Keep the faith and remember your history… by Raj Rao

Keep the faith and remember your history… by Raj Rao I write as a disgruntled Arsenal fan. Before you get your hanky out to mop up the tears of boredom I’m not disgruntled for the reasons that you might think. The summer transfer window has been a pain in the arse, as it always is. Some players want to leave, some players want to join, Wenger seems indifferent to the whole situation and fans believe all manner of nonsense spilt out in the press. This feeling of frustration seems to have taken root with many Arsenal fans as they demand reinforcements to equalise for the loss of Flamini and Hleb in particular. My concern is that many of us have been sucked into the Transfer Window and left in a rabid trance which only big money signings can cure. I may be alone on this but I don’t crave big money deals, I crave beautiful Football and players who want to play for us because they want to be part of our ethic. Wenger could easily have signed Arshavin for £20m and given him £100k a week. This would no doubt have made many fans feel more confident. It would have troubled me. Frankly, I don’t want a player who dreams of playing for Barcelona one minute, us the next and then Tottenham. The same goes for Barry, a proven quality midfielder but one who’s over priced and apparently dreams of playing for Liverpool. It’s a cliché that we trotted out last season when things were going well but no one had heard of Vieira when we signed him, no one thought Flamini was good enough and everyone thought Henry was sub standard winger. All these players went on to play exceptionally well for us so who can honestly say, with 100% confidence, that Wenger is wrong and that Alex Song, Samir Nasri and even the much maligned (before he’s even kicked a ball) Amaury Bischoff won’t go on to be quality acquisitions? We could have spent millions but in the current market what would we have got? Modric for £20m? Keane for £18m? Bentley for £18m? No thank you. I just ask that our fans stop for a moment and support the team and understand that we are incredibly lucky to have a manager who builds a team in the proper sense. All our players are Arsenal players and know, or can be coached, the Wenger way. It would also be incredibly helpful if our fans stopped reading crap news papers and listened to facts for a moment. Emmanuel Adebayor never said he wanted to leave as much as it’s convenient to believe that he did. At worst he said he needed to talk to Wenger about his plans. He is an Arsenal player and a hugely important one at that. There is no benefit to booing him whatsoever and I urge all true Arsenal fans to bollock anyone near you who feels the need to boo him on Saturday. We may not win the quadruple this year but we will challenge again. Keep the faith and remember your history. Arsene knows, unfortunately many of our fans don’t seem to have a clue!]]>

  • Debs

    Rightly spoken and I agree completely with your views. Arsene knows!!!

  • Danny

    haha made me laugh, but well said all the same!

  • zA

    In Arsene we trust… well said

  • zA

    < ![CDATA[Recent form: Arsenal v FC Twente: 4:0 Arsenal v Newcastle 3:0 Blackburn v Arsenal 0:4 Not too bad considering we spent less than £18m in transfers. I suppose the real test will come when we start playing Chelsea, United and Liverpool..]]>

  • sammy

    spot on comments

  • Borris

    Top points; considering the team is getting better and better

  • sean

    In todays football climate if you want to compete and win things then spending some of our money is essential..We lost a great oppotunity to win the league last season, due to a weak and small squad..How can we compete when this seasons squad is even smaller, and considerably weaker than last seasons??Its not rocket science is it?

  • AJ

    I agree, I am one of the fans who wanted not nescerrely (sorry about the spelling) a big name signing, but some signings of people with expierence and I do believe Appiah is a great player and we could of got him for free, however I do agree with the points you made.

  • Beautifulgamer

    < ![CDATA[Well said. I'd like to add that Wenger - along with building a beautiful team - has won trophies before. It is inevitable that he will win again. So - Raj - yes - let's keep the faith, let's keep enjoying matches like that 4-Nil win over Blackburn and let us wait for that day when Arsenal - inevitably - wins the Champions League under Wenger...]]>

  • john

    < ![CDATA[Lets not become S####. All we ever heard was that they played a beautiful game, creative and attarctive football. It was there arguement for not winning trophies, while we did. The football being played now is great, but 1 nil to the Arsenal. Not always pretty, but job done.]]>