The World of Arsenal Is Back After A Week In Fiji – We've won the Amsterdam Tournament…

“It is true that I met with Arsène Wenger. There were very positive talks.” Arsene responded recently:

“I do not rule out anybody completely at the moment. If we were in advanced negotiations with anybody else I would say no, so everything is possible right now.”
Finally, whilst I’ve been away, we’ve also won the LG Amsterdam Tournament by beating Ajax 3-2 and then drawing with Sevilla 1 – 1. The first game seeing us come back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 and the second seeing a very stern defensive performance to draw the game whilst under considerable pressure by Sevilla. Okay, I’ve got to recover from my jetlag – normality should resume tomorrow…]]>

  • joel

    the title is wrong… we won the Amsterdam Tournament, not the Emirates cup mate!…lets blame that one on the jetlag!

  • devday

    Cheers Joel…. hopefully the brain will kick into gear today!