This Is A Crisis

  • LEON

    i think the problem stems from the manager,he has made some very questioneble decisions, he has refused to buy any experienced players,the team clearly lacks leadership and steel in the team, its not as is arsenal dont have the money but wenger seams to be on a mission to prove he win the title with kidssole relying technical ability and potential. bredtner claerly is not good enough but he continues to play ahead of vela,he has complete over worked fab who just looks complete shadow of the player he was last season,they cant keep a clean sheet so in y few the defence is a bit leaky,i feel the team needs new managment and fresh idies.arsenal have not anything of any kind 4 years and they are not looking to win anything this season,thi s was any other team the manager would sacked

  • devday

    I was having a discussion on the next arsenal captain and really couldn’t think of an inspiring captain. Cesc is too young, Ade wants to leave, VP will get sent off or injured, Toure is out of favour and Almunia isn’t really captain material being a keeper! Hmmm one for tomorrow’s blog…

  • Debs

    I don’t know is all I can say now at the moment…

  • Debs

    I think we shouldn’t have laughed at Sp*rs! lol.. But I’ve never said this before because I’ve never thought it before and neither I’m I suggesting that Wenger should go, but I think he may have a little to do with our ‘problem’- he’s too damn stubborn! We definitely should have strengthened more in summer and we definitely need to do so in january. But will he do it? I’m not sure he will, which would be a shame… And also, I’m beginning to get infuriated with his post-match comments because it’s always as if we were watching different matches. It’s all right once in a while to bloody admit that your team were crap! But yeah, I hope he can sort everything out in-house and soon…

  • Locksley

    < ![CDATA[Its not that I think Wenger should go, because I dont! That would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I do think however that he is definately to blame for what is happening now!! Gallas is a big part of the problem, he is a great footballer, but he is unstable and as captain he will bring his personality to the job at hand and as i've just said it will result in instability. He needs to go and a solid defender brought in, preferably someone who has captains credentials. Wenger has done great bringing kids to the club and giving them opportunities to play, but he is not a youth team coach so he needs to stop acting like one and stop promoting youth players only!! We need mature experienced players in the team, when we have that we will reain our form and our stability.]]>


    I give up.

  • Pissed off


  • AJ

    Depressing, I can’t see us improving until Wenger buys some good expierenced players.

  • Fabrez!

    What a wretched season…i feel sick inside! Wenger should have strenghtened in the Summer indeed. I don’t know how many players actually want to come to Arsenal in January 2 b honest…yes its still a big club but i think the time players may sign is next summer. This season looks done and dusted…the support is still there…but when i feel less distressed by the game, i think i’m losing hope by the game!!! Arsene…i still trust u…just please BUY QUALITY EXPERIENCE…or else! Players 26, 27 and 28 neva hurt nobody!!!

  • Fabrez!

    Champions league in a few days…very disturbing!

  • dotun007

    I’m jus tired and depressed, something really needs to be done fast. We need players in January and I hope for evryones sake Arsene buys in January. 5 losses already….UNBELIEVABLE

  • zaheer

    i remember when i used to tell my friends that i supported arsenal… it used to command respect… now they just laugh.. it pisses me off

  • Fabrez!

    Zaheer! I cud kinda relate! Sometimes i would b confident enuff 2 ask ppl i just met what EPL side they supported…then tell them i’m all about the Arsenal… Now i dare not mention it…

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[thats it for our league hopes. if wenger has any sense left in him he'll make the necessary changes. atm he cant go buy players so that'll have to wait till january. whether he will or not i dont kno but he certainly needs to. what he needs to do now is to start playing players in their proper positions. now is the time he can afford to 'experiment' or change it around (to what it always should have been) - play diaby in central midfield give clichy a rest one in a while for God's sake. how can you expect him to keep playing at 150% for every single game. why doesnt wenger realize that he's just 'burning him out'. 'burn him out' is what he's done to cesc. by playing him every single minute of every single match. as well not getting a ready-made defensive midfielder (which we clearly needed). play ramsey more often play wilshere more often for f^ sake play vela more often. it couldnt be clearer that we need to bolster our defensive options because our backup isnt top 4 material. so please dammit. get a defensive midfielder or two. and last but not least, grow some balls wenger. stop being childishly stubborn. make the changes when you need to. its in ur hands. stop hoping for miracles. just do it. all th rubbish talk of patience and belief is costing you fans, silverware, respect and more. stop pussyfooting around. stop lieing to ur fans. stop putting up an act whenever u'r asked a question. admit ur mistakes. and learn from them for f^ sake. stop getting players for tomoro. get players for today ! be brave. stop playing 4 - 5 - 1. we aren't good defensively so stop trying to cover that fact up by playing one more body in midfield. play 4 - 3 - 3. with vela/walcott n vanpersie on the wings and bendtner or adebayor up front. with cesc song nasri/diaby in the midfield. let everybody do their jobs. the strikers shud be the ones creating the goals and scoring them. all the pressure falls to the midfield. they have to create the goals. as well as make runs into the box to finish them. and if it all goes wrong, theres no cover to stop a counterattack. as it is we dont have any decent defensive midfielder. stop slaughtering ur midfield. play 3 up front so that they can do the running at defenders etc. the 3 midfielders can stay in their position to avoid counterattacks. one could occasionally join in attack - cesc/diaby/nasri. dammit. i should be manager ! argh]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[(i missed a few points) when the jan transfer window comes. buy and buy the life out of the market. set a record for buying the most players in one market. (joking) but seriously. get 1 if not 2 (for cover if th first gets injured) defensive midfielders. or one CB and one DM. stop using eduardo and rosicky coming back from injury as a reason to not buy in the window ! they are attack players. we need defensive players !]]>

  • Debs

    I’m tempted to say we deserve to play in the Europa league or whatever it’s called next season. On this performance so far, we don’t deserve to be in the top 4 this season. But the fact is that we probably would end fourth. Probably miles behind whoever wins the league, but still fourth.

  • raj

    not sure about that 4th anymore

  • Tom G

    < ![CDATA[The negatives - our worst fears have been proved right: not enough experience, not enough buying, Gallas as a captain has been a mistake and caused a whole load of problems, not just the more public ones (I still believe he is the reason we lost Hleb and Flamini over the summer - and the reason Adebayor wanted to leave). It's chaos. Wenger seems to have lost it. I agree we are in a crisis. Now the positives - we have an unbelievably good team of youngsters. In Fabregas we have one of the world's best players. Wenger is a genius. We now have the chance to throw out the bad and get on with the good. And believe it or not, I think there is still time to turn the season around. Djourou, despite the penalty, had a really good game on Saturday. We beat Man United - deservedly, in a great game, two weeks ago. We still have a good chance of getting through in the Champions League. Eduardo, Walcott and hopefully Rosicky will come back to help us near the end of the season. We haven't lost anything yet. What does the team need? We all know that defensively we have been unconvincing all season. We needed a DM in the summer. We can't seem to find a settled back four. Toure, one of our best, most loyal, big-hearted players, has been kept out of the team. But in attack we have been unconvincing too. We have missed chance after chance. Bendtner just doesn't seem to be good enough. Adebayor.. we should have sold him. Vela hasn't been given the chance, and RVP has played well but.. something's missing there too. One possibility, looking at the players we've got at the moment, would be to bring in a central defensive stopper in the Carrick/King position. Toure would work, so would Song. I don't really go in for armchair managing. But times are desperate. So thinking along those lines, I came up with this: Almunia (Fabianski) Sagna (Hoyte) - Djourou - Silvestre - Clichy (Traore/Gibbs) Toure (Song) Walcott (Ramsey) - Fabregas (Diaby/Denilson) - Nasri (Rosicky) RVP (Adebayor) - Eduardo (Vela) Fabregas would be given the freedom to go forward and make things happen. We'd have width out wide and a real finisher (Eduardo/Vela). We're also covered in every position, though we obviously need to replace Gallas. And most of all I just feel this is a group of players who would want to play together. They all feel like real Arsenal players, even, I hate to say it, Silvestre, don't ask me why. Anyway, as I said, it's only a thought. Now I just want to get back to doing what I've done since I could talk: supporting the boys, and I think that's all any of us can do.]]>

  • Arif aka RF

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib , i hope Wenger cud hear you. I really don't kno how to react after watching yesterday's match. How can a team like Arsenal give a complete disastrous showdown. Its not like Man City played an extra Ordinary game , it was Arsenal who were completely crap yesterday, not even bloody fightin for the game. I'm realli Depressed with the current performace of the Club. Wenger please get a decent CB and a defensive midfielder to save the respect. All in all I feel the current sqaud don't play like a unit ,lack of spirit and lack of experience is paying a major role for Arsneal's Crisis. (Please prove me wrong) But I've got an intense gut feeling that Arsenal is gonna bounce back in the second half of the season. I donno why but i would love see that happening. Still, Gunnner 4 Life]]>

  • Fo

    < ![CDATA[How can there be so much indifference in the performances? We've played some amazing games this season (Bolton, Blackburn) and then some awful ones (Hull, Stoke). I hear what Zohaib is saying, too many square pegs in round holes. Need to see more of Vela and Ramsey!]]>


    < ![CDATA[You know who is currently playing bloody well? Matthew Upson. Why did we ever let him go. Watching the hammers at the moment on the goggle box. Diara as well, who's been outstanding at Portsmouth. Probably the only two players I've regretted Arsene letting go - and we could have used both at the moment. Does anyone else think Gallas will go bye bye in January? His position at the club is sort of untenable isn't it, and Campbell got the bus ticket shortly after getting fucked up in the head.]]>


    Oh and honestly, between Ade and Bendtner we could start a comedy show.

  • Maurice

    This is just unfair. Does Wenger and the team realise the kind of agony they are putting Arsenal fans around the world through! Wenger needs to get some players who stay off the injury list. And please add some variety in the team. Why are we always buying from France? Arent there good players somewhere else? The way things are going I am afraid that some of our dependable players are starting to lose faith. Has anyone noticed that Fabregas and Clichy have lost that glint in their eyes? Their body language on the pitch is also very telling. Perhaps the current Arsenal team is becoming the type of team that only plays the big matches. Do not be all surprised if we end up giving Chelsea a drubbin on Sunday. But its disappointing that we arent firing on all cylinders. Wenger needs to do something coz if things dont improve in the next six weeks he will be the one staring out the transfer window. Hopefully he will then get his dream job- coaching the French national team.

  • Maurice

    I respect Arsene and all he’s done for the team but this is now getting out of hand.

  • Arif aka RF

    Kiren , I Agree with you

  • ny

    < ![CDATA[I still think we have a good team.Why cant sivestre play as a defensive midfielder?My selection would be ------------ Almunia------------------- --- Hoyte Gallas Djouru Clichy-------- VanPersie Fabregas Silvestre Nasri ---------- Bedtner Adebayor------------ Try it .... we will win next time]]>