Kolo & William It just doesn't work… Inler says No!

season long loan. Why? To gain experience from the team which is the most renounced for it’s defensive play? Why? Because of the continual errors of last season. Arsene spoke of the transfer:

“Senderos has gone to Milan today and is not available anymore. He will go to Milan. He will complete a medical today. The thinking [behind the move] is that at the moment he doesn’t get the games here and that he can play somewhere and remain in a top level club. Without losing him we want him to play. It (whether the transfer will become permanent) is not decided yet.
I’d agree to some extent, but I would have rather seen him stay and Silvestre not come in. Senderos does offer us something and it seems like that something is missing in the Kolo-William partnership. I really do hope Arsene looks at Johan Djourou as a serious alternative for either Gallas or Toure in the central defensive position. Kolo for defensive midfield anyone? Kolo along side Cesc in the middle of the park? Maybe that will happen now as Inler has rejected Arsene’s offer. His agent saying today:
“We have decided that Inler remains in Udinese. Any player would want to play for Arsenal, of course, but for Inler this may be perhaps a little early. Maybe a season too early.”
My view is that Djourou alongside Toure would be ideal. But I’ve never been a fan of Gallas. With Diaby and Cesc in midfield. Although Eboue has played there recently, I can’t see that his long term position is defensive midfield. So either Toure moves up, Djourou comes in or we’re going to suffer in defence this season. We all know that I feel that Alonso is not the right person to partner Cesc… Does Arsene have another player up his sleeve? Hmm, only time will tell… Arsenal vs FC Twente preview tomorrow… Cesc may play, he’s in the squad…]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Arsenal seem to be concentrating on paying off their debt rather than investing in the team, if this continues we will struggle to keep our place in the top 4 let alone win anything. I think it's time to spend money to make money...we are half way there with the stadium...now we need to invest in the team....and quickly. I hate the fact that we have the best stadium in the EPL but can't or won't grace it with the players it deserves.]]>

  • die hard arsenal fan

    Agree with Kolo and Gallas do not work but Kolo cannot play midfield as shown in his role at right back will give us nothing going forward. Flamini not only plugged the gaps but often played some magnificent runs to provide goal scoring chances . We need a midfielder. Rueben De La Red , James Harper , Jimmy Bullard someone who can do it all but not great at one such as Micahel Essien. A true professional. Once again Gallas needs to do his job and straighten out the team. TEAM 1st and and foremost.