Interesting News From The Reserves… And Walcott's Getting Angry…

“Theo was too nice maybe in the last two years but this season you can see that when he gets tackled he gets furious and that shows you he has changed. When he used to take a tackle he didn’t reply with anything, he didn’t say anything to the referee or the opposing player. He would get tackled and stay on the floor, and he would never say anything. Now I like him more on the field. I tried to help everybody who comes to me and Theo is very nice. Sometimes he likes to speak to more experienced players, older players like me. I just spoke with him once, I told him he had to be a bit more aggressive and not so nice on the pitch because if people can kill you they will do so.” “I can only say that Theo is beautiful playing football. To me he is like a machine, it’s unbelievable. I enjoy it a lot when I see Theo playing in training, and also because he is a very nice guy. He is by far the most exciting young English player I have ever seen. His skills are incredible and I am sure that over 100 metres he would get a good time. With the ball also he is very good technically. He has a lot of discipline, he is a very complete player. Theo is growing up and I think it’s going to be great for England.” If we can keep our formation in check and field Walcott on the right and Nasri on the left, we will have two very effective players on either wing, with creativity and the ability to go past players. With no game until the 18th of October, it looks like we have to have a fingers crossed that these two don’t get injured. Until tomorrow…]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[I saw the Stoke game last night. Without raising expectations to high, Wilshere looks brilliant. He didn't have a very good first half, but the second was better. I might go so far as saying, he is potentially the closest thing to Messi this country has. He has that really close control - where its effortless looking. Beating players without using skill as such, just sort of ghosting past them. He looked pre-world class. I'm certain he is gonna be a huge player. I quite liked Coquelin actually as well. Looks like a useful player. Talented on the ball, and quite gritty for his small frame. Very promising. Simpson blows hot and cold, a bit like Theo. Its expected though, i mean he is dead young. He will show a lovely turn of pace, and close control. Then after that you don't know if he will be wasteful, or smash it in the net. He is gonna have a hard time breaking into our first team with the amount of strikers we have, but he is certainly a different option than all the rest. Much more direct. I like him, but i'm not sure he is Wengers cup of tea.]]>