Another Cap for Walcott and a long weekend…

Back to football and Theo won another cap for England and started in a 4-3-3 formation which saw Rooney on the left and Walcott on the right of Heskey. It's an odd formation with Rooney out of position, and Heskey a peculiar choice up front. But it did work, albeit it worked better when we changed to 4-4-2 and brought SWP on.

Theo had a decent first half, with a few good runs showing why he was picked ahead of David Beckham. He did fade in the second half, but as a team performance, the second half was good and it always looked like we could score. From an England point of view, it's great to see goals coming from all over the place. This time it was Rooney's turn to get a hat-trick and by the time we reach the World Cup, it would be really good to have goals coming from all angles.

Onto all things Arsenal, and Hleb has been tapping up Cesc in quite a disrespectful way indeed.

“We get on very well on and off the pitch. For me he is like a brother. We call each other a lot to talk about things. He tells me he misses me at Arsenal and, without wanting to detract from anyone, I would love it if he came to Barca to be a part of all this. I don’t stop insisting that he should return to Barca and he doesn’t stop insisting that he is very happy at Arsenal and with Arsene Wenger. I will keep boring him until he changes his mind. If in the end he listens to me, I think it would be great for Barcelona.”

It’s outrageous that someone who was so well looked after at Arsenal and by Arsene can tap up our young starlet. But then one thing we have learnt about Alexander Hleb is that he has no loyalty or respect for anyone or anything. I may be wrong with that statement, but in all honesty I don’t like the man and don’t like his style. Arsene is always keen to remove bad apples from the squad, and I think that’s exactly what he’s done by selling Hleb…

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  • http://deleted Dan

    wow, thats quite an incredible statement really. I’m shocked that someone would be so disloyal like that. What a disrespecting asshole. I hope he has a crap time and gets sold next season, he deserves it.

  • AJ

    I didn’t like Helb from the moment we signed him, I didn’t like the look of him, his demenour on the pitch and frankly I find him a arrogant, over-rated pompus git and I hope that England find they form they had in Croatia and absolutely stuff Belarus.


    < ![CDATA[I'm sure this kind of thing does go on all the time, but its very bad form to tell the media about it. I bet Cesc constantly laughs at him for leaving as well.

    Its a bit different but remember Gerrard tapping up Barry whilst training for his country.]]>

  • Dan

    Yeah your probably right there, its bound to happen. They are friends, and only human. Its the fact he blatently blabs to the media to get the pot stirring – thats what makes him come across as an idiot.


    < ![CDATA[Not so much as an idiot, he knows what he's doing - a massive bastard is more appropriate! Not often you hope a proffesional gets injured, but just enough to give him something in his own life to concentrate on instead of tapping up our squad.

    Notice though he's not bothered about Adebayor. He said this in the Spanish media:

    No, Adebayor is not welcome here. He has massive feet and he smells. No one at Arsenal liked him and his style of football would not suit the Barcelona way – we like to score goals here in spain, not count near misses.

    Maybe I didn’t just make that up.]]>

  • Fo

    Did he really say that Kieran? That’s quality!


    < ![CDATA[Nah I made it up!

    He scored 4 for Togo at the weekend!!]]>

  • Dan

    It was against Swaziland though, haha. Who said there are no easy internationals?

  • pissed off

    goners 4 life


    I wish you were a gonner. ;)

  • Fo