Match Preview: Arsenal vs Newcastle

Match Details: Arsenal v Newcastle United Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium Saturday, August 30, 2008, 17:30 Cesc Fabregas is back in the squad now, having player over an hour in midweek, he should be the architext of Newcastle’s downfall – and he should be paired with Denilson after their decent combination against Twente midweek. The back line is a difficult one, so far even time Djourou has played, he has looked solid and we’ve kept a clean sheet – not to say that it’s Toure fault that we lost, of course we know it was Gallas… but this means we’re not 100% sure who will start at the back. Ade should be restored to the line up after his midweek break and hopefully will score his first
premier league goal of the season, and he should be paired with Van Persie, despite his inability to hit the net on Wednesday. This is the line up, I expect tomorrow:
Almunia Goalkeeper
Sagna Right Back Toure or Djourou Centre Back Gallas Centre Back Clichy Left Back
Walcott Right Wing Denilson Midfielder Cesc Midfielder Nasri Left Wing
  Adebayor Striker Van Persie Support Striker  
And on the bench, I’d expect Fabianksi, one of Toure or Djourou, Song, Eboue, Ramsey, Vela and Bendtner. Luckily for us, Martins is injured and Damien Duff and Mark Viduka have groin injuries so Newcastle may choose the following team, Given, Beye, Taylor, Coloccini, Enrique, Gutierrez, Butt, Guthrie, N’Zogbia, Ameobi, Owen. It’s a far better team than last season, with Owen back and new signings Coloccini and Gutierrez impressive. Okay, that’s a rap for today – til tomorrow… Come on you reds!]]>

  • matthew789

    good post mate i think we’ll get the three points today we need them desperately after last weeks performance @ Fulham

  • john

    I was just on the B.B.C web site, looking at the player ratings. I cannot believe Eboue only got a SIX, which is average, in the B.B.C rating system. I watched the Arsenal game and he had his best game in a long time. So am I under- rating him or what ??? .He worked the left back all day, he cut in, went to the end line. He helped in the centre both attacking AND defending. I also felt he added a bit of weight to the centre of midfield when defending.

  • john

    < ![CDATA[How near was Joey Barton to breaking Nasri's leg. Second my ass, fourth chance more like it.]]>

  • zohaib

    joey barton is a f***ing criminal. he cant play football anymore so he does the only thing he can do. be a tw*t. i was incredibly relieved to see nasri’s leg in one piece after that challenge. and the ref (the cheap blind sh*t that he was) didnt even see it or talk to joey or give him a yellow. that was the least he should have done. he should have been sent off. even now with the replays available, someone at the FA should punish joey. arsenal should also make their point, instead we havn’t heard anything from anyone. it was a career ending challenge similar to the one that broke eduardo’s leg and wenger was livid then. i wonder what he decides to do after he sees the replay. he really needs to sort out the conspiracy that exists in the league against arsenal. cant play football against us so they injure us. it should have a severe punishment so that its eradicated. i mean ffs joey had a smile on his face after the challenge. and then when nasri’s leg faintly comes across and they touch, joey decides to dive and make the most of it (overacting dramatic bast**d) the ref gives nasri a yellow. i doubt he deserved that. i saw a replay one time and it looked like it might have been accidental. its ridiculous what ref’s fail to see against us ! the number of times it happens, indicates its not just conincidence.