Arsenal draw FC Twente in the Champions League; Bob Wilson on the Future

Good-day to you, wherever you are in the world of Arsenal. Dev has asked me to blog in his absence and as always it is my pleasure to do so. Unfortunately there is a good chance I will be without internet access this weekend so here’s hoping Dev can take a ‘break’ from the beach to give you an update.

The weekend before last I was fortunate enough to have a chat with the legendary Bob Wilson and it was interesting and exciting to hear some of the things he had to say. Of Theo Walcott he said he has been in the gym all summer to build some muscle. This is great because you have to feel that at times Theo was nudged off the ball too often. His pace normally compensated for this but with some upper-body strength I am optimistic he will become a more ‘complete’ package.

This week everybody has been talking about the young Jack Wilshere. At just 16 years of age it is far too early to place ANY expectations on him. However, Bob Wilson was very excited about what the future holds. He said he is going to be a big player for Arsenal, to which I responded ‘big like Pennant or Bentley were predicted to be?’. He said no, Jack Wilshere is going to be an Arsenal and England superstar. Promising stuff, but as I said, let’s give him the time he needs.

The draw for the Champions League third qualifying round was made today, and we will face FC Twente of the Netherlands. What makes this draw interesting is that Steve McLaren is their manager. I hope he gets the abuse he deserves when they come to the Emirates! Seriously though, we should be fine even if they did beat Ajax for the qualifying spot. Thank goodness we avoided teams like Atletico Madrid and Galatasastab.

In other news David Bentley has been talking about Arsenal (not for the first time). He is looking forward to playing against us for Sp*rs. And we are looking forward to watching you lose against Arsenal, David. Having joined Sp*rs he has confirmed what we already knew about him. I will let you come up with the appropriate terms to describe him.

Arsene has said he is looking to find one more player for central midfield, and Gokhan Inler has been linked with us this morning. The 24 year old Switzerland international is a highly regarding midfielder, currently playing for Udinese. However, all of the quotes all come from the player’s agent. In agents we cannot trust. We’ll have to wait and see who this new signing will be. Anyone have any ideas?

Have a good weekend.


  • Nicky Grainger

    I saw those rumours end of last week in a Florida newspaper, before there was a sniff over here.. They ranked it 4/10 likely.

  • barnsgwj

    god i’am desperate for arsenal to thrash totenham and then see what he has to say!