Transfer Deadline Day: The final countdown…

“I can surprise you sometimes, as I got one in whom you did not expect, and there still might be one more player coming in” And re-iterating it last week.

“We are not quite short, but one more body is possible.”
But in the last few days, Arsene’s kind of said he may or may not sign someone, but would be prepared to make a last minute signing.
“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed. This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go. There is always an acceleration of signings. You can see that when you watch TV. For a while they talk the talk and nothing happens. Then in the last four or five days every half an hour comes a headline saying someone has signed somewhere. We are out to look, if we find the right player we will do it. But I believe it’s more interesting for us to focus on our strengths and quality rather than looking outside. I know that makes headlines but it doesn’t make you win games. We do not need to strengthen but maybe for the numbers in the squad we can take one more player but no more.”
He’s also gone on to speak about the “poker game” which is deadline day.
“In the end, it’s a poker game. Who will be the winner, it’s always difficult to predict. But, from
what I read, it’s £5million that is the difference and, at that level, £5million doesn’t make a difference any more. It usually finishes on [August] 31st with everybody going halfway, and everybody thinking they are the winner.”
And young Gael Clichy has also spoken on the possibility of a new signing and Arsene’s youth policy:
“Buying new players is up to the boss. He has shown everyone he is a great manager and if he feels the team needs one or two new players, then he will do it. If not, then I am sure we have the quality to do things. A few years ago, I was the young player waiting for a chance. It is good for the young players to have a chance and we have that quality in the squad. If the boss thinks we need more good, young players then he will buy, if not, we will make do with what we have got.”
Soo…. there is a whole 12 hours or so to go…
Will Arsene buy? If so, who? Surely a defensive midfielder? Surely…

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[I can't believe he can say were not short. Of quality that is. We have quite a few CMs (ramsey, bishoff, coquelin, fabregas, denilson, diaby) but only one of those names is at a point in his career where he can control a premiership game against the best teams. Diaby is the closest of the rest but lets face it, still not there yet. And chances are he will be fit for half the season. Wenger just seems to be playing up to the youth policy thing nowadays and instead of giving them a 'chance' to prove themselves, he is forcing them into the side and piling pressure on them! Who the hell are any of those players going to learn from. Cesc cant teach them how to be his partner, he only knows what he knows. You have to have a experienced & quality DM at the club, if you want young CMs to learn to be worldclass as a DM.]]>

  • john

    < ![CDATA[i agree but, Coquelin is a bit young.I would give him a season in Steve Bould's team. Also both Mark Randall and Kiaran Gibbs just signed new pro contracts. At the moment, Gibbs is been seen as a left back, but he can play in midfield.Where as Randall is a midfielder. Why have they not been given frist team numbers ???]]>

  • devday

    Arsene… Where are the signings?

  • AJ

    Well as far as I can see on the web, we have made no signings and I’m pretty disappointed, we lack depth of quality players in midfield and someone new that wasn’t a nobody would of been nice for a change.

  • Sharky

    As thought, Arsene does not sign anyone, I knew 2 good results last week would mean he thinks we are strong enough….we’re not! If Cesc gets injured, we are fucked! None of the other midfielders are top quality. Wenger has set himself up for a fall. The forst time we are caught short, everyone will start shouting “why didn’y you buy” Arsene. be warned

  • Kieran Delaney

    < ![CDATA[I've really not been impressed by Gibbs at left back - at Huddersfield he was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile. Maybe if he does get a game in midfield he'll be a revaltion and stop ball watching and getting drawn massively out of positon? I think Ramsey is actually the closest to DM we have at the moment, tied with "Oh My Ankles" Diaby. He's also got the ground in lower league punch ups (is it still called football?) and someone like him isn't going to roll over to someone like Fulham. Fingers crossed he gets a bit of a run at somepoint.]]>

  • John

    I think its an absolute disgrace just watched the transfer deadline countdown to 5 pm and once again no mention of the arsenal so once again we are f**ked another season will pass us by and no silverware f**k it, i still wont give up my faith in arsenal but maybe im just too naive.