Eduardo is a month away, Ade wants a trophy and Cesc still staying…

This weekend is the start of a double whammy of London derbies. We have of course lost the only London derby we've had so far (against Fulham) and we're usually the table toppers of the mini London only results league.

On Sunday, we travel to Upton Park to take on a West Ham side now under the guidance of Zola - and then on Wednesday we host Sp*rs at the Emirates, which should be nothing but an enthralling encounter.

We've had some good news on the injury front, with confirmation that Eduardo will be back at the end of November - roughly a month away. We all saw that Diaby's return is a welcomed one, it adds strength, guile and height to our midfield.

With Eduardo we have skill, desire and quality finishing. Whether or not the Croatian will be back to his best or not is debatable, but I think he's one of those players who couldn't accept a substandard level of performance.

Arsene said in the AGM this morning:

“Eduardo is three weeks away from playing competitive football.”

Short and sweet, but a welcomed bonus when it happens.

Ade’s been in the press too, again… and has reiterated the desire to win some silverware. It’s funny how Ade keeps on saying “I need to win something” rather than “we” and it’s also quite funny how Ade is the main disappointment this season. Offside 15 times against Hull and rarely threatening. Anyway, he’s a good thing that he’s got the belief.

“I need to win something with the club. We have been playing great football and we all know it’s the time to win something. Playing good football is good, but winning something is even better. Now all of our hope is to win something. We know it’s going to be tough but I believe in the squad that we can still do something.”

In response to this statement, I’d simply say to Ade. If you want it, then show it.

Young Theo’s been talking about the win against Fenerbahce and he’s quite happy with the performance.

“All the teams in Europe will look and see the 5-2 win by Arsenal, away and with a young team, and I think they will be scared to play us. That’s the impression we want to give out to all the other teams. We do that and we have always got them on the back foot and hopefully we can just keep performing like that. It was absolutely brilliant. The main thing was getting the three points and everyone got their jobs right today. We scored five goals and it was nice to see us taking our chances.

I’m not sure if we actually do want teams in Europe to “be scared”, as surely they’ll end up playing 10 behind the ball and hitting us on the counter – cite Hull, Sunderland… most teams who travel to the Emirates!

Finally, Cesc has reiterated that he’s staying with us for the forseable future. It’s a bit annoying to talk about Cesc’s future every single international break, but apparently Milan were in for him in the summer. From past sales, it’s clear that the big clubs still think they can prise anyone they want from us.

Cesc spoke to Sport.Es (which means this may not be true:

“Yes, it’s true. I did have offers from an Italian side which were interesting from an economical point of view. However, nothing really happened after that.”

And it’s a bit strange how Cesc can receive an offer without going through the club, but let’s not dwell on this right now.

The Arsenal AGM happened this morning, so more details will surely follow…

More later…]]>

  • ArseFan101

    < ![CDATA[First comment!

    Can't wait to have Eduardo back on the team sheet, our success last season was down to him!!]]>


    < ![CDATA[Arsefan what success was that?! The final of the Carling cup which he didn't play in? :)

    It is good news that Edaurdo is back. It actually leaves us in a funny position - we've got Adebayor, Bendtner, Edaurdo, RVP and Vela all to keep happy. Never mind Walcott and apparently Diaby going forward!

    For the reason above I can honestly see Adebayor going in the summer. Wenger doesn't tend to stand by those who express a desire to leave for very long. I mentioned before and have since heard repeated - the noises inside the club were that Adebayor wanted to sign an extension 5 weeks before he did, 5 weeks in which Arsenal courted bids from anyone with cash to burn. Nothing came off so they protected their investment. If thats true, it may help explain he current lacklustre performances and the two combined almost certainly mean he'll be packed off.

    Funny how Cesc labelled the moves as "economically interesting" - meaning it was only the money that he really took notice of. Thats a good sign. Its not like his head was turned by awesome footballing offers etc.

    Devday - I don't understand what you mean about the club not knowing about Milan's offer - they may well have received one and rejected it out of hand, they wouldn't nessicerily publicise it?!]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Hi Kieran,

    I think Arsenfan was referring to the performances which saw us have a consistent run in the mid season. After Birmingham, we lacked a certain spark and finishing, cite Eduardo's injury.

    If the club rejected the offer from Milan, it would be unlikely that Milan would have had the chance to offer Cesc a contract. By Cesc saying that he'd seen an offer he is implying either Arsenal accepted it (unlikely) or the offer came through his agent without the permission of Arsenal (more likely)!!]]>


    < ![CDATA[Ah I see what you mean regards Cesc - I read his comments as "these clubs made Arsenal offers which I was made aware about but they were rejected and I wasn't involved". Either way its good that he kept his counsel and didn't comment at the time.

    I didn't think Edaurdo's injury had as much impact as that personally - I think there were a lot of contributing factors, the manner of the defeat itself at Birnmingham knocked some wind from our sails. We had a fair run of bad luck and other key players injured as well.

    In other news - does anyone know when Rosicky will kick a ball again? Feels like he's been out longer than Edaurdo! :)]]>

  • devday

    Arsene said this morning in the AGM that “he should be back after Christmas”… considering he’s been out since Jan 29th, it’s nearly a full year until he’s back (if he does come back in time)…!!

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[That is some brilliant news Dev! I have said how much i admire Eduardo previously and personally think he makes an enormous difference to the team. After all, the only thing we lack going forward at the moment is clinical finishing - a calm head in front of the sticks. Eddy is the man in that respect. I think it will be huge for the team. I'm dead excitied.

    I wouldn't say our success last season was down to him, but i do think he is the only player of his kind at the club, and therefor leaves a bigger hole than most. He is the missing piece in the puzzle... going forward anyway. The puzzle is only half built at the back lol.]]>

  • ArseFan101

    < ![CDATA[When Eduardo was playing though, we were grinding out results quite well. He'd always tuck away a chance if he had one. When he got injured, we still had the chances, but Ade couldn't deal with the pressure and wasn't clinical. I do think if Eduardo didn't get injured we would have won the league.

    On a separate note, I have been impressed with Vela's finishing, he does remind me of Eduardo in that respect. We'll hopefully see a bit more of Vela soon!!!]]>

  • http://deleted Dan

    Yeah i think we would have stood a much better chance, who knows what would have happened!? Lets hope he is really in the mood to play some footy and comes back all gunz blazing!

  • zaheer

    Any news on our defenders? The absence of Sagna, Toure and Gallas will make the West Ham game more difficult than it needs to be..

  • zaheer

    Ahhh I checked the Arsenal Website and it seems that Gallas and Toure will be back for the west ham game… which means eboue will probably play RB… Im pretty happy with that..

  • Maxi

    I greet u all, Arsenal fans. We see on sunday.Hope the team performs well.

  • Paresh

    < ![CDATA[If you have been supporting the Arsenal for more than 12 years you’ll remember the dark days. I mean the really dark days.

    Days so dark that you couldn’t even see the tunnel let alone the light at the end of it.

    I speak, of course, of the year of the Rioch.

    That dreadful year when Ian Wright Wright Wright handed in a transfer request on the not wholly unreasonable grounds that he was a centre forward not a right winger. The year when Dennis Bergkamp hadn’t quite yet got it. The year when the magic back four didn’t quite know how to get the defensive line right.

    It was all just an awful muddle and we didn’t even know until the last day of the season whether we would be in the European twiddly widdly diddly woddly cup or not.

    So what made it all so wonderfully different?

    Of course the big change - the change that overshadows everything - was the arrival of the Lord Wenger.

    But let’s leave that aside for a moment and think about the changes that we would also acknowledge as part of the Great Revolution.

    With Lord Wenger miles ahead in first place, the second Big Change would come with the introduction (by the Lord Wenger) of world-wide scouting, several hundred million centuries before anyone else ever thought it could be done.

    And the third great revolution was the insistence on filling a lot of key roles with ex-Arsenal players. Like Steve Bould, Liam Brady, Pat Rice (who actually was our manager for an historic unbeaten run at the start of the Lord Wenger’s first season), Steve Gatting, David Court.

    This gives us great continuity, and this approach has continued with Remi Garde and Gilles Grimandi (for example) doing their stuff as scouts - leading to a position where anyone who is anyone in France, looks first to Arsenal.

    We obviously also pick up the best of the kids in the UK - I need only mention Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott to prove my point.

    So imagine a situation in which one of the truly great, great, great players from the Netherlands, who played with such overwhelming majesty for us, also came back in a coaching role. Just think of what that would do to our scouting options in Holland. (Which incidentally are not bad anyway considering we got Van Persie for £2 million.)

    I speak of course of Dennis. And I speak of him because on the way home tonight, Dennis popped up on Radio 5 saying that he is doing his coaching course, and when he’s done it and passed the tests, he would love to come and coach at Arsenal.

    Now if you recall Dennis B when he was with us, he always spoke carefully, never going over the top, never saying stuff that should not be said. He was forever treated with respect by every other player here - even Henry seemed to realise that here was a God from another dimension.

    And that respect still exists for him throughout football.

    Especially in the Netherlands.

    Bring him in as a coach, and the world of Dutch football, with all its wonderful glorious players opens up to us.

    Dennis, yes, please do come back as a coach. Bring the magic you gave us on the pitch into the world of the players you coach. I’m sure I will never have the honour to meet you but if I ever did I guess I’d just bow my head and say one almighty “thank you”. What else is there to say?]]>

  • Paresh

    < ![CDATA[“It’s been shocking.”

    “It’s been a bit shit.”

    “It has been a bad start to the season, especially for me.”

    “We have not been together.”

    “We have not known where we are running or what we have been doing.”

    These are the statements of that ex-Arsenal player who left us to play in the highlife and wild excitement of Blackburn and left them to reach the top four with the Tiny Totts. These comments all come from an article in the Guardian today.

    It’s funny because there were 38,000 people at Highbury for each game who could have predicted where his departure would lead him.

    Still, if players want to leave and go and take a wander down the Lane, that must be up to them.

    Funny old world, isn’t it?]]>

  • RAlph

    < ![CDATA[Arsene Wenger has spoken of a lack of noise at the Emirates and while I'll admit that the match-day atmosphere could be improved greatly, I think he has a different motive behind his statement.

    I don't really think its the noise issue that bothers him, the atmosphere at Arsenal has been the same throughout his time at the club. I think that Wenger feels Gooners don't have enough belief in the squad, he badly wants us to believe in this squad as much as he does.

    Wenger has built a squad that is huge on talent and potential, but in my honest opinion I think we are still a little short. We are 90% there and deep down I'm sure Le Boss thinks so as well. Why else would he have tried to sign Alonso on dead-line day?

    The lack of support comment from Arsene is harsh. We have supported everything that Arsene Wenger has done at the club and in recent years we have been very supportive despite a lack of silverware. We have been patient while Arsene rebuilds his latest side and I think he forgets that.

    Of course you will get grumbling from the fans, I grumble about Arsenal but its only because I care about and love the club. I think Arsene Wenger needs to realise how lucky he is too have such support from fans because the situation can easily turn. Had Wenger been in charge of Chelsea, Manchester United or even Tottenham, I'm sure there would have been many calls for his head over the lack of silverware in recent years.

    We are lucky too that we have such a great manager and thats why we are patient and understanding of what Wenger is trying to do at Arsenal. We realise that the squad is young and needs time, thats why we understand about a lack of trophies.

    However, Wenger wants his side to deliver NOW so there are no excuses anymore about the side being young. It's time for the side to win things again and all it needs is one trophy and the rest will follow.

    I'm prepared to throw all my weight behind the side and support them (like I always have) to the best of my ability. The side needs our support but the side needs to deliver. It works both ways!]]>

  • Raymond Lubega

    < ![CDATA[I really dont mind about the past but the future.If you try to talk about Arsenal's dark days, then you should stop because we want to move forward.
    Whether Arsenal was good 2years ago, it doesnt matter but what we want is to move forward in the best promising way.

    arsene Wenger, you should realise that you dont buy defenders and that you play attacking football.What if midfielders assist strikers and defenders do their job, isnt it better than having defenders more interested in attacking?

    Do you think scoring many goals is better than not coinciding any goal?If so, try to recall the champions league final: be4 that final we had not coincided any

    Do you think scoring 7 goals and coinciding 4 is better?What if you fail to score 7 and yet the opponents are scoring,is dat better?Try to get 3 points in the best proffesional way not scoring 5 and coinciding 2.

    i wish you take my suggestion more serious because i know we are not winning any trophy this season in reality but that doesnt take me away from Arsenal.
    You may say am not a supporter but if i want a trophy and yet Chelsea are holding 2times an upper hand than Arsenal, should i support Arsenal to take the trophy? No, i support Arsenal for the good soccer they play but not trophy winning.]]>