Injuries, Injuries, Injuries! Bendtner for Ade cry gets louder and Stoke win makes all Gooners happier this weekend…

  • clash

    < ![CDATA[I am seriously don't understand the rationale behind the "default despise" of a certain player. I agree Ade is not in his elements and trying Bendtner will be an exciting option. Eboue is a massively improved player this season apart from his usual dramas. He played on the right ,left and center this season and playing on the right, he has scored a goal too. His poise is better, he offers a defensive cover and is a utility player to the max. You might get better wingers but the flexibility he offers is something of a different kind.]]>

  • John

    < ![CDATA[Play Vela or Walcott not Bendtner. Is RVP the same player he was ? Vela and Walcott together think about it a left and a right footed player up front. Not the tallest but.............................. P.S I meet Morten Gamst Pedersen the Blackburn player just before I started work. He was outside my hotel. He's cool I said hello and he said talking to me it was unreal. He's just like everyone else, I think his family were staying in the hotel.Oh he would LOVE to play for Arsenal HIS WORDS................. TRUE STORY I WAS THERE]]>


    < ![CDATA[Vela and Walcott? Both fast, but both short. I'd like to see it actually but the lack of height would worry me slightly. I also don't think Theo is quite ready for a strikers roll just yet. Although his goal against Everton was top-drawer. But Bendtner is a good player. Definately a more straight forward swap as well with his height and ability to hold up the ball if caught on his own. In fact the few matches recently where they have both ended the match on the pitch, it is Bendtner that looks like the player with the skill, the run in the team and the confidence. Maybe Ade needs bringing back down to Earth. Its the one thing Wenger and I don't agree on.]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[Walcott and Vela would not work. Not in this team. We would get bullied off the pitch. Think about it. Teams sit deep against us, and force us to barge through them. There just wouldn't be enough space in behind to play them. The attacks would break down to far up the pitch for us to build momentum. Bendtner has to be given a chance, its just screaming at Wenger to do so. It will be dead unfair if he doesn't drop Ade. How the hell can the others expect to be patient being top quality youngsters, and then when the man they are waiting to slip up plays shit consistently, they still don't get a sniff. It would be criminal not to drop him!]]>

  • Nicky

    < ![CDATA[I agree Ade should have a spell on the bench as he is clearly not playing well at the moment. He squanders so many opportunities, either by shooting wildly or not being up with the play. On the other hand he was offside so many times on saturday, he doesn't seem to anticipate play. It is time to give others a go. On a different point I was sorry to hear the booing from some quarters at half-time on sat. I know we didn't play well first half, but feel we should support our team when they're down as well as when they play dazzling foot ball. Some people have short memories. i sit near a classic 'Mr Angry' who was on top form, snarling and spewing vile abuse from the kick-off. I can't believe he is a true fan. Luckily the stewards seem to be cracking down on bad behaviour and he was warned at half-time. He still wasn't too happy even when we won! Some people have to moan about everything. They should have faith!]]>

  • Debs

    no offence but Ade just seems to be a waste of space! We might as well be playing with 10 men! (Although I think he had a role in one of the goals) but Bentner’d be better. He’ll have motivation.

  • chris

    < ![CDATA[There have been many previous false dawns where we have thought, “yes, this is it. This is going to be THE SEASON.” And then, sadly we have been let down. The lads have not quite been up to it. They have tried, we have urged them on, but in the end, failure. However this season, it might just happen. I really do believe that. This could be the year to end all years. The great moment. I speak of course of the relegation of the Tiny Totts into the Championship. I did not dare to think it possible until I watched their game against the might of Stoke City in which, true to their current form, the Tiny Totts lost. There was no doubt the usual racist and homophobic chanting from their supporters, and that will of course be ignored by the FA, the police, and the Tottenham club. They are supposedly reacting this time to the coin throwing that is also often associated with north London’s third team but I doubt much will happen. But let us turn aside to broader issues. This game was the “turning point” - the moment when the great drive towards a Top 4 finish, and a gallant move into their “spiritual home” of the Champs League would start. But, it went a bit wrong. It was defeat number 17 for Ramos, the great play maker, the great inventor, the great manager. Mr Bale, apparently one of their “best players” (I use the phrase outside its normal meaning) was sent off. A Mr Dawson was also sent off, and a Mr Corluka collided with his own goalkeeper, Mr Gomes and had to be taken to hospital. We wish him well. Stoke hit both posts and the bar time and time again, and in the end Tottenham now have their worst start not just in the EPL, not just in the top division, not just in this century and the last, but ever, ever, ever. If only the FA would look into the racist abuse handed out by their supporters and give them a 3 point penalty, we could see them with negative points. Generally speaking on a sunday evening (as I write) the Tinies sack their manager, so this is now a real possibility. The game’s afoot. Fun, isn’t it?]]>

  • Jame

    < ![CDATA[Why is the poll anonymous? We all know they lanky boy should be benched. He thinks he's all that bue he aint- Vela and Barender up front please]]>

  • Raymond

    < ![CDATA[I was looking forward to a return to proper football after the international hiatus, but at 3.45 pm yesterday I was wondering whether there wasn’t a less stressful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Happily, all’s well that ends well, but there was more evidence, as if it were needed, that this is going to be a tough season for Arsenal. Despite my Summer optimism, we are having another season beset with injuries and it was a very strange back four that lined up against Everton, (even more so after half time). Everton could conceivably have scored three goals before Nasri’s equaliser and Alex Song in particular looked out of place at right back. It’s coming to something when you start to pine for Eboue. The way the defence were completely flat for Osman’s opening goal was very worrying, although Silvestre did improve as the game wore on. The headed chance that Clichy cleared off the line looked like a foul, but we were just comprehensively out-muscled in the box and it was indicative of how lightweight we looked generally. I am terrified by the thought of what Chelsea and Man U will do to this team without reinforcements. The second half was a totally different 45 minutes; Theo, the subject of one of the lamest songs I’ve ever heard at a football ground (since when did football fans use Sting as an inspiration? Sting!) made all the difference not because he outplayed the Everton full back but because they were forced to drop very deep and they started to give away niggly and unnecessary fouls. Nasri’s goal came at precisely the right time and Everton did not seriously threaten our goal from that point forward. I thought the atmosphere in the second half was excellent, there was some genuine noise created and we deservedly went ahead when Robin Van Persie finally accepted a chance to score after missing two excellent chances in the first half by nodding in from all of four yards after some good work from Adebayor teed up Cesc. Some words about those two players. Firstly, while Cesc is never poor, he looks knackered and desperately needs a rest. Trouble is, we desperately need him to play, particularly at the moment and he’ll end up playing until he gets injured. As for Emmanuel Adebayor, I read a statistic in the paper before the game which said he’d been caught offside 22 times this season, more than any other Premier league player. Perhaps he’s got some sort of spread bet on, because he must have been flagged offside another ten times yesterday and while some of them may not have been correct, you can’t help but think he’s just not concentrating. Cesc kept lofting balls up to him which he has the height and strength to win, but he doesn’t possess the skill to then control the ball and create a chance and Lescott was all over him for the most part. I think we need to start thinking about giving Vela and Bendtner a chance, as he’s just not delivering. And as for that dive in the first half for which he was rightly booked... Robin was better and having scored I hope he settles down and regains the form we know he can show, although we also know that he’s just as likely to pick up an injury. I watched the highlights on Match of the Day but not on Sky’s Football First, so I haven’t seen the penalty shout for Van Persie which looked nailed on to me, nor the Hibbert assault on Denilson which livened proceedings up. The last ten minutes was quieter, with most people watching the Everton fans nearest the Gooners behind the goal start scrapping – someone must have dropped a fiver or something. Once the old bill had cleared around ten of them away we had a cherry on the cake goal from Theo after a nice cut back from Diabry, which in turn lead to an even lustier rendition of an ‘Englishman at Arsenal’. Hmmmm. So to Turkey on Tuesday. We’ll no doubt find out more about who is likely to play tomorrow, but I’d happily take a point given the paucity of options at the back. Chelsea’s demolition of Boro looked fairly ominous to me and Rooney is coming into form at the wrong sort of time for a game against us, as he always scores regardless of how he plays. If we can start to improve our performances over the next three weeks we can look ahead to November with greater confidence, but at the moment games against United and Villa at home and City and Chelsea away look daunting. I’m not sure who replaced Kolo as captain for the second half, but it should have been Cesc. Assuming that Gallas and Kolo miss out on Tuesday, it’ll be interesting to see who Arsene hands it to.]]>

  • Parresh Brahmbharta

    < ![CDATA[The goal was actually Song's fault because he let Piennar in behind him to put the cross in. Silvestre was at fault to a lesser extent because he didn't block the shot although he couldn't have done much. Our defensive problems are still there for all to see. Hopefully Djourou should be back for the Fenerbahce game because we don't have anyone apart from Gavin Hoyte to play alongside Silvestre. Thankfully Diaby's back as well so we should have some more options in midfield. I'm really annoyed that on player raters Cesc is getting the highest ratings when he was pretty awful today. The whole midfield apart from possibly Eboue in the first half were better than him yet everyone praises him like some sort of God. Almunia was our best player today and he never gets the credit he deserves. Clichy was pretty good as well, as were Nasri and Walcott when he came on. Oh and why are Adebayor and Van Persie so bent? It can't be that hard to hit the target can it? The two of them combined must have had like one shot on target, which was the goal (and that fell to Van Persie quite nicely).]]>

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  • devday

    Personally, I think Nasri was the man of the match. He’s awesome. He really is.

  • pissed off

    Dan I agree with you a 100% in this one. Absolutely correct.