Fans On Red Alert As Fabregas Says What We Don't Want To Hear…

“Right now I’m fine at Arsenal but I cannot deny that to return and play for Barca would be a dream come true. I chose to stay at the club last summer and right now I’m totally focused on the reason for that decision which was to try and win trophies. “We’ll see how things have gone by the end of the season. “The fact is that Barca are playing cinematic football right now and it’s fantastic to see that the other day when they beat Atletico Madrid 6-1 they had seven or eight guys who, like me, came through the club’s youth system.” “Messi is the best player in the world and he has been for a long time, never mind what people used to think about Ronaldinho in his prime. During Messi’s football life I’ve seen him do incredible things on a football pitch, as a kid or now as a leader of the Barca team.” “Every week I chat to Alex Hleb on the phone because he’s the guy I most miss at Arsenal. He’s a friend and I also loved playing with him. He always looks for you with a pass and if you give him the ball you can always count on getting it back at the right time.” It’s definitely one of those “is it true, is it false?”. He did travel to Spain on Monday to meet up with the squad, this is Spanish radio station. It is a little worrying to hear him say he’ll see how things have gone at the end of the season. Cesc is the current Mr. Arsenal. He should be our captain. no doubt, but hey, normally we do that the season before a player leaves, right? I hope Cesc comes out and denies these rumours. Ears wide open tomorrow…]]>


    < ![CDATA[I expect he probably said something like "it would be great playing for Barcelona because of all those great players" etc and its been taken out of context. He already left them once. If it is true and Alex Hleb is tapping him up, Hleb's got a lot to answer for the weird looking little scrote. He isn't even a very good footballer (don't make me get my stats out Alex!).]]>

  • Dean

    < ![CDATA[Bischoff and Coquelin - both played for about an hour in the reserve game vs Stoke City - Bischoff went off first after around 55 minutes - presumably a sensible precaution for a guy who hasn’t played for a year or whatever it is. Coquelin: I don’t know why he went off - but we won 3-2. Both midfielders were really good. First half we were knocked around a bit, second half we did one of those 30 passes in a row things. Didn’t actually get us anywhere, but it shows the kids are getting the hang of things. If you don’t go to reserve games (and I must admit I go rarely, because of the distance involved) what you get is this. Think of Arsenal v Sheffield U in the Diddly Cup thing that the Tiny Totts won last year. Our youngsters out there, but without our reserve goalkeeper, and people like Vela, Merida and Bendtner. Take those out of the equation, and then take out all the really good next level players who are out of loan, and you have a younger less experienced version of that side. In short it is our third team plus a few who need a run out or are coming back from injury. Silvestre was there, but otherwise is was teenagers all the way. The opposition tend to play the guys who will come into the first team if there are any injuries. And my guess is they utterly hate being given the run around by a bunch of teenagers. So there’s the pushing, shoving, some slippery tackles (not as many as a league match but don’t believe the people who tell you that reserve football is tackle free). Wilshere didn’t seem to me to do much in the first half, but was back to proper form in the second half - as were most of the team. But it was the central midfielders who took my eye. OK, what do I know? But for what it is worth there was more toBischoff and Coquelin than anyone else apart from ‘oor Jack (as they used to say ‘tup norf). So maybe, just maybe, that’s the production line - along with Cesc II in Fran Merida of course, who as I say, wasn’t playing. Oh and Sunu looked good - he only came on as a sub and the game was losing its shape a bit - especially after Stoke had a guy sent off for two strong challenges - but he seemed to stand out in that last period of the game. Watching them brings me back to an earlier thought - we need another league. A league in which we have a team that plays competitive matches and uses the players we put out on loan, plus the best of this lot. Imagine that team playing in League One for example I’d go and watch them every time I couldn’t get to an Arsenal match. And during International Week. Meanwhile - no football for 13 days. That’s no way to run an industry.]]>

  • raj

    < ![CDATA[I am not sure what to make of the recent comments by FAB. Is he getting frustrated by the attackers inept performances or is he just saying that its a 'dream' to play for Barca. Not too sure really, can never decipher what these Spanish radio stations are really trying to say. I think the media just want to have a field day at the expense of our inconsistent performance so my guess is that it has been taken out of context, although Fab has to come out and say this, just to put the fans at ease and rubbish the rumours That moppet hleb needs to shut up as well, ok he was mates with fab but its not like he's playing any Footie is he? The lads out injured for a around a month, so in helbs case make it 2months. Lets pray Eddy comes back to how he was before he got injured. We really need to buckle together, oh and ship out Ade as well, I just get this strange feeling every time I see him kissing the badge.]]>

  • pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Its a good thing for Wenger to thinker about his ideas and philosophy of football. Kleb tappig up Fabregas is nothing compared to the crisis that will hit the club soon IF. Wenger has to look to himslf and ask, What can I do to win a trophy this season? Can It be possible to win back the fans with a double? Do I really have the right players? Its Up to you Monsieur Wenger.]]>


    < ![CDATA[I don't think Wenger has to "win back" the fans at all. I think he may struggle to keep the pissed of glory hunters, but then clubs don't thrive on that kind of support at all. At the end of the day, you'd have though idiots like the above would have learnt from Tottenham and Newcastle this season, or Birmingham and Leeds before them. Turmoil at a club does nothing but undermine the team, and ends up badly for everyone. Wenger is to be admired and has ended up like Batman - he's been the hero Arsenal need, but not the hero we deserve. He's bought the club financial stability in the face of an impending credit crisis, he's masterminded a move to a new stadium (something that Liverpool haven't been able to pull off you'll notice) and he's helped Arsenal develop the best training facility in the Northern Hempisphere (I wish I could find the link to the award) in any sport. You the same kind of person that was baying for Martin Jol's blood up at the lane despite Sp*rs best start to a season for 6 years. Now look at them. If Arsenal were to lose Arsene Wenger the rest of the league would be laughing. Remember that the next time we get held to a draw by a club with 11 men in their defensive third for 54 minutes out of 90.]]>


    < ![CDATA[In fact by the logic above me shouldn't ManUre be dropping Ferguson like a hot potato pretty soon? After all, drawing with Newcastle United and losing to Liverpool are terrible results :) Also, I'm ashamed of the Batman reference. But I've seen the Dark Knight three times now and I did think at the time "if only the haters could see what they're doing!".]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[I think you covered it all Kieran, without me needing to go off on another rant. It amazes me that people forget there is 4 huge clubs in the Prem. How can we be EXPECTED to win it. You can only hope. It takes an incredible year of form to win the league in my opinion, its not easy!]]>

  • Fo

    Surely we can be expected to win something in at least once in four years…

  • http://deleted Dan

    < ![CDATA[Would you have been happy with 'something' had we won that though. Say 2 years ago in the middle of the drought we won an FA Cup, then followed up with a Carling Cup. The complainers would still be complaining.Face it, its the league we all want to win so desperately. I don't think you can be expected to win that in todays premiership. If Manchester UTD (european champions) aren't expected to win it, then how can some of The Arsenal faithful expect us to. Keyword through all of that is expect! I expect us to challenge, but some people... I'm expecting your board of my overuse of 'expect' now so i'll leave it there.]]>


    I do sort of agree with Fo – but not through expectation more through frustration. Its incredibly frustrating when you play the football we have and even been publicly admired by Fergusmoan and end up empty handed. Still, I guess I’m thankful that I’m been able to see such football, and had the opportunity to go to Milan and see that win.

  • Dan

    This is my point though. It is frustrating, it makes you want to bang your head on the wall! This doesn’t mean you claim Wenger has to “win the fans back” like pissed off has. That is the difference. He is expecting us to be the best of the best all the time, and its just unreasonable.

  • AJ

    I hope it’s been taken out of context what he said and our strikers need to get their act together in particular, I watched the Hull game and it drove my insane at the fact that no one really started shooting till the last 10 minutes when they realised they were in major trouble.


    < ![CDATA[Dan we're on the same page, dotting the same i's. Anyone christened "Pissed Off" though hasn't had the best of starts in life :)]]>