The final debate…


Sagna – Keown – Adams – Clichy

Ljungberg – Vieira – Fabregas – Pires

And that is quite some team, so far. So on to the strikers, and we have quite a few to choose from, this bit is hard as a lot of these players made different contributions to the teams at different times, who was Arsene’s greatest? Christopher Wreh, Jose Reyes, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Nic Anelka, Sylvain Wiltord, Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Eduardoare to name just a few of Arsene’s strike force. Okay, remove Christopher Wreh, but who was the best? To pick two of the above is hard, but of course, to pick the first one is easy. Thierry Henry was a cut above his peers. A real entertainer. He’s scored goals that others could only imagine. He was cheeky in his attitude and play. Could create, could embarrass and could raise his game when the team needed him. Without a doubt Thierry Henry was and is irreplaceable. Before him was the young kid wonder, Nic Anelka who’s currently doing the business for Chelsea. His one regret was leaving Arsenal and when he was here, he was quite a player. So confident for such a young age, clinical and with pace to burn. His career went all over the place until he’s finally re-settled somewhere, but what a player he could have been for us had he stayed. Of course, Ian Wright was the player he ousted out of the team. But how good was Wrighty? He was pretty damn awesome. His link up play with Bergkamp was a joy to see, but then everyone who partnered Dennis seemed to flourish next to him. Dennis Bergkamp will always been known as an Arsene Wenger player, even though it was Bruce Rioch who brought him to the club. Bergkamp was simply majestical and it was his influence on the team that changed us from boring boring Arsenal to the great
entertainers. Bergkamp will always have a place in our hearts. He played on until 36 and was simply sensational. Sylvain Wiltord had the best goalscoring record, but never really a fans favourite. His abilities were limited, but his scoring rate was pretty good. Adebayor and Van Persie are our current two strikers. Do they compare to what was there before? Van Persie is such a good player. He is a typical dutch striker, in the mould of Van Basten himself, has bags of skills, a great left foot but for as far as I can remember, has been plagued with injuries. And Adebayor, last season, was immense, but technically was last season a one-season wonder? Does he have what it takes to go on and become a world class player. His current form is debatable, or are we being harsh as fans. Has Henry raised the bar too high? Talking about raising the bar, Eduardo is a player I’m looking forward to watching in the near future. His 6 months last season saw him score, create and definitely give us the attacking advantage that saw us climb to the top of the league and it was no coincidence that his injury coincided with our fall from grace. So who would you pick? Anelka and Wright? Henry and Bergkamp? Ade and VP? Eduardo and Vela? Lol, I really do hope one day we sit back and say “wow, do you remember Eduardo and Vela, what a partnership”. Over to you. News coming from Arsene today on French radio is that Theo is out of action for the next three months, and unlikely to be back until the end of February. That really sucks, as suddenly our squad seems to lack some attacking instinct. If we have to play Eboue or Diaby on the wing for the rest of the season, I’d be aggrieved. Surely we have to buy now, but we can’t buy “now” so let’s see where we are come January the first. Tomorrow will see more current Arsenal news and less reminiscing. ‘Til then…]]>


    < ![CDATA[There isn't any debate here is there - Bergkamp/Henry by view of just what they did for the club. I'd pick Wrighty but he was fading as Wenger came in and never had the impact under Wenger that Bergkamp/Henry did. I still consider myself blessed that I got to see Bergkamp.]]>

  • Don

    henry and bergkamp.. the 2 greatest ever.. and can we hide wrighty on the pitch somewhere..

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[Henry and Bergkamp here too. Utterly incredible. Its mouth watering to think back to it really. Bergkamp is the most intelligent player i've ever seen. Thierry was and is Mr. Arsenal. I look forward to the day he comes back to the club. A coaching team of Thierry, Dennis and Tony as manager :D Lets hope so... Back to yesterday's view on Fabregas. I feel Dennis does the same kind of job... only better. Fabregas is awesome, but in terms of a balanced team, and not who is the best player, i don't think there is room for both of them. If Fabregas WAS in the team, then i'd probably play Eduardo or Wrighty in place of Bergkamp. So here is my preffered team... Seaman Sagna - Adams - Keown - Clichy Freddie - Vieira - Gilberto - Pires Thierry - Bergkamp]]>

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[I don't see why Cesc and Bergkamp wouldn't be able to play together. Infact I seem to remember them doing that, and quite well. Veira is his day would ahve been capable of providing plenty of defensive balance to make up for these two. I'm probably gonna cause a stir here but it has to be said. Cashley in his day was probably worth considering. When he was playing with us he was a lot like Clichy, overlapping, playing well with the midfielders, never scoring despite the occaissional opportunity. Its a credit to Clichy that noone has ever said "we never really replaced Ashley Cole". Think I would still pick Clichy as he's not a twat and has potential to be even better than he is now. But on footballing ability, its tight. Has to be: Seaman Sagna - Adams - Keown - Clichy Freddie - Vieira - Fabregas - Pires Thierry - Bergkamp]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[Yeah i think everyone just thinks that but keeps it to themselves Steve. He was a great player but the giant cock on his head counts him out as far as most are concerned. I'm not saying its not possible for them to play together, but having both them on as a playmaker is basicly doubling up that role and completely forgetting the holding midfielder. Unless you would rather waste half of Vieira's game and hold him back. Vieira is best as a box to box midfielder. He will chase the ball the whole game, so if he is trying to win it back in the opponents half, who cuts out the long ball that goes over his head. Fabregas doesn't run beyond the strikers either, and if Dennis is pulling back a couple of yards it just means there is one less option. You play Gilberto, and Vieira will run beyond the strikers far more often, but still have the safety of Gilberto when Ronaldo and Rooney come flying at us on the counter attack. See what i mean? Don't get me wrong, your team is awesome :D But mine would beat it lol. Either way, would be a great problem for a manager!]]>

  • gary1

    Gallas talking to the media; Is this a wind-up or not? Can’t believe he’d discuss such things in public…

  • samri

    gary, This whole situation is hardly a surprise. The club seems almost rudderless at the moment. Although Wenger is taking care of a number of things around the club he is ignoring what needs the most attention. The signs were there last season with the Adebayor ¿ Bendtner incident at Spurs and Gallas strop at Brum. Were any of these players disciplined for their actions? I don¿t remember hearing they were. Without strong leadership from the manager and no leadership from senior players, everyone thinks they can do what they want without consequence. I simply don¿t know what is happening at the club at the moment but it is not good. The first ingredients to any successful side is determination and team ethic, we seem to be lacking these and no amount of natural ability will make up for it. Wenger, please read the riot act to the players, they are clearly in far too much of a comfort zone for it to be healthy.

  • Debs

    if there was any time that there was an argument for Gallas not to be captain, it’s now! He’s such a tosser!

  • Debs

    on the bright side of things, Eduardo returns to training next week! Fabulous! Woo hoo! (I’m really excited, obviously!)

  • JDD

    < ![CDATA[seaman clichy adams sagna vieira pires fabregas overmars bergkamp v.persie henry]]>