A Good Old Fashioned Sunday Round Up

Afternoon folks, it’s been relatively quiet during the International week with the highlight being Theo’s start and subsequent performance for England yesterday. On Wednesday, England take on Croatia and it may see another start or substitute appearance on the right wing. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. As an Arsenal fan, you probably been questioned to why the young lad is so special, but in the last 9 months, people are starting to take notice of the former Southampton player. His assist against Liverpool last season was an eye opener for many and his performances this season have been exciting. His first fifteen minutes yesterday was awesome. He’s still young and needs experience, but he is on his way to gaining it now… Onto other matters…  Amaury Bischoff is on his way back to fitness and could be a welcomed addition to the squad. (I say “could” as we don’t know how good he is yet!) Bischoff is high rated by the Arsenal staff even though he made only one appearance for Werder Bremen. He joined Weder from Racing Club de Strasbourg and was born in Alsace, where Arsene Wenger himself originates. On signing for Arsenal, the Portugeuese Under 20 player said.

“Bremen was a superb experience, but Arsenal is a huge opportunity for me. Wenger has known me since my time at Strasbourg and believes in my quality. He trusts me to be in the first-team. Wenger has not put me under any pressure. He said: ‘Take all the time you need.'”
Amaury Bischoff is on the road to recovery and he has been looked after by the Arsenal physio team since he has signed. He is expected to be fully match fit at the end of September and should feature in the reserves. He’s recently
“The injury is getting better bit by bit. I’ve been doing ball work for five or six days now and I am running three times a week. I’m nearly pain-free and hope to be back as soon as possible. It’s been difficult. I’ve been injured for a long time but Arsenal have shown faith in me. They have got me in great shape and been brilliant. They monitor me with a daily programme and a trainer is there for me every day. I think that little by little I’m getting there and will soon be back on the pitch. I think that in two weeks I’ll be training with the team and if all goes well, I’ll speak with the manager and coaches here. Then I’ll be back as quickly as possible.”
And a player who could join Bischoff vying for a place in midfield in Stephen Appiah if reports of Arsenal signing him are correct. It’s an interesting question to think if we did sign him when or where he would play. Of course position is defensive midfielder, but would he feature ahead of Diaby and Denilson – I’m not sure. With Alex Song also being used in midfield, the competition for places would be high and unless Appiah would be a first choice, it may not be suitable if we sign him as a backup. Will Arsene spend £50k a week on a player who he deems third or fourth choice, I doubt it. So unless we think Appiah is going to better than Denilson, Diaby or Song in the defensive midfield position, then we won’t sign him. Make your mind up if you think he is that good… I’m not saying he’s not, but there’s my view on whether or not he will be coming to the Emirates. After playing Newcastle at the Emirates recently, we’ve been exposed to the annoying person that is Joey Barton, and captain Gallas has been talking about the players 12 match ban.
“In my opinion it is not long enough, especially when you think about his attack on Ousmane Dabo and everything he has done besides.vI don’t understand the Football Association.”
The ban itself is related to the attack on Dabo and if you think Paulo Di Canio got an eleven match ban for a push against a referee, you’ve got to think it’s light. If you remember the picturesof Dabo after the attack, then I’m sure you will agree. And finally, Peter Hill Wood has been speaking about his worry that eventually a huge offer which is too big to refuse would mean that one day we could be sold. Something to think about and something I will surely revisit. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday… speak soon… ]]>

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    < ![CDATA[Barton should have been kicked out of football - its one thing to make a rash challenge, its another to square up to an opponent. Its a totally different kettle of fish to not only attack your own team mate but to injure them so horrifically. And Barton clearly isn't repentant, hence him smashing up town centres on the weekend and doing bird for a new years eve fracas. I think, at some point, the club we know and love will be bought - the money flooding into the game at the moment is silly, and it won't be long before some rich oil baron (or knowing Arsenals luck, crack magnate) overs ridiculous money for a club with such history and passion. Arsenal also have the benefit of a world class training facility and stadium where they can hold large events - further cash cows for a prospective owner to milk.]]>

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