Arsene calls for more noise, AGM update…

“I believe this team needs a strong guide to go through difficult periods, because at the moment I do not feel that, either from the media or our supporters, this team gets the support that it deserves.” There have been a few different versions of what Arsene said, another version states he said we’ve been in recession mood, but in all honesty, we are much quieter than the average fan…

“You are all very quiet, a little bit like the game on Saturday. It is a recession mood, but it will not last, do not worry. Instead of showing resentment, we have to believe in our team, more than ever because this team will deliver. But the younger you are, the more you need support and the belief in the quality of these young players. I ask you as well to be proud of them and to show your support. At the moment I do not feel that either from the media or our supporters that this team gets the support that it deserves.”
Is he wrong? Or does he have a point?]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[He has a point. Every game i have been to at home, the fans our too quiet. Fact. You shout, and you get funny looks from most. Thats being honest. Away from home its different, especially Milan away last year, that was the loudest Arsenal crowd i've been in. It was phenomenal. We need that atmosphere at home. He is right.]]>

  • Paresh

    < ![CDATA[Arsène Wenger is right to complain about the lack of noise at Arsenal home games. Like nearly all football stadia, Arsenal's ground has been sterilised by the Taylor Report and a wave of over-regulation. As a consequence, the stadium now consists of two very different types of areas and attendees. Two or three areas consist of "supporters" - people who stay to the end, stand up (God forbid) and actually, you know, shout stuff. The rest of the ground consists largely of "customers" - they pay their money, spend most of the game sitting comfortably, and leave early to avoid the traffic. Now, there is nothing wrong with this division - in fact, it has always existed. But whereas the "supporters" used to occupy entire terraces behind the goals, now they are shoved in the corners and threatened by police and stewards for standing up and making noise. Wenger has produced a staggeringly impressive young side on a budget of virtually nothing, and is right that this team deserves support. He should therefore follow the Liberal Democrats, who last month became the first major political party to support the permittance of Safe Standing areas at top-flight football. Such areas would increase supply (thus lowering prices) and allow people to stand and support their teams. Until then the "supporters" will continue to be a stifled minority.]]>

  • http://deleted Dan

    < ![CDATA[Great post Paresh. The safe standing areas are a top idea. I'd like to see Wenger back them.]]>

  • The Voice of Reason

    We need to establish a North Bank again, i am confused to what is the Arsenal end at the Emirates. When I went to Highbury the North Bank was the only place but at the emirates there is not a real area for the arsenal fans, cure that and the noise will increase.

  • die hard arsenal fan

    I am making a point again that I made during the transfers season. Not valid for this topic. We need to by the young nigerian kid Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke on his shirt is (Obasi) he will be better than Cristiano Ronaldo so we need to snap him up now while the price is right. we already missed on Ronaldo previously. He plays for TSG Hoffenheim in the German League transfer window Arsene and of course the midfielder we require.