The Best Commenter Award Goes To…

Kieran Delaney

The clincher was this piece submitted by Kieran in relation to the closure of the transfer window and Arsene not signing anyone
You’ve missed out Ramsey though, as my previous comments underly my conviction that he may be the missing peg in the hole – its just too early for him I think. It makes me wonder, looking at some of the talent if Wengers biding his time for an assault on all fronts next year at the sacrifice of another empty season this year? Diarra is a miss, but there’s no point keeping a player who wants to go, I’m sure Villa will come to see that with Barry. Jack Wilshire is another lad in midfield that looks the real deal, especially in our pre-season European fixtures when he made Juventus established defensive veterans look like part-timers. Again though, does he have the strength of character to go and fight Bolton/Wigan in the grim north for a hard won 1-0? It would be fine to have two attacking midfielders in the center, and Arsenal are beggining to asemble an awesome array of attacking midfielders at the expense of defensive minded middle men, if we had a defense that didn’t look shakey and didn’t look like it was about to self destruct with every long ball or floated cross. To me, I wouldn’t have minded missing out on a defensive midfielder this time around if we’d have bought a big talent in central defense. Someone to shore up the leaky back – that way you keep a sensible defence and clean sheets without sacrficing the forward momentum of an attacking midfield. To buy neither a defensive midfielder or recognised center back (sorry Gallas but you just look flakey at the moment, and I’m not sure Toure and you share any langauge in common) though appears to be somewhat optimistic and perhaps a little negligent. I am hoping today with crossed fingers that Arsenal are going to prove everybody wrong again, just like they have done in every recent season, with a strong start and some vintage performances. But that’s exactly the point. Its hope today and not belief like this time last year. Come on you Gunners.
Of which Kieran went to post onto his own blog on a post called “Post Transfer Window Musings“… A big thanks to Kieran for his contributions to the site.]]>

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