Hoyte starts as life after Gallas begins…

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  • Pissed off

    Rule no one in premiership: dont compromise your back four;manage them,pet them ,kiss them if you like.

  • zaheer

    omfg.. what the hell was that?

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    Told you Almunia would end up the captain.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[sometimes wenger just makes me feel like he's dumb. where was the need to play gavin hoyte at right back. djourou can play right back. he should have started there. with song at centreback. and ramsey starting in midfield. with diaby in the centre and ramsey on the right. who would have thought he'd start with hoyte. and wat a terrible decision. almost cost us 2 goals (played them all onside when benjani headed wide). the first goal was just lucky. although silvestre did seem like a headless chicken. clichy's kicked it with his weaker foot and hasnt made good contacted. its hard to blame him for that since it was clear that he saw silvestre and didnt want to risk making heavy contact with him instead. and thats all it needed to put his kick slightly off. maybe almunia should have kept his hands further up and tried to make himself look big. but again its too harsh to put blame. it was just unfortunate. the 2nd was a combination of errors. whoever gave the ball away to their no.8 (probably denilson to vassell/phillips). and then hoyte not running with robinho. looked like the back 4 was trying to play offside. if so, it was the wrong decision. but one of hoyte or djourou should have cut out the pass or hoyte should have been running towards his own goal, covering robinho. i feel different from other times we'v lost. even before the match started i wasnt really looking forward to watching arsenal. th way this season has gone, slowly, match by match, my frustrations have grown and i havnt felt that satisfaction of watching the worldclass one-touch passing that was arsenal. i think i'v lost my faith in arsenal and arsene. it made no difference to me after watching us go 1 goal down, then 2, then 3. we should have been 4 - 0 (robinho wasnt offside for the backheel). i was having a convo with a mate before the game. we were trying to guess what the scoreline would be. i said to him 3 - 1 to mancity. he sed we'd be lucky if we finish 4th this season. i just wasnt hoping for a comeback. somehow i knew there wasnt going to be one. i think i'v stopped expecting from arsenal. and it doesnt even make me sad. thats wats worrying me.]]>

  • Debs

    exactly Zohaib! I wasn’t even sad! I sort of expected it, and that’s not a good sign

  • sambo

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib you are so right on target! I think Arsene is too comfortable, the board is lame duck and the present crop of players are rubbish! One doesn't look forward to watching arsenal any more. The fun has vaporized and despair has taken over. The sight of Arsene looking so frustrated is bitterly ironic. I mean this is a so called world-class manager who willfully allowed his key players depart in the summer and did nothing to prevent an exodus and/or replenish but expect miracle by the close of the season. Mourinho( how I hate to mention that name) took a look at Arsenal at the Amsterdam tourney and dismissed the team as "kids", foreclosing their chances of any impact in the premiership race.]]>