Match Preview: Arsenal vs Sp*rs

Arsenal v Sp*rs Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 20:00 News over the weekend was that Harry Redknapp has taken over as manager. My good old mate JAT questioned the timely fashion. Knowing that we could have really muled the Ramos side 6-0 or 7-0, the appointment of Redknapp in time for this game was quite preventative to such a score-line, but nevertheless we WILL win this one, oh yes. With the 5-1 of last year still fresh in our minds, it’s time to take revenge on a side who lie bottom of the table. If we could conceivably put a nail in the coffin of what is Sp*rs premiership existence, I would be a happy man. Arsene has talked about the appointment of Redknapp and had this to say:

“I believe what is important tomorrow is how well Arsenal will play and not who sits on the bench at Tottenham. We have put a run together and that has strengthened our belief. We want now to go from strength to strength – we have come back to an interesting position in the league and we are highly convinced that it will be down to our strengths tomorrow more than anything else.”
I simply can’t wait for tonight’s game. And Arsene does agree… it’s a bit special.
“I believe if there is one game that is a bit special, it is Tottenham versus Arsenal so I don’t think that will change a lot. Certainly in the longer term future it will change things for Tottenham, the fact that Harry has taken over, but I believe in tomorrow’s specific game it is more about how well we will play and I believe that is more important than anything else. I am very confident because we have a very strong united spirit in the dressing room and we want to do well. We have shown that in recent games, we won at Fenerbahce, we won at West Ham, we have beaten Everton in a convincing way and we want to keep that going.”
We have to get the three points tonight, it’s a must win. We’re currently four points behind Liverpool and it’s essential that we claw some points back. Albeit, a home game is a always a must win. Robin Van Persie can’t wait for the game either and he’s been in the press too.
“I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. The game against Tottenham is one on its own and it’s a big one, irrespective of where they are in the table.”
That’s what I like to hear… So on to team news. We’ve got Denilson back in the squad and Toure should be fit to start. With Silvestre, Diaby and Bendtner all returning, it’s going to be more difficult to predict the team and more difficult to contain all the players. I’d expect Toure to return along side Gallas and I also expect Song to maintain his place, with Denilson just recovered from an inf lammed back. With Silvestre starting both games, I’d expect him to be on the bench ahead of Djourou, although I really do think Djourou should be ahead of Silvestre in the pecking order. With Sagna back in the squad for the West Ham game, I’d expect him to take his place is the first XI with Eboue on the bench. Okay, so this is what the line up could be tonight:
Almunia Goalkeeper
Sagna Right Back Toure Centre Back Gallas Centre Back Clichy Left Back
Walcott Right Wing Song Midfielder Cesc Midfielder Nasri Left Wing
  Adebayor Striker  Van Persie Support Striker
With Fabianski, Silvestre, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Vela, Bendtner on the bench. Okay, brace yourselves… it’s going to be some game tonight.]]>

  • AJ

    C’mon The Gunners! & yes it will be some game, let’s make sure we ruin Redknapps party.

  • james

    < ![CDATA[Ade: I Love Bendtner Too Much, Now We'll Destroy Spurs Emmanuel Adebayor is ready to avenge Arsenal's Carling Cup humbling at the hands of Tottenham last season and has lifted the lid on his falling out with Nicklas Bendtner during the infamous encounter... Ade: I Love Bendtner Too Much, Now We'll Destroy Spurs galleria zoom * * * Spurs secured their place in the Carling Cup final by beating Arsenal 6-2 on aggregate last term. At that point, it looked as though the Juande Ramos era was going to be long and prosperous and the Lilywhites went on to beat Chelsea in the Wembley final. Emmanuel Adebayor was on the losing team as Arsenal imploded, going down 5-1. Ade turned on striking partner Nicklas Bendtner, not for the first time during the season, before Bendtner had a heated exchange with captain William Gallas late on. Now, as the Gunners prepare to take on a Spurs side who've just sacked Ramos and replaced him with Harry Redknapp, the Togolese hitman has spoken about the fateful second leg encounter in January. Spurs' rare North London derby triumph was promptly pressed onto DVD and Ade now wants Arsenal to beat their bitter rivals so convincingly at the Emirates that he can pre-order a new, more appealing DVD at full-time. "My last memory of Tottenham was very bad and I’m looking to change that and give them something special. "Bendtner? We work every single morning together and who can say they never fell out with their girlfriend or wife? These things are natural. If you love someone too much, you fall out with that person. "It was very difficult to take overall." Remembering the feeling of desolation after the trouncing, he continued: "After the game, their fans were singing and dancing outside...they were so happy. "If it was 2-1 you could have said they had luck, but they won 5-1 - there’s no luck there. They deserved to win because they played quite good football. "Now we have a chance to take our revenge. We hope the result is the reverse and we can put [a DVD] in the Arsenal shop on Friday."]]>


    < ![CDATA[If i was asked who to Pick Ade or Bendtner i'd have picked Ade first but now coming to terms with things i think the two of them could form a great partnership. B (Bendtner) has been a bit of an enigma over the past couple of years, undoubtedly blessed with wonderful footballing talent, but often showing worrying signs of being arrogant and not fitting in at a club where team spirit is so important. In his loan spell at Birmingham, he rubbed a few people up the wrong way, we had the infamous Adebayor incident last season (which was blown out of proportion, in my opinion), the lack of him celebrating with teammates (which was more concerning as it hinted at a deeper problem), and the general air of nonchalance and arrogance that followed him around. He seemed detached from the rest of the players somehow. Recently, that has all changed. His joining in with the goal celebrations might seem trivial, but it suggests a much tighter bond with the squad, and I don’t consider it a coincidence that at the same time, he is linking up far better in a footballing sense. There was one moment against West Ham that displayed this perfectly - he and Adebayor played a double one-two, Ade ending up forcing a good save from Rob Green, chasing in the rebound and ending up tumbling off the pitch. The Bendtner of last season would probably not have combined with his fellow striker quite as well, and even if he had, he would’ve probably casually trotted away after the chance had gone. This time, he ran over to Adebayor, helped him up, tapped him on the back and carried on. Now this might all seem very subtle, and perhaps meaningless, but everything about his demeanour has changed in the last six months. No longer does he seem arrogant, merely confident (in a good way), and he can now be the selfish striker he needs to be, as shown by his superb curling shot from a wide position when Walcott was calling for it in the middle, while also turning supplier when appropriate, as he did for the second goal. It is almost as if he is now comfortable at the club for the first time, and that can only be a good thing going forward. A clear talent, the worries around him have usually been the nature of his character, but if he can continue to be as much of a team player as at present, he could really fulfill his enormous potential.]]>

  • ArseFan101

    Song is getting better, but he’s still no Flamini!

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[Man i have got butterflies bad at the moment. Not feeling confident still, despite what people are saying to me. Oh and on Gallas in the other post, i am siding with Kieran on that. Although Gallas isn't the perfect captain we have been used to with Vieira and Adams - i think he is still the best man for the job at the club.]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[I've got a bad feeling about tonight. Fingers crossed.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[dont mean to insert a negative mood but so far this season we'v lost a game every month. except for october. and this is the last game in october. does that mean we might lose it ? maybe we'r not consistent enough yet. i hope we dont end up losing or even drawing. we need to win. we'r good enough to win. mostly when we draw or loose its our own doing rather than the opponent playing extraordinary. our squad is young and inexperienced so we can't expect them to be consistent all th way through but then they'v been together for 3 or so years. they should have learnt something from last season no ? heres a question though. will we ever be the arsenal that people fear, that people get intimidated by, before a match. we used to be that team with pires ljungberg henry bergkamp viera etc. and slowly that started to change. now having the luxury to look back i feel we could have won trophies if rather than fielding sides full of youngsters, we had kept the team more balanced. having more of a mix of youngsters and experience. say 6 or 7 experienced and 4 or 5 youngsters. that way we could still hav played attractive football and kept a policy of giving youngsters chances as well as actually win the damn trophy. looking back i think its fair to say that every team needs a strong spine which means a strong centreback pairing and a strong centremidfield pairing. and since vieira left we havnt really had a player in the centremid who can keep danger out (except for flamini's last season. gilberto was never a keane or a viera and was fading away anyway). and now we dont have a proper experienced mid at all. as well as not having a solid centreback partnership. it just adds to the scary feeling that we'r not strong enough on a consistent basis. not strong enough on our worst day. that means we shouldnt ever deserve to lose a match. if we do we should still get a draw. and if theres a match we deserve to draw then get a win out of it. and the matches we deserve to win, we should actually demolish the opponent rathe than just barely gettting a win. i might sound like a fool but i just hate to lose. specially seeing the talent that arsenal has.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[so, which centreback and centremid pair do we need today ? toure gallas ? toure silvestre ? gallas silvestre ? cesc song ? cesc denilson ? cesc song and denilson ? what about right mid ? eboue or walcott ? and up front ? van persie or bendtner with ade ? does diaby start ? if so where ?]]>

  • Maxi

    < ![CDATA[Mr Dan ur sound is encouraging, if not Gallas who will. But be sure u eat ur words wen de wall comes tumbling down. Cud u pls tell me what u think of song. Is he what we need?]]>

  • benjamin

    < ![CDATA[i was not pleased when our defence relaxed and made hotspurs to bounce back and squared us up at the last minutes! we should not relax at the dying minutes Arsene wake up otherwise it was a good move ben]]>