Cesc you need a workhorse next to you, Alonso is not Flamini…

“Xabi is my friend of course, but apart from that he is a great player. He has won the Champions League and won a European Championship – and he is only 26.” Realistically, it’s a no-go. Can you see Cesc and Alonso in the middle. It’s too attacking. Liverpool are willing to sell because they’ve got Mascherano and Gerrard. Yes he is 26, but a midfield of Nasri, Cesc, Alonso and Rosicky (when fit) is way too attacking. Milan have Gattuso behind Kaka and Pirlo for a reason. Yes, Pirlo plays deep like Alonso, but the terrier is Gattuso. I really can’t see Arsene buying Alonso, I think he will buy a terrier – who? I don’t know. Options are running out, many people have been bought now. I hope Arsene has something up his sleeve, I really do… In other news, young Le Mans starlet Gervinho has reiterated his desire to move to Arsenal. Read more here, but he won’t be signed – not this season at least. I don’t mean to be negative, far from it, and a good signing this week followed by a good win against Twente will cheer me up. I’ll leave you with another Cesc quote which did cheer me up…

“For me, Arsenal is Arsenal and this club has something special that no others have. We have to take care of it, that’s why you have to be intelligent in your decisions. I have friends in Spain and Italy and they speak to me about other clubs and I know I’m privileged to be where I am and I don’t want to lose it. You see very few teams that play the way we do. I enjoy the way we play. I came here when I was 16 and I feel it’s my home.”
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  • http://arsespeak.wordpress.com jamesgillesp

    < ![CDATA[good article mate, I would agree that we need vieria type player. I'm still not sure if Diaby is right for the role. If not then I hope Wenger finds the right guy. We need to bring someone in to at least provide some cover, Eboue and Denilson aren't good enough as backup for that role.]]>

  • die hard arsenal fan

    We need a decent option if Cese gets injured. As well as someone who can come of the bench if we are behind to change the game. Denilson is not there yet cannot handle the high pressure game hence we need Xabi Alonso. Too much is being placed on young Cese shoulders plus we need to keep him happy before he leaves us as well.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[the options left,as reported by the media, are now : Miguel Veloso Lorik Cana Michael Johnson Xabi Alonso Gareth Barry Anthony Annan]]>