Walcott's Wednesday, Nasri's Knee, Ade's Angry & Anything Else Remotely Arsenal Related…

It's the final day of the international break and it's been way too long from the last game to the next. Please FIFA, can you move all the Internationals to the summer, pre-season and then we can commence and get into it. Arsenal have been renowned for not doing too well in an away game directly after an international break. It's a bit random, yes, but it's true. At the moment, the first team squad is made up of Denilson and Almunia with all other first teamers on duty somewhere else (or injured, lest we forget).

Walcott’s Wednesday

So today’s the focus falls on young Theo. Tipped to start for England in a 4,3,2,1 formation – yes another change to the formation on Saturday. The proposed line up in the papers today sees:


Brown (replacing Johnson) – Ferdinand (replacing Lescott) – Terry – Cole

Beckham – Lampard – Barry

Walcott – Cole


Yes, an untried formation, but ultimately very defensive, to add another midfielder and replace Johnson with Brown… But Theo has the ability to unlock the defence, no doubt… Let’s hear what young Theo had to say:

“I’m training well and when you are training well your confidence flows and it’s just instinct really,” said Walcott. I feel great. I’m buzzing at the moment. I’m flying. I’m looking forward to it. I just can’t wait for Wednesday. I’ve had a lot of experience at senior level and not had that opportunity to play. This time the boss gave me the opportunity and it was brilliant. When I come off the bench I’ve played a lot on the wing so have a grasp on that position. I got battered but I always get battered. I’m used to it now and it doesn’t bother me at all. I want to keep performing well now.”

The game kicks off at 8pm, good luck Theo!

Nasri’s Knee

Apparently Nasri is due to miss tonight’s qualifier due to a knee injury. Some quarters say that he will be out for a week, therefore missing the game against Blackburn. He’s an important player for us and especially going forward, not a player I’d like to see missing, not at the moment without Rosicky, Eddie and Diaby all missing… hope you recover soon Samir.

Ade’s Angry

Ade is pissed off, with who? We don’t really know. He has refused to travel with Togo to play Zambia and could feature in a piggy in the middle competition with Denilson and Almunia back at the training ground. Apparently, the president of the football federation’s mum just passed away and he couldn’t travel.

Ade raged at this propostry and refused to go too… here’s what the BBC reported:

“The Arsenal striker’s decision came after a row with the players demanding that the president of the Togo Football Federation (TFF) travel with them.  But the TFF said Tata Avlessi Adaglo would not fly as he was preparing for the burial of his mother.  The rest of the team accepted this, but Adebayor remained in Lome. A TFF spokesman later confirmed to the BBC that Adebayor had stayed in the Togolese capital.  Togo had already suffered a troubled build-up to the match, following the resignation last week of their French coach Henri Stambouli after just four months in charge.  The TFF told the players that its vice-president Gabriel Ameyi would travel instead of Adaglo, and the rest of the team flew out of Lome on Tuesday. “

Quite farcical.

A Bit More…

And finally, Giovinco’s agent rubbishes reports that Arsenal are interested, no surprise there. And here’s an interesting peice on the positive effect that young Jack Wilshere has had on the youth academy after featuring in the first team at the tender age of 16.]]>

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog Kieran Delaney

    Ade’s heart really isn’t in much these days is it? I mean its nice that Arsenal doubling his wages at least inclines him to make an effort to turn up to training, but to refuse to play for his company because someone is burying their mother. Its the excuses I can’t stand.

  • devday

    Ade supposedly thought the plane was going to blow up… strange things…