12 Years For Arsene This Sunday… And Wigan In The Carling Cup…

kick off at 5.30pm)… so today I thought I’d just review the last 12 years of Arsene. Firstly… Congratulations Arsene for 12 years of fantastic service… Let’s take a look back at the last twelve years and see what Arsene has done. The French tactician joined Arsenal is 1996 and has gone on to win 4 FA Cups, 3 Premier Leagues, 4 Community Shields. In addition, we’ve been in a Carling Cup final and of course the Champions League Final. Arsene has revolutionised the way that the team works, the fitness levels, the way they play. He extended the careers of players such as Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown and of course the magical Dennis Bergkamp. He’s ushered us into a new era, with a new team, a new stadium, excellent training facilities and more. He’s created a style of football only to be admired. On top of all of this, he’s kept the financial aspect of our club safe and removed any bad influences from the club. He’s invested in the future of the club, bringing in the best talent from around the world and nurturing them to become world class players. He is truly the “Professor” in every sense of the word. Arsene has been speaking on he’s 12 years and been quite reserved about it.

“I’m not very happy to speak about my anniversary because what interests me in life is what is in front of me and not what is behind me. If you came to my house you would not find anything from the last 12 years, because I’m only interested in what’s happening in the future. There are no photos. I don’t even know where those trophies and mementos are. I am interested in history, but not my history. It’s something strange. I’m always oriented forward, forward, forward.  I also believe that is part of the sickness of this job, as you know what you’ve done is forgotten and what is important is what happens tomorrow. You spend your life worrying about the future, and are always expecting the next game, the next game and the next game. It becomes something almost perverse. It takes over your brain completely and you never take time to look back.”
Quite amazing to have such humility. Carling Cup We’ve been rewarded for our excellent win against Sheffield United with a home game against Wigan. I was desperately hoping for another home game as it’s our chance to see our kids grace the Emirates pitch. The tie should be played on Tuesday 11th November. Here’s the full draw in all it’s glory: Sunderland v Blackburn Rovers Arsenal v Wigan Athletic Chelsea v Burnley Swansea City v Watford Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers Stoke City v Rotherham United Brighton & Hove Albion or Derby v Leeds United Tottenham Hotsp*r v Liverpool Sp*rs vs ‘Pool probably the highlight of the round… Good luck to the boys today, here’s to a big win against Hull…]]>

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    < ![CDATA[One defeat changes nothing: Here’s a simple fact - we’re two points behind the leaders, with a goal difference that is only one worse than the leaders. Here’s another fact - our children’s team looked a dream and a half on Tuesday. Or another fact - even if Utd win their game in hand we are still above them in the league. Or another - when Utd screwed up earlier this season - or indeed at the start of last season - I don’t recall anyone saying, “that’s it, all over, that’s the end, Man U are dead in the water…” Of course not. Everyone takes it that their manager knows a thing or two about football, and has just had a bit of a bad run. I’m just another supporter, and, for what its worth, what I feel at the moment is… a) there is nothing written in the laws of the universe that says Arsenal have to be one of the top teams - after all for many years of my life the club has very obviously not been one of the top teams. b) I have never in all these years of watching the club seen football as exciting and stunning as in the Wenger era. c) The football I am seeing now is not worse than during the 2 Wenger double seasons - it is in fact better. d) The only period at all in all the years I have been watching Arsenal in which the team exceeded what is being offered now was the unbeaten season - but e) The prelude to the unbeaten season was a dreadful awful terrible dispiriting defeat at home to Leeds which lost us the league f) The aftermath of the 49 was a dreadful run where we couldn’t have beaten our own children’s team I don’t think this is a disaster at all - because I am not going to measure everything against out ability to win every single game. I loved the game against Sheffield U, I am not going to give up on this season after just a handful of games, I am certainly not going to start criticising Wenger just because we have lost two games this season by the odd goal, I am going to the game against Porto full of enthusiasm, the world did not end on saturday evening, and most important of all… If I was coming to this country from Brazil, with no knowledge of English football, but as an incomer was looking for a team to support, I would look for an attractive, attack minded team that could make a serious challenge to win the league. That would reduce the field to two - utd and Arsenal. I would choose Arsenal because of the tradition, the ownership, and above all the pure style and quality of the club. One defeat by one goal changes nothing.]]>

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    congratulations wenger you’re doing correctly the job for witch you’re imployed we arsenal fans accross afriqua we’re satisfied of your work

  • http://www.yahoo.com issaka amadou

    thank wenger for the job we’re satisfied here in afriqua