The Debate Continues as England win 3-1 in Belarus…

The debate goes on in the comments and Sam has posted a rather interesting post regarding racism in England as the reason why Ashley Cole got booed on Saturday against Kazakhstan. Of course there is no place for racism in this world let alone football, I can assure you that the booing of Ashely Cole has absolutely nothing to do with racism, whatsoever. It's to do with passion, desire and respect.

Ashley Cole is an money grabbing, disloyal and disrespectful to all he's crossed. At Arsenal, a boyhood Arsenal fan, nurtured through the academy and offered a £3m a year deal, a leap from £1m a year. However, the player wanted £3.25m instead and wouldn't budge. That figure would have seen him on par with the likes of Henry and Pires at that time. Although David Dein verbally agreed this, when he went to the board, they wouldn't sanction this much.

There are millions of people out there that support Arsenal and have done all their life. Let's take an example: me. Being a life long Arsenal supporter, I would jump at the chance to play for Arsenal. Albeit, I am not good enough, but in an ideal world, if offered I wouldn't be more than estastic. I'd love the job. I'd train hard and work on my game. I'd play like my life depended on it. And that's what we got from Ashley Cole in the early years. A player who supported the club. A future captain, a player who wore their heart on their sleeve.

But at some point, money got into this guys head. And he changed. He no longer supported the club, but instead supported the queens head (money!)... and it surely came from his international games, when he interacted with the likes of Terry and Lampard. He was lured by cash and eventually turned his back on the club he's always supported and had the privilege of playing for. For a measly £5k a week. It's unthinkable for me.

That is why many people hate Ashley Cole. Not just Arsenal fans.

Whereas Rooney, albeit not the perfect player, does whatever is necessary for club or country to win. He's inspired Man United to a Premiership and Champions League. He's always performed in the games that matter, he's played out of position and let other take the plaudits. There is a difference between the two. I am saying this and I'm an Arsenal fan.

All in all, Ashley Cole is a traitor and always will be. I was at the match on Saturday and I booed him.

And whilst we're on the subject of Ashley Cole, we've got a better player now in Gael Clichy and even Dennis Bergkamp knew this years ago... here's a little something Gael recently revealed....

“I will never forget what Dennis Bergkamp told me. It was in 2005 when I was injured. I had doubts and I didn’t feel fine.

“Bergkamp is a great man that doesn’t talk a lot. One day he came to see me and asked how long it would take for me to recover. I told him I didn’t know.

“He watched Ashley Cole, who was also having a treatment, and finally said: ‘Come back soon, and if you succeed, you will get his position.’

“Dennis and Ashley are friends, but that simple sentence was so good to me. I held on, and then I recovered quickly.”

Back to the football now and England “cruised” to a 3-1 win over Belarus with Rooney netting two and Stevie G netting one. It was a solid performance, a better second half than first and Walcott had a decent game. Since the three goals against Croatia, it was always going to be hard to recreate such a performance. Today Wallcott showed his pace, skill and desire, but was often doubled up on and often marked closely. He’s not on the form of his life either, but always a threat going forward. I see the Walcott of now, a 19 year old player, able to make a difference and can’t wait to the progression of the player.

Normal service resumes now, no more international games until next year…

Til tomorrow…]]>

  • ArseFan101

    Great article mate, behind you 100%.


    < ![CDATA[Yeah, 100%. Ashley Cole is a little mink scroat. I'd have booed him regardless of play though for cheating on such a beautiful woman!

    I wrote an article myself about Ashley and the boo boys, I won't repost it because its getting stupid here - even Chelsea fans are hijacking the comments! But essentially I said the same thing a few days ago - he get's paid shitloads, and as the people who essentially pay his wages we're all entitled to express our displeasure.

    Anyway, if my kid passed the ball across the open back whilst retreating backwards during an under-11 match I'd punch him in the face, not just boo. Thats not lazy, it's tactical suicide. Maybe I wouldn’t punch him in the face but still…]]>


    I’ll still never forget his book and his suggestion he left over £5,000. Except, he forgot to say that was a week, over 52 weeks it’s £250k a year and a 4 year contract makes that a million quid. So it wasn’t coppers he left for was it! :)

  • MartinK

    < ![CDATA[As Aaron Ramsey struck his 30yarder past the hapless Joe Hart, I was welling up with pride. This wasn't simply down to a great love of my country or taking great pleasure in sticking one over England, but the realisation that Wales' finest export since John Charles will finally get the recognition he deserves.

    I don't know what the Arsenal first thought when they signed Ramsey, but I'm guessing it was a mixed view. You couldn't blame the cynics, hey they have heard it all before as the media continually praises youngsters and hails them as the next footballing great only to be subsequently disappointed at their failure to step up to the required level. I am the biggest cynic in the world, but I tell you Gunners fans you need to believe in this kid as he is the full package and I hope last night did enough to convince you all of the star quality amidst your ranks.

    The beauty of Ramsey is the versatility he possesses and the very fact there are question marks over his best position. I have seen the kid play at full back, centre half and all across the midfield at Cardiff and still looked the best player on the park. Having read some Arsenal blogs this morning, just to gauge an initial reaction, it seems that they feel they have another Cesc Fabregas on their hands. Some expressed joy at the fact they may have finally unearthed a midfielder that actually has the ability to shoot from distance (however felt assured that Wenger will eventually train that out of him in time), but the general hope was that Wenger would take off the cotton gloves and give Ramsey a run of games in the first team - I personally feel he is wasted in the reserves because the Premier League would hold no fear for this kid.

    I honestly believe that Ramsey's best position is the fabled No.10 position where he is free to express his undoubted abilities and take full control of the attacking third. My one criticism of Arsenal (which fans obviously seem to share) is they tend to be too patient in and around the box. Many see it as they are continually seeking to score the perfect goal every time, but I feel a lot of it is due to the fact they haven't got that Dennis Bergkamp type figure within the team who can provide those deft touches or unlock a stubborn defence. Ramsey has that ability and I really feel he could provide that avenue for Arsenal if he was to be given the chance.

    Anyway I hope his performance was enough to convince you of Wenger's sanity in bringing Ramsey to the Emirates. Cardiff's lost is very much Arsenal's gain and don't be dismissive of last night game as a one off. You have one gem of a footballer on your hands who has the potential to be the best of his generation if given a chance and while I know Wenger can be patient with young players, I just wonder how long he can keep the kid Ramsey tied down.]]>

  • Nigel

    < ![CDATA[Few fans around England would argue that Arsenal have one of the finest youth development programs in the country, if not the world.

    Of course, many of their young talents are initially recruited from oversees, but Arsene Wenger has built an infrastructure at the club that has gone on to consistently produce first team regulars.

    Even those who don't make it with the Gunners often find they become Premiership footballers elsewhere - Fabrice Muamba at Bolton for example, or Steve Sidwell of Aston Villa.

    Perhaps the finest example of this second route, however, is England international David Bentley. The 24-year-old turned his back on North London, and went to make his name at Blackburn Rovers. Now back in the capital with Tottenham, he is regular in international squads.

    This week, it appears one young Englishman has taken that lesson to heart. Jason Banton, a striker at Arsenal's prestigious youth academy, has reportedly agreed a deal to join the Paul Ince revolution at Blackburn.

    The 16-year-old, believed to be furious at the Arsenal coaching staff over his lack of progress at the Emirates, is rumoured to have turned down Manchester City in favour of a move to Ewood Park.

    As reported by the Daily Mail, Blackburn are delighted with the coup. Managing director Tom Finn said: "We are delighted to have Jason here. He's a young England international playing a year above his own age group."

    At the Emirates and elsewhere, however, there will be many questions. Should a 16-year-old being make his career decisions at such a young age, against the advice of coaches who have a proven track record of producing world-class talent?

    Especially when that talent takes him to a club that cannot claim such a record?

    Many will be forced to wonder whether Banton has made a critical error, at such an early stage in his career. While Bentley has proven that success is possible away from the Emirates, it must not be forgotten that the wide-man had made appearances for Arsenal before he left, along with an invaluable season on-loan in the Premiership at Norwich.

    Banton, however, has not had so much as a sniff of first-team football for the Gunners. Compared to the stage Bentley was at when he headed to Blackburn, Banton is not even close.

    Having already left Arsenal once in his young career - he moved to Spurs, who cancelled his contract over various issues - you would have thought he would be thankful to have received a second chance to learn under Wenger. This seems not to be the case, and it looks like the striker believes the grass really is greener on the other side.

    Only time will tell whether he is right.]]>

  • pissed off

    < ![CDATA[It will be appreciative if we Arsenal fans concentrate more on our current team than looking at the past.

    Cesc made a comment that should make all Arsenal fans punder about Wenger and our quest for trophy . I may be wrong but am confident that he messed things up pretty much this season. Am sure it will take more than a miracle for this team to get sth this season.

    I need a convincing from Arsenal fans that we are actually in for somthing.]]>


    < ![CDATA[Pissed Off:

    a) How is that relevent - in any way?
    b) No one needs to "a convince" you of anything - if you don't think Arsenal will win anything you have two options. Appreciate the drama of a premiership season, the highs and lows, and hope in your heart that we will get luck in the right places and assemble a good run - OR - suppport someone else. How on earth do you think West Ham fans cope? Or Everton? We're playing European football with the best clubs in Europe (not the dog and pony show Uefa Crap), we're still in both cup competitions and we're doing ok in the league.
    c) Cheer up, Ramsey's goal should have stuck a smile on your face if nothing else does.]]>

  • pissed off

    < ![CDATA[What does a great team mean to you? a team that targets the 4th position or one capable of winning the league? Belief me we are in Arsenal today bc we all belief they are capable of winning the league. But in a situation were the players and fans dont have the belief any more it should give us fans a worry.

    Its utterly awful and unbeliveable that u kieren of all people is comparing our darling team to west what ? or everton.

    Its time for Wenger to grow up,time are harsh ,we need something , we need belief , we need trophy nothing other than this year. Can Wenger do that?It use to be in Wengers hand the time of the fans are coming. Hope u fans understand.

    So far we are far from it and I dont see us]]>


    < ![CDATA[I give in - you're clearly incapable of basic understanding. I said we are better than those teams - so count your lucky stars you're worrying about 4th spot and not if you'll get relagated.

    We're not targetting 4th at all - I genuinely don't see any team expecting to win. If Liverpool keep up their form they have a chance. Utd don't look as string as they have, but they have a chance. Chelsea look great with Deco, but without him so far not so great. Again they have a chance. Its a close thing. Its a league. Its exciting. Its football.]]>

  • pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Yeah i agree all that blabbing of yours. Am not blind either, I know the league is too young but you ve to agree with that we need a lot of hardworking to get any trophy these season.

    Manu went 3 seasons without a trophy and what did they reply with, A league trophy; second season they aquired more assets( Harg, Tevez , Anderson) And returned that same season with a double, a double! Kieren. What will wenger respond with after four seasons without any major trophy.Moment of truth Kieran]]>


    Support Manchester United then!!

  • Nigel

    < ![CDATA[What Fabregas should remember is that because of the set up at Arsenal he is a big star and life might not be as good for him elsewhere.

    After Thierry Henry moaned and creaked his way out of the club, the Spaniard said: 'He is a great player but it was not easy to play alongside him. We were a bit inhibited by him - dependent on everything that he wanted to do.'

    Fabregas looks set to make the same mistake.]]>

  • juniper

    < ![CDATA[Ive been to football games all over the world and i have to say the Arsenal fans are NOW the quietest set of fans i have ever seen.

    Our fans just come to games and sit their like they are at a cinema, We need to get the place rocking like the fans up north. You go to some places it really intimidatingly and the home team are on a high and its almost like a goal start to them.

    I remember a few season ago Arsenal played away to Liverpool and Henry came off the pitch and said how great the Liverpool fans were and how they didn’t stop singing and the sound breathtaking.

    So what can we do to improve things at home games?

    Our away fans are quality, Maybe its because they are die hard gooners who will take annual leave at work to watch the team.They are the real fans and not the plastic twats that turn up late and leave early that you see week in week at at Arsenal.

    I think the problem is that Arsenal have got to many yuppie type fans who turn up and have a few bottles of champagne and don’t really care about the team, its just a day out for them.

    But why should this be a problem for Arsenal FC. The yuppies are paying big money to watch games.And Arsenal stopped carrying about the real local fans a long time ago.

    IMO Arsenal need to lower prices and get more of the proper fans back into grounds. most of the working class fans have to go to the pub to watch the games.Or bring back a small standing area.

    They are the type of fans we need back at Arsenal. The Average joe who works long hours and loves the game who turns and has passion for the club. Not some toffee noses rest boy who could not tell you the name of our reserve keeper.

    I remember my old man giving me a tenner as a kid on a Saturday morning and then going off to the North Bank with a few mate. We use to stand behind the goal and we use to see the same faces standing in the same spot every home game. A program and a burger and i still have enough money to get a bus home. All that out of a tenner. Now you need to take out a loan to go and watch a game. And thats whats killed the real fans in football. The heart and soul of the club, Local and real fans that showed passion.]]>

  • jason

    < ![CDATA[First, I understand that Cesc would feel a sense of loss because he can no longer play with his close friend (Hleb). I also understand that he’s feeling more pressure on him to perform because, as I said and was criticized roundly for last year, he’s lost the cover that Flamini provided. But what I don’t understand is why he has decided to denigrate the contributions of his current teammates and himself.

    As good as Hleb was (at not shooting) in his last year of playing with us he was shockingly bad for the two years previous. He wasn’t creative at all, he was more likely to dribble into a dark alley than to put in a proper cross or otherwise open up the opponent’s defense. And then, of course, there was his chronic inability to shoot when presented with open chances. No, I’m sorry, but Samir Nasri already looks a more than apt replacement for Hleb. Why Cesc is slagging off Nasri I have no idea.

    On the Flamini issue? Yes. We need another Flamini. But given the rise of Ramsey and Wilshere and Wenger’s desire to play those two and bring them up rather than buying a player, I can’t see him spending the money on Yaya or Alonso this January. Unless Cesc threatens to quit or something.

    But more than just the individuals, what’s really troubling with this statement is the way that Cesc sees himself. The team lacks experience? Wait, what about Cesc? Isn’t he experienced? What about all those finals he’s been in, the trophy he won this summer, don’t those count for anything? I disagree with him here, Cesc possesses the requisite experience, and it’s his job now to pass that on.

    What I think we’re really hearing from Cesc is that Arsenal lack the leadership that someone like Flamini provided. We’re hearing, moreover, that Cesc lacks the leadership to transfer his own abundance of experience over to the others.

    I guess that’s why Arsene didn’t make Cesc the captain: he’s too busy looking for others to provide the leadership and experience. I almost feel like someone should give him a “leadership coin” and say to him “Ok, Cesc, put that magic coin in your sock and it will magically give you the leadership qualities that you’re looking for in others.” Then, you know, he could lose the coin and show some leadership and we’d all say “that was just an ordinary coin! The qualities you sought were already within you!” and there would be a rainbow and birds chirping and a fucking trophy and Spurs would be relegated.

    That’s my fantasy anyway.

    I hope the manager has a couple of words with Cesc, at least, and tells him that he’s a leader now, that Denilson and Rambo and Nasri and Theo all need him to step up and play that role. Oh, and also, don’t slag off your teammates publicly, jerk.]]>

  • Fo

    Kieran, although it was £1m over 4 years. That may seem a lot to us, but when you’re getting paid £12m over 4 years, then it’s a different issue all together!


    Its a new house! Or 4 new top of the range ferraris. Or a gagging order on a tabloid because you stuck a mobile up your (then) teammates arse!

  • http://deleted Dan

    < ![CDATA[I missed an argument, Darn!

    Pissed off - dude you don't strike me as a true Gooner. I know its out of order to question ones loyalities, because we are all in this together but you drop a couple of hints that you may be a bit of a glory hunter.

    "elief me we are in Arsenal today bc we all belief they are capable of winning the league." - err, no. I have been brought up on Arsenal, and while i'm not as old as Kieran ( :P ) I was supporting Arsenal when they were a mid table side.

    I do admire your idealistic view that we truly BELONG at the top of the table, but its just not true. There are many huge clubs in the prem and we are just one of them. Your a bit disilusional in that sense. I do agree that it is kind of crunch time this season. Not necessarily for Wenger but for the current setup. The way the club is run. If things were not to go our way this year, i think it will be time to dip into the purse.

    I think Cole is incredible. He just doesn't know when he has something amazing. Arsenal! He had us, we had him, he was loved... he loved us? Cheryl Tweedy! She is so fucking hot it makes my tackle tingle. You have to be mad to fool around away from home! Money! He had loads of it as it was. But the greedy bastard wants more, more, more and then some. Absolute tool.]]>