Arsenal sign no-one on transfer deadline day…

established defensive midfielder. Strange but true. You have to wonder if there are serious issues with money. Despite the board’s continual statements that we have money, this year’s transfers have been a complete opposite. Let’s put the Nasri in and Hleb out deal to one side. Apart from that, we’ve reduced our wage bill by about £250k a week with the departures of Hleb, Lehmann, Gilberto, Senderos, Diarra, Flamini and Hoyte, made £3m from the Hoyte deal, £2m from Muamba’s move to Bolton, £7m from Bentley’s move to Sp*rs and also sent a few youngsters out on loan. The player’s we’ve got in are Coquelin for £250k, a 17 year old from Laval, Silvestre for £750k, a reject from United, Amuary Bischoff, an injured and free player from Stuttgart, and Aaron Ramsey for a cut down £4.8m. So we’re in profit for the second year in a row, yes, the second year in a row. Arsene’s said he won’t buy unless a player can add to the squad. But at the same time, he’s said how we are short on numbers. A Matuidi, a De Guzman, an Inler, of course a bit of Alonso or a Barry would surely have been a “good squad member”, and that’s what a season is, a squad of players. There will be many times this season when we will suffer and say “if only we bought” and I truly believe it was a mistake not to buy at least one player who could have slotted into the DM position when needed. Arsene, you are either Genius or you’ve made the biggest mistake for a while… I am a big fan of Mr Wenger, don’t get me wrong, I do like the philosophy of beautiful football, I do like the players we have, I’m excited after what I saw against Newcastle, no doubt, but please please please can we win something big soon, I need a Premier League or Champions League, I do… It was pretty hard to keep our squad this season and if we go trophy-less again, it will become impossible. Arsene, you’ve done what you wanted to do this summer and the season is under way, no more can come in so it’s all action now. Tomorrow, I’ll forget about the lack of transfer activity and give a positive spin, but for today, seeing Keane, Berbatosh, even Robinho, Deco moving to our rivals, I know it’s going to be a hard season ahead. Man, I would have loved Robinho… But we’ve got Nasri and Walcott, so we don’t need him! Okay okay okay, I’ll stop rambling for now… Til tomorrow…]]>

  • Thierry

    < ![CDATA[It is very sad to see the transfer window , without any major signing s its been mentioned all over the summer , we all know that we need a DM. But ,once again all the questions will stay with no answer, can we challenge for all those silver? Denilson? Abou Diaby ? Arsene know that we need an experience player, i dont see denilson do the job week in week out . Come on arsenal]]>

  • AJ

    To be honest, as much as I like Wenger as well, I think he’s let the club down in not siging another quality midfielder, because we’ve seen what happens when Cesc isn’t there, it’s gona be tough and if he continues his policy of not really buying in January, then we really are in for a tough season and it will be hard to keep the squad together if we win nothing.

  • Kieran Delaney

    < ![CDATA[You've missed out Ramsey though, as my previous comments underly my conviction that he may be the missing peg in the hole - its just too early for him I think. It makes me wonder, looking at some of the talent if Wengers biding his time for an assault on all fronts next year at the sacrifice of another empty season this year? Diarra is a miss, but there's no point keeping a player who wants to go, I'm sure Villa will come to see that with Barry. Jack Wilshire is another lad in midfield that looks the real deal, especially in our pre-season European fixtures when he made Juventus established defensive veterans look like part-timers. Again though, does he have the strength of character to go and fight Bolton/Wigan in the grim north for a hard won 1-0? It would be fine to have two attacking midfielders in the center, and Arsenal are beggining to asemble an awesome array of attacking midfielders at the expense of defensive minded middle men, if we had a defense that didn't look shakey and didn't look like it was about to self destruct with every long ball or floated cross. To me, I wouldn't have minded missing out on a defensive midfielder this time around if we'd have bought a big talent in central defense. Someone to shore up the leaky back - that way you keep a sensible defence and clean sheets without sacrficing the forward momentum of an attacking midfield. To buy neither a defensive midfielder or recognised center back (sorry Gallas but you just look flakey at the moment, and I'm not sure Toure and you share any langauge in common) though appears to be somewhat optimistic and perhaps a little negligent. I am hoping today with crossed fingers that Arsenal are going to prove everybody wrong again, just like they have done in every recent season, with a strong start and some vintage performances. But that's exactly the point. Its hope today and not belief like this time last year. Come on you Gunners.]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[OMG!!! If you look at the in's and out's we haven't actually spent any money if you include the Bentley sell on fee. We are either extremely confident in our current squad (I for one am not) or have zero pounds to spend. At the moment i think it's the latter. I fear our sucess of our season will depend on how many injuries we get.]]>

  • john

    < ![CDATA[I disagree, the midfeld is ok. We have Eboue, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott and Wilshere out wide. With Denilson, Fabregas, Ramsey ,Song, Bischoff (in 4 to 5 weeks) and Diaby (3 weeks). Also in the reserves there is Coquelin, Gibbs, randall, Merida and Dunne. now! Rght back, is a different story.]]>

  • tommypro

    Again, wenger did not buy any new face even we know the team are short. Again, it c will face the hard season in long run game like epl and champion lig. Gentleman, we need trophy that we are lost since 2004. The squad is too thin that we able take back the position from chel and man utd after ‘invicible” year. Can you believe incosistent players like eboue was right candidate for right back?? how about the holding midfeld? Denison? lack of experience that cause his performace up and down. Try to imagine if denilson and diaby injurie at same time, who will cover the short for midfield role? Answer is None. then, our “wise” professor will put the defender players to play for midfield such like he did previous flamini and current eboue. Despite the pretty futbal, arsenal just are trophy-less club. Fans need to be proud, fans need to see the club stand as champion..but the thing came imposible after wenger decided no bring in any new face especially midf players. As yet, it very obvious MR arsene Wenger did not learn the mistake from previous season and we see he did the same mistake again this season……..Note; trophy-less cause fans base growth slow…

  • AJ

    No, midfield is the biggest issue, to be honest, I’m not disappointed with Wenger, I’m angered, not only have we not won anything and had to even see tottenham win a cup, we never get a sign which we can gloat about or say, wow, it’s almost always someone unknown or that they “show promise”, it’s a joke how often we hear this, as much as I love beautiful football, I want the league or the champions league sitting in our trophy cabinet and Wenger has let us down by failing to sign anyone. The way man city are looking to spend just makes it even more stupid, how do we expect to keep up with the top 4 when we sign no one?

  • cn from walthamstow

    season ticket holder from the clock end to the blue quad, am fed up with the unambitious board the type of no-guts no-passion “beautiful (overplayed)”football replace the board if no signings next summer replace wenger close his school for africans get some big name players now stop being so honest get some players who wil cheat dive (except eboue who should get a gold medal) spit and foul how can spurs make us look like the poor relations they charge so much for a season ticket they get extra for carling cup £4 for a sodding hot-dog I WANT MY ARSENAL BACK NOW!!!!!

  • John Kingsbridge

    < ![CDATA[Two things to remember, Arsenal fans. One) Wenger was most probably in the market for a player but his efforts were scuppered by other deals not happening. If Barry had gone to Liverpool, Wenger might have gone for Alonso. If Robinho had gone to Chelsea, Wenger might have done his usual business of picking someone up from Chelsea. Two) It really is true that half a dozen of the Arsenal youngsters are a year older and are already showing signs this season that they have come on enough to trust to deliver something. Ok, three things. Three) The transfer window is over and done with. The team is definitely good enough. Let's get behind them and shout them to the top!]]>

  • London Jones

    so will you AW fans be say the same thing next season? will you AW fans admit that you were wrong if once again things go wrong? much love to the Arsenal……AW get your mind right !or get out!

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