Chelsea 1 – 2 Arsenal. Awesome.

“It is a massive win for us because we recently lost two games unexpectedly, and to lose today would have put us 13 points adrift of Chelsea; that would have been too much. It was a test of character and we came here maybe without the needed level of confidence but we showed from the start that we have character and I think we were a bit unlucky to be behind at half-time. “In the second half we slowly moved on top and started to win the fight in the middle of the park. From then when we had the ball we looked as though we could be dangerous. So I am very, very happy to now, after beating Manchester United, we beat Chelsea and I believe that brings us back. It is still far but not impossible. I have an intelligent team, a talented one, but we want to come back with humility and work hard. We have learned that we need that kind of focus in every game no matter who you play.” It was a very important win today. A vital game in our stuttering season. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more insight. In the meantime, relax and watch the re-runs! ———————————————————– Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, A Cole, Mikel (Malouda 69), Deco (Stoch 81), Ballack, Lampard, Kalou, Anelka. Subs Not Used: Hilario, Bridge, Ferreira, Mineiro, Alex. Booked:Terry, Ivanovic. Goals:Djourou 31 og. Arsenal:Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy, Denilson, Fabregas, Song Billong, Nasri, Adebayor (Bendtner 83), Van Persie. Subs Not Used: Fabianski, Vela, Ramsey, Silvestre, Wilshere, Gibbs. Goals:Van Persie 59, 62. Att: 41,760. Ref:Mike Dean (Wirral).]]>

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[the lyrics to the song that for me, sums us up so far this season goes thus: I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down! I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down! whenever we seem down and out and completely written off, we show the world that we're still there to be reckoned with. It wasn't our best performance in the sense of pure football, but it was definitely our best performance of the season, character wise and I'm so positive that we can build up on this momentum. But yeah, awesome win, considering it wasn't even our fist choice team! I even forgot Walcott was missing! lol. But methinks it's could be the Fabregas effect. Time will tell!]]>

  • jeffvip

    < ![CDATA[I catch the match late, about 40 minutes in the 1st halh. Well, I saw the scoreline 1-0 Chelsea, ok fine, until January maybe Arsenal is considered second tier team in EPL d... But WAIT, out of nowhere, van Persie struck twice. This makes Wenger headache... buy or not buy. Bcos I'm also headache now, If a player i gonna come in, who's out? Credit to Djourou although he scored an own goal, he did awesomely in the 2nd half to shut off the multi-million players of Chelsea. Headache again.... we have 4 equally good Centre Backs? Who's out n who's in?]]>


    < ![CDATA[Djourou was phenomenal. Played really well. Song wasn't great, but Cesc/Song seemed to completely nullify Chelsea's midfield. Chelsea looked really poor - Deco in particular had a bad much. So our first was offside, but I think we deserved a bit of luck finally - all the decisions/breaks had been going against us recently. One thing that stuck out is Chelsea's lack of Drogba - if he is really leaving CSKA Fulham in Jan, I'll immediately halve their chances of winning the league.]]>


    < ![CDATA[Oh, and Wenger made 1 sub. How many times have I gone apeshit when he's made 3 subs with 20 minutes left whilst we're leading. His achilles heel seems to be crazy subs for the sake of change and it always disrupts the team. However today, he was spot on. He only changed Ade (who was clearly not match fit) and left the rest. The team looked balanced and comfortable. I had fingers crossed that he didn't change shape and credit where its due, he replaced a striker with a striker.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[in response to people complaining that our first was offside (which it was by miles), maybe you shud consider that terry made a two footed lunge which was completely unnecessary as sagna had already dived for the ball ages before, and as a result shud have been shown the red card. not only that, ivanovic shud have been sent off twice. i'm pretty sure he made 3 challenges worthy of yellow cards, yet he was shown only one. maybe it does even out at the end, maybe if we didnt get one of our goals and were at 1 - 1 playing against 9 men, chances are we wud have got the 2nd. but djourou had a good game. glad to see he's improved mentally as well as technically. and there is still room for improvment. i'm not sure who's mistake it was when lampard got in b/w gallas and djourou and headed straight to almunia. but that could have been disastrous. i thought nasri and clichy were almost invisible in the first half. i was wondering why clichy wasnt looking lively. maybe it was bcuz there just seemed to be no space ahead of him. maybe nasri wasnt making any. maybe he(nasri) was being a bit too defensive. and then in the second half both woke-up. clichy was tremendous. he shud have got a shot on target after his brilliant run, towards the end, if it wasnt for that buffoon ivanovic who shud have been sent off. adebayor looked wasteful. he was offside only a few times but he never looked like troubling anybody. he didnt make space. whenever he was 1 on 1, he never made anything out of it. a striker at a top4 club has to do at least that. he doesnt seem to be able to get a goal for himself. he either passes it for someone or needs someone to pass it to him if he's in the box and against only one defender. he didnt do much other than the header for vanpersie's 2nd. not impressed. maybe he wasnt fully fit. that wud explain him not having much pace to get past people. he needs to start being more consistent. or else i wudnt mind him being replaced by obafemi martins etc. the only thing he brings us is height. and arsenal dont usually play the long ball. they have been now, but either that continues or ade is replaced by someone who doesnt need 20 chances to get 1 goal, who knows the offside rule, and who can get a goal for himself (which is what strikers are supposed to do). denilson, being played out of position was okay. he saw a lot of the ball. maybe wasnt as much of a threat going forward as ramsey, vela or wilshere might have been, but maybe he was better defensively than any of them would have been. song looked lively at times, but clearly not as good enough as a DM at a top4 club needs to be. cesc - anyone remember that run early in the first half. he made space for himself, ran towards the chelsea box with players close to him but was able to find the time and space to shoot. i was hoping it'd find the back of the net. he rarely makes those runs anymore. and it looked like maybe he was getting back to his best. as the match went on, he didnt seem to be making attacking runs, which was bcuz we didnt have that penetration up front, so he was having to control the midfield. its nearly impossible to create a move and make an atttacking run if ur not playing with the first choice team. and i think its obvious that his reluctance to make runs is bcuz the midfield isnt as strong as a rosicky flamini cesc hleb midfield. but in the end we won. vanpersie getting goals for himself out of almost nothing-chances. almost had a third as well. so good result for us. now we need to make sure we dont lose the next league game !]]>

  • Debs

    yay! Zoihab’s back with the long comments! I definitely agree with you! Ade’s body language was sooooooooo ‘I dont want to be here!’ he did assist in the 2nd goal, but I was happy when he got subbed for Bentner, who now looks like a player with bags of confidence, thanks to his goal against Kyiv. Happy VP got the goals- he even scored the first with his right foot! Amazing! but yeah. our rehabilitation aint complete until we beat Wigan next week!


    < ![CDATA[Never mind Ivanovich and Terry, that offside goal was payback for Van Peries perfectly legitimate goal two years ago being disallowed. What goes around comes around. Debs - I'm Adebayor's biggest critic, but he was clearly not match fit - several times he had to check the start of a run with the ball. I'm not disagreeing but its definately difficult to tell about a players attitude when he's not even fit. I was hoping the layoff and Bendtners goal might spur him into action. Even though he was largely absent though, just look what his height brings in the box. I'd also say, apart from two goals :) VP went missing a fair bit yesterday, but the difference is, he goes looking for the ball as opposed to Ade who hangs around waiting.]]>

  • Fabrez!

    Well well well! A right then a left from VP? Good display overall from the team! Cesc captained manfully, Gallas was solid, Djourou improving, Sanga and Clichy did well…Ade supported well. Basically, gr8 game overall. What i dread to hear next week from Arsene nxt wk after Wigan is “we have the quality but dropped a bit physically”!!! If i hear that i’ll role over and die lol So come on guys… Wigan aint a push over and it will be a good indicator of how much we want this title! And of course, go young Gunners on Tue!

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[Fantastic result, I thought they played very well, especially in the second half with the lead. Its good to see RVP stepping it up a notch, we really need him and Ade on top form if we are gonna get back in the title race. Now we just need the consistency we've been lacking all season. These wins against the top teams should be bonuses to help build a lead at the top, not something we have to rely on! Should be an interesting week. The youngsters get another chance on Tues and then the 1st team have to prove they are as good as the kids by beating Wigan at least 3-0.]]>

  • gunners1

    < ![CDATA[Watched the highlights of the Arsenal v Chelsea game last night and although Scolari is 100% correct to be a bit peeved that Van Persie's goal stood, I find it a bit short sighted to blame the ref for the result. I notice he, nor the MOTD pundits for that matter, mentioned the horrific tackle comitted by John Terry which he amazingly only saw yellow for. The tackle was a potential leg-breaker and it's these sorts of challenges that need to be removed from the game. There was absolutely no intent to play the ball as he'd over run it, the only thing going through his mind was to introduce the Arsenal full-back to his 12 studs. When are the FA going to have the balls and stand up to retrospectively banning players for these sorts of challenges? A couple of weeks ago it was Chris Morgan, this week it's John Terry and the message being sent out isn't good. I'm amazed more has not already been made of it but is that because he's the current England captain?]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[What a shock result. I have to admit i had little faith at half time. It was a very pleasent surprise to see us score a goal, and then to get another i was practically stunned silent. Even then, i was adament Chelsea would equalise or more in similar vein to Spurs, but we held on! So very confused, i finally let out a massive cheer after being the quietest i ever have during an arsenal - chelsea game. What a strange game. I'm going to continue to show little faith in the team, and expect the worse, and not get excited when we take the lead, because it seemed to work wonders yesterday... Honestly though, i'm not looking forward to Wigan, i have a bad feeling *wink wink*.]]>

  • Cescy-football

    Thought we were amazing. Chelsea were full of sour grapes and had no answer to us.

  • Fo


  • AJ

    Great result, even if I was pretty depressed at half time.