Blackburn 0 – 4 Arsenal: A Performance To Saviour…

  • cheesy mac

    What a performance, am amazing victory – if we continue in this vain then we will surely be champions – even though liverpool and chelsea won they looked pretty crap and were both lucky – i think villa will be t’tham on monday comprehensively and that will make my weekend.

  • khai

    did u guys read? our dearest hleb got injured.. =P


    < ![CDATA[I'm obviously going to upset some people, but I overheard a conversation on the tube about Ade. Now my feelings are probably clear, I suspect he isn't an outright striker. A hat trick is a hat trick though and I fully admit he was clinical yesterday - 9 shots 4 goals for the team is better than we sometimes see, but to my mind the jury is still out until the big man puts a goal away in both matches against Liverpool, ManUre and Chelski. 30 goals a season is a great return if spread over 30 games - those are match winning goals. 30 goals spread across 10 games isn't anywhere near as valuable. So lets hope Ade continues this now and bags something in every match he plays. The midfield pairing of Denilson and Fabregas were good, and even against a lacklustre Blackbrn side managed to fill me with confidence, Cesc was quiet but hard working and I suspect he will emerge further into the limelight as Denilson grows in his position allowing Cesc to break forward more often. Nice to see the two communicate as well, both going forward at times, always covering the back. Whilst Toure/Gallas still looked a little shakey at times (and I suspect a Rooney or Tevez would have buried Santa Cruz's chances) the defence stood tall - Almunia didn't put a foot wrong and a 3rd successive cleansheet can only fill the guys at the back with confidence. We still haven't played a "big" team (Newcastle capitulating to Hull!!) but if we continue to grow like this, I have a very good feeling about this season.]]>

  • Narion

    I only just read it but oh did i giggle =D

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