Arsenal 6 – 0 Sheffield United, A Glimpse Into The Future [Updated]

Arsenal Youth 6 – 0 Sheffield United Ex Prem Players Goals: Bendtner 31, 42, Vela 44, 50, Wilshere 57, Vela 87. Morning all, and what a game it was yesterday. We thrashed the Sheffield United team 6 goals to nil and it could have been more… Their team had players like James Beattie, Danny Webber, Gary Speed etc, so this was no mug of a  team, they’re all seasoned professionals. Our team started with Fabianski in goal; he showed at the end of last season and in a few pre-season games that he’s a good keeper. He was our oldest player in the squad at the tender age of 23. The back four was Gibbs (left back), Song (centre back), Djourou (centre back) and Hoyte (right back). Yes, Gavin Hoyte, the younger brother of Justin Hoyte who now plys his trade at Middlesborough. You could say that at 20 and 21, Djourou and Song were the experienced players at the back. It’s remarkable how Arsene has inspired such confidence in these younger players. In midfield, lined up Wilshere (on the right), Randall and Ramsey (in the middle) and Merida (on the left). Up front we have the internationals, Bendtner and Vela (albeit, only 21 and 19 respectively).


Hoyte – Song – Djourou – Gibbs

Wilshere – Randall – Ramsey – Merida

Bendtner – Vela

So where do I start? At the beginning, I suppose, and the atmosphere ahead of the game was electrifying, Jack Wilshere first start in a competitive game was the buzz outside the stadium and due to some really nasty tube delays, I missed the first 3 minutes of the game. When I arrived, it seems to be a fair game with both teams playing well and chances at both ends. Ramsey’s first 15 minutes was abysmal but he managed to pick up his game and really got going after that. Randall’s defensive qualities and ability to snuff out danger were quite remarkable too. On about the 20th minute, the axe fell and a wave of confidence started going through our players minds. Shot after shot, chance after chance. It was tight, but some excellent play from Bendtner and Wilshere made us think it was just a matter of time. And it was… Vela picking up the ball from a good pass from Ramsey and spinning his marker. He squared the ball to Bendtner, who using Kilgallon as a cover, bent it round the defender and the keeper. And after the goal, it was all Arsenal. The junior team follows the senior team in style and play, and the move it around the box and one such move saw Ramsey go past a few, turn around and back heel the ball into Bendtner path, the Dane taking the opportunity to make it 2-0. Vela’s play had been good and he duly got his goal when he pull away from his marker and received the through ball and one chance, one goal. Finishing to the highest order. The first half ended 3-0 and it was a joy to see. The second half started where the first left off and the play was mesmerising. Arsene’s half time talk was simple, “embarrass them and make your mark” and that exactly what the team went on to do. The fourth goal so a delightful chip from Gibbs down the line to Vela who finished with aplomb and a kind of chip against the hapless Paddy Kenny. From midfield, Jack Wilshere, had run the show, showing Hleb like movement and Cesc like passing. Every time he got around the box, the fans said “shoot” and on the 57th minute, he found himself just outside the box. Onto his left foot, hammered the ball into the back of the net to make it 5-0. From my seat in the lower tier I saw the action so closely, it was amazing, and to be honest, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At 5-0 down Sheffield United had a spirited 10 minute cameo, but with 20 minutes to go and onwards, we were in total control. Oohs and Aahs from the crowd, it was only a matter of time for the sixth, and another great finish from Carlos Vela saw the youngest side ever named to a 6-0 victory. I’ll leave you with a quote from Arsene on the performance:
“I believe that the team played football the way we want to play. We showed a good mixture of individual talent, maturity and collective spirirt. The team remained focused on the kind of football we wanted to play and respected that, it was very pleasing. “I believe every one in his position has done very well. From goalkeeper [Lukasz] Fabianski up to [Nicklas] Bendtner and Carlos Vela of course upfront they were great. You know already Bendtner and you discovered maybe a bit more about Vela. He is a clinical finisher. I am pleased aswell with our midfield and our defence was serious and stayed strong- we looked like the complete team and I’m very happy and proud of that. “I’m not as surprised as you because I see them every day but you never know how they’ll respond on the big stage. They just went out there are played with the belief we want them to have and with the spirit we want them to have. “
I’m stick in shock and I’ve already watched a rerun of the match…]]>

  • Kieran Delaney

    < ![CDATA[What was the attendance like? Good to see Ramsey, Randall and Wilshire playing well in the centre - Wilshire is an amazing player, hopefully we'll see him break into the first team this season if only for a few late cameos. I'm genuinely really excited about the future - it starts falling into place now why Arsey was so anti-transfer for the sake of it.]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Hi Kieran, The attendance was a whopping 56,632, which is amazing for a carling cup tie against championship opposition! Totally agree with you mate, the future's bright...]]>

  • jeffvip

    The Carling Cup kids always makes us feel like we have actually a reserve team that can beat most of the opponent in the Premier League. WE will have U this season, Carling Cup.

  • Mazza

    Who thinks we should play the reserves instaed of th some of the 1st teamers like Ade and RVP?

  • Pragji

    < ![CDATA[Okay, Sheffield Utd were poor but it was still an excellent performance from the young Gunners (which is generally the case in a 6-0 scoreline - ask Pompey). But to say Arsene was right in not buying that experienced central midfielder is in my opinion wrong. Up front yeah we look good, defence is okay at the moment but still vunerable to the odd lapse. But all this 'he is proved right by not buying anyone' stuff is a bit much considering it's still September. I mean Reyes was a world-beater every Septemeber we had him. Jan-March was a different story though. To be fair though it's not just the Gooners that were excited Sky Sports and the papers had a love-in too. Is it wrong for us to praise our youngest ever first team for beating a team who were in Premiership two years ago 6-0? The comments from the Man City fan were a bit off the mark too. Arsenal do develop domestic players, Chelsea even have one of them, another plays at the scum down the road now. AW wanted to keep them so it's not his fault they left. We also had Sidwell, Pennant, Harper, Taylor, Muamba I can't be bothered to list them all but they were all domestic players coming through our academy (I'm not even including Walcott in there) and have carved careers in the Premiership. If a newly-promoted or Championship team wants a player on loan from an academy which team do they look at first do you think? I'm sure we developed more players in the current England squads than Man City have. The squad last night was one of the future and there were seven English players in there and one Welsh player - sure, not all will make it at Arsenal but the best ones will. Plus I'm sure that the owner himself came out bragging about buying these stars - it wasn't Wenger making it up so if the owner says something else it's him that's muddying the waters. Mark Hughes isn't concerned with Arsenal because it is a stable club and nothing out of the ordinary is going on there. If we were bought out by a trazillionaire and he was asked questions about it I'm sure he'd answer them too. Oh and to those Bolton fans who will hopefully be enjoying the Championship next season, yes a lot of Gooners did moan about Diaby and think he can be a bit of a liability with his tackling.]]>

  • Gala

    Hahahaha and so it begins!!!! I see Keane has started to throw his toys out of the pram at Sunderland just like he did with Ireland and Utd at the end. He won’t accept the fans moaning at him???? Ahhh for gods sake Roy this is football and you should have said that at the job interview…Anyway it was always guaranteed that Roy would walk on Sunderland or whomever he’s managing and now it looks like its only a matter of time…I just wonder if all that sad new idiot Irish so-called Sunderland fans will dump their NEW favourite club as well.