that its eboue they'r boo-ing, it starts to

    make sense. you only have to have followed eboue's career at arsenal and arsenal's recent unstable form to understand the

    situation - which is that we can't make any more mistakes bcuz we cant lose or even draw matches if we want to win the title.

    we cant afford to make mistakes. we havent left ourselves any room for error.
    as i'v mentioned before, he has very few positive qualitites and more negative ones. and as a result he shudnt even be part

    of arsenal. there are far better players who deserve to be at this club, but aren't bcuz their sly agents ask for too much

    money which arsenal don't have or some other reason which i'm not aware of.

    point is this - wen we'r in the last 10 mins of a game which we'r barely hanging onto by 1-0 (bcuz we dont take our chances

    as much as we shud and bcuz recently we'v made it a habit to end very nervously), we can't afford to have people on the pitch

    who're loosing their focus and nerves and misplacing passes EVERY TIME they get the ball. and wen we already know that

    eboue's a liability rather than an asset, we'll allways be apprehensive wen he misplaces a pass. we'll always think of the

    worst. its not bcuz we'r gits or imbeciles. its bcuz we care for the club. its bcuz we realize that we have to do something

    to force the manager to make a change wen he shud bcuz he's too stubborn to do it himself. its bcuz we realize the gravity of

    the situation, we realize that we cant draw or lose. we realize that we cant afford to let a 1-0 slip to a 1-1. so the fans

    get nervy. and we have fans from different cultures, different communities, with a different state of mind and different way

    of thinking. it only makes sense that some don't think boo-ing's a crime. and its not. you dont have to believe me. wenger

    said it himself. legally they can boo. but forget about legally. its ridiculous how some folks there think that cursing is

    any better or 'okay' or any more normal than boo-ing. the way some of the fans here react, it seems they treat boo-ing as

    worse than cursing. which is so idiotic and ironic, that i cant help but feel sorry for their hypocritical ways.

    fans are fed-up with eboue now. getting eboue onto the pitch isnt much short of a mistake. wenger's mistake. and maybe if he

    stepped onto the pitch, he might've got some boo's himself for making some strange decisions. arsenal fans have never been

    more frustrated, which is why its possible.

    regarding eboue though. he clearly isnt strong enough mentally to deal with the pressure of some nervous fans. its not that

    some fans boo-ed him and made him cry. they didnt do it with the intention of making him cry. so saying that he cried bcuz

    they boo-ed is wrong. he cried bcuz he hasnt got a strong enough character. what he shud have done was ignore them. yes

    hundreds boo-ing sounds loud and hence scary but being a professional footballer, you're supposed to know how to deal with

    that. he didnt. his fault. ur also supposed to not misplace the ball every time you get it. he didnt. his fault.

    the fans' frustration needs to be dealt with by the club. they have some strange policies to cater to a certain type of

    person while it frustrates another type. the policy to not be standing when ur supporting or cheering for ur team. thats gota

    frustrate some people. and theres already enough to be frustrated about as a fan. so the club seriously needs to deal with

    these issues before they get out of hand. at the moment its boo-ing. if nothing is done it'll become fans throwing stuff at


    yes boo-ing affects other players and can have a negative influence, but ONLY if the players let it be. and sadly, our

    players let it be. which is also understandable bcuz theyr mostly 20 yr olds and thats too young to kno how to deal with it.

    but hopefully they'll have learnt something about how to ignore boo-ing so that their own play isnt affected.]]>

  • zohaib

    sorry about the weird format. i hav no clue how that hapnd

  • Debs

    I think that’s a tad too harsh, Zohaib. Eboue is a good player, maybe not exceptional, but hey, not every player in every team is exceptional, that’s the way it works. He’s at Arsenal because the boss thinks he’s good enough for the club. Eboue started losing the ball towards the end of the match, and as Wenger said, he did not expect him to play that long anyways, so I don’t think you can blame him. He’s played countless (ok maybe not countless) matches for us b4 and it’s not like he always loses the ball at the last 10mins of the match so obviously, something was different this time around- he was not fit enough to last that long. The boss thinks he’s good enough for the team, so I think it’s ridiculous to get on Eboue’s back. He didnt cry cos he’s not got a strong enough character, he cried cos he was being booed and felt he didnt deserve it. he always gives his all 99.9% of the time he plays, and to me, that’s good enough.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[debs i'm going to have to respectfully disagree to an extent. i know what you're saying. and i hate to be harsh to another human being, but sometimes one has to be harsh to get a point across.

    like i said, when he was boo-ed he had a choice - does he ignore the morons or does he start feeling sorry for himself. he chose the wrong option. sure its a split-second decision, but it tells you where the person is mentally. and his atttitude has either been on one extreme or another. he's either making nasty challenges, diving, playacting, or he's feeling sorry for himself. its never quite where it needs to be.
    correct me if i'm wrong but what has he won ? since when does he get the right to decide when he can feel sorry for himself.
    john o shea is a worse player than eboue. at least eboue's got some pace. but does oshea ever feel sorry for himself about his lack of footballing ability. he's only got height and a big frame. he gets on with his job and gives 110% as a result of his footballing in-ability. why cant eboue do the same.

    and thats just wenger trying to put spin on it (and failing miserably), wen he says he didnt intend to play eboue for that long. has he forgotten how to calculate. couldnt he tell how long there was left wen he was making the substitution. was the rest of the bench experiencing an upset stomach. why couldnt he have put on ramsey or wilshere. or subbed him for silvestre earlier. or subbed him for wilshere or ramsey earlier.

    not only would you not have seen keane or vieira or gerrad cry, you wouldnt have seen ferdinand, vidic, evra, o'shea, brown, carrick, anderson, nani, scholes, park, giggs, tevez, joecole, ballack, deco, anelka, drogba, lampard, terry, carvalho, bosingwa, alonso, mascherano, benayoun, torres, keane, kuyt, carragher, skrtel, lucas, riera, reina, cech, vandersar and many more, cry. its bcuz they have the right attitude.
    i can imagine drogba telling those who boo him to f-off. thats the attitude to have.

    the problem is that at arsenal we have boys, as opposed to men. boys are naive, inexperienced. men are able to adapt well to different challenging scenarios. its a huge difference and hence a big risk to have so many kids.
    but if it is indeed bcuz of a lack of funds then we've chosen to remain a self-sustaining club, which means we need to spend wisely, and hence we're going to have to live with these disadvantages of having some average players at the club. then we also have to stop hoping that we can win the league anytime soon.

    but then why does hill-wood keep saying we have money. if we have money why doesnt wenger get some proper players in place of eboue and senderos - the two weakest players at arsenal.

    someone's not telling the truth or isnt doing his job properly. no wonder so many of us feel frustrated.

    i forgot to add to the earlier longer post - kieran if you think keane isnt quality, you're either joking or just trying to be annoying. bcuz i dont think you could've missed all the brilliance that that man has produced over the last few years for tottenham. or is that why you dont rate him. bcuz its a tribal thing. wat a shame.

    that player is amongst the most intelligent players to have played in recent years. he has a fantastic attitude which can't be bettered. he has character. he has heart. he has skill and talent. he knows how to create goals for himself and for others. he's immense individually as well as being a team player. he can make something out of nothing. he's got all sorts of tricks. he's a defender's nightmare in the box. he can use both feet to shoot. i can go on.

    but seriously, you have to be blind or just stupid to not acknowledge that he's one of the better strikers, and one of the best supporting strikers in recent years.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib I understand you fully and infact will say that your right. But lets support this team irrespective of what Wenger does. Lets see Arsenal as a team we will all support even if Wenger feel its time for him to leave.

    At the moment its Arsene's Arsenal - lets give him the necessary support and accept the players his brought in. I still belief strongly we can win the league if we do the right thing come January.

    For other stuffs u said, I share the same view with you and will always do, but its better we stay calm and just observe so we dont chew our tongue at the end.

    Have faith and endurance.]]>

  • Debs

    I do understand your points, Zohaib, he may not be as good or as mentally strong as others, I don’t deny that, but all I’m saying is Wenger chose Eboue for the team, Eboue didnt choose himself for the team, so we’ve got to accept him the way he is as long as he’s an Arsenal player and not get on his back, that’s all I ask, and the same goes for all the guys who play for us.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[maybe i get too passionate.

    after all its just a game.

    it'll be interesting to see when eboue gets his next game, and what sort of an attitude he brings, and what the fans' reaction to see-ing him is.

    it'll also be interesting to see if the boo-ing has affected him to the point where he starts to think about leaving.

    i'm willing to support eboue without any reluctance, but all i want arsenal to do is, to stop ending nervously.]]>

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[don't we all, Zohaib, lol but I'm sure we'll get there soon, (Let's see what happens at Porto) and being passionate's good! : )
    Hope he comes back better, both technically and mentally.]]>

  • zohaib

    amen : P

  • Debs

    : )


    < ![CDATA[Of course I wouldn't take it personally! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I play football for a local team and recently missed a sitter. I got slated by the four people on the side of the pitch watching because it really was nailed on. Everytime I got the ball from that moment on, I felt like I had to prove myself, that I couldn't put a foot wrong. Obviously I was nervous, and panicky.

    I think Eboue wasn't in a totally different situation except all he did was misplace two passes.

    I also think you underestimate just how hostile 60,000 people booing can really be.

    Mistakes happen and we've been here before - some think it's okay to be negative and rude, others think constructive criticism and support are the way forward - we're all unique.

    Fortunately enough for Eboue he wen't home to a £500,000 house and watched MOTD on his 6ft Plasma cinema screen so I'm sure he's got the last laugh really.

    Ah and Zohaib - on the subject of Keane, even his own manager doesn't rate him he left him on the bench and they scored more goals in one game than they have for months. He's immensely talented sure, but he's also a fat lazy showoff who can't just kick the ball in the back of the net when it counts. Talent counts for nothing with a lazy attitude.

    Ironically it's nothing to do with his tenure at Spurs - he actually tried harder at the lane. He's gone from a good player at spurs to a wannabe at Liverpool.]]>