Are We Close To Signing Blaise Matuidi?

But if rumours are to be believed, then we’re not too far away from signing Blaise Matuidi. We spoke about this earlier in the year, but then again, we spoke about a lot of random rumours earlier this year. The link is soft, but it’s appeared in quite a few newspapers in their “rumours” columns. So, there is a picture of the boy in action. He’s a 21-year midfielder. Quite creative but at the same time quite combatitive. Similar to Flamini, Matuidi could be a good signing. You have to wonder if Matuidi is signed, why this signing wasn’t made a few weeks ago, but none the less, Arsene will be Arsene and have his strange ways of doing things… Match preview of Arsenal vs Newcastle next…]]>

  • Arsenal4Life

    Is Blaise Matuidi the EXPERIENCED midfield wenger promised us? I think not.