Friday Round Up

“We want to get back into it and the only way to get back into it is to win the game on Sunday. We know that direct confrontations with top teams become vital when you are in our position. I believe seeing the other teams play, we know we can beat them and that is the only way to get back into it. We are written off. You cannot say when you are 10 points behind that we are favourites to win the championship, but you can say as well the only way we can get back into it is to believe we can. That is why we want to go into this game on Sunday by believing we can beat them because we know we can. That is all you want your players to do.” Earlier this week, we appointed a new CEO called Ivan Gazidis. I don’t really know much about the guy. He’s supposedly got a good record in the contract negotiation side of things and has been involved Disney’s business for a while. Of course the mickey mouse jokes will come out now, lol, Arsene had this to say:

“I believe what is important is that again we have got a competent man who knows that to survive in the English league you need to love the game because this is a job for 12 months under extreme pressure. He has experience in the game and is at the right age to take over a job of that dimension. It is important for the club to get someone like that because we always relied on (acting managing director) Ken Friar, who had to do absolutely everything and that’s too much for one man, so he will take over the negotiation role from me.”
And quite right too. It’s about time for Arsene to concentrate on managing and not negotiating. It’s clear that it’s too much for one person to sort out so many different aspects of the club. He needs good people around him with their own passion and desire to achieve. Too many people will work “for” Arsene, but we want people to work “with” Arsene. A big difference. It means that it’s not Arsene vs the world and that’s something that Kroenke will bring to us and I believe he had a role to play in bringing Gazidis to the club. I’ll keep it short for today as I plan to write a bit more on the match
preview tomorrow. I’ll leave you with a little something that Chelsea boss Scolari had to say about the clash:
“Last season Chelsea were nine points behind United at the halfway point and even if you’re 15 points clear with five games to go, you’re not champions. You’re only champions at the end of the last game. This is the first time I’ll have played against Wenger – he’s been my friend for 10 or 12 years now. I met him for the first time in Japan and we are big friends. I like him as a coach. If I chose five coaches in the world as the best, he’d be one of the five. His team plays football, so it’s difficult to win. They play beautiful football. I watched their game against Manchester United and it was one of the best games in the Premier League. This game against Chelsea will be like that as well. This is one of the big games but we are not motivated just for a game against Arsenal or Tottenham. We need to play every game with the same motivation. We need to try to win.”
Mind games? Make your own mind up…. Til tomorrow.]]>

  • McClone

    Mind games!! But apparently Scolari and Wenger are mates! I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow!!