Arsenal: A Unique Club, A Family Club, Stylish Football, Leave At Your Peril…

Happy Tuesday everyone and it’s a mid International break Tuesday that brings up the random stories that we probably wouldn’t have heard of if there were games. One such story hit me today:

  • French star says leaving Arsenal is the biggest regret of his life
  • Leaving Arsenal for Barcelona is my Biggest Regret
  • Petit: I left Arsenal for money
So I thought, why not divulge in this today, there isn’t too much else going on… unless Alonso joining in January, M’Bia (had anyone heard of him prior to August?) signing a new contract with a get out clause or Walcott raring to go tomorrow interests you? No doubt I will cover those stories a little further below… So Petit says he shouldn’t have left Arsenal, who else do you think fits into this category? Where are the likes of Edu, Wiltord, Vieira, Pires and Henry now? They’ve all faded away from prominence and are just not the high profile players they once were… Here’s a quote from Petit – it’s quite funny you know:
“I was making 150,000 euros a month. So I asked Gaspart (Barcelona vice-president) for twice that. He wavered but agreed eventually.”I turned up for a friendly, and when I went in to meet my teammates most of them ignored me. The night I arrived, the boss asked another French player, Richard Dutruel, to translate. Richard, visibly embarrassed, told me not to laugh, but said the boss wanted to know what my best position was! I thought he was joking. But I soon realised I was only there as part of Gaspart’s plot to become president.”
And talking about Serra Ferrer, he said:
“I have never met anyone whose head is more like a marble.”
Hilarious stuff! Flamini has now gone to play boring football in the Italian league and the UEFA cup instead of staying and try to win the league and Champions League, silly boy…! As we know, it all happened at 2100 on Monday the 1st September, we were [this] close to signing Xabi Alonso and at the same time [this] far… well, Inaki Ibanez has been speaking about the possible January move for Xabi.
“January is a long time away. At the moment Xabi is concentrating on playing well for Liverpool. No agreement was reached to sell him, so mentally he is a Liverpool player. But we will see what happens in January.”
As we all know, I am not a fan of Alonso as a partner for Cesc. But as an addition to the squad, yes he would be a decent player. Of course, I’d prefer a midfield terrier, as we can always use our other central midfield options in the attacking role. Another last ditch attempt at a signing was M’Bia, who today signed a new contract to stay at Rennes for another year. The midfielder has a clause in his contract that will allow him to move next summer for approximately 12 million euros, so could be someone who comes in next summer. The Rennes player said:
“Rennes are looking to improve my pay, but everyone know’s that I want to move to the Premier League to improve myself and play in the biggest league in the world. Arsenal made contact in the final hours of the last transfer window, but Rennes did not want to let me go.”
And club general manager at Rennes, Pierre Dreossi,  also said:
 “The player will continue to wear the colours of Stade Rennais FC for the 2008/09 season and is assured of an opportunity to transfer from next season.”
Meanwhile, back at home last night, I managed to get a glimpse of the Theo Walcott interview with Sky Sports, in which the 19 year old looked quite assured and excited about playing against Croatia. The experience Walcott will gain for England is awesome for us and vica versa. Young Theo’s most interesting comment was:
“The main thing he (Wenger) told me was to be more aggressive on the pitch, win the ball back and get at defenders and not to have any fear. That is the main thing I have taken to my game this year. I give the England team a different aspect by getting behind defenders. There are some world-class players who can play right wing but I give them a different option.”
Exciting times ahead for the young Gunner… And Finally, Appiah says he’ll know where he will playby the end of the week. West Ham I’m sure! And Giovinco’s agent is still making noises about him not signing a contract… The International break is nearly over… one more day to go… ‘Til tomorrow… ]]>

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    It’s funny, but it’s true, when you leave Arsenal, you lose the family feel, lose the friendships – it’s so funny to hear what happened to Petit. Arsenal are unique because there is stability from the board to the manager to the players. Players are encourage to socialise with each other. They all become a family. Cesc, Toure and Ade have all referred to the Arsenal family, whilst Petit talks about how he was ignored when he joined Barce. Henry recently said there is only one club for him and one day he will return. There is only one team in his heart; of course that team is Arsenal…!