Sunday Update and Burgenland XI v Arsenal Preview

“I didn’t tell Ramon Calderon no. I told him that now wasn’t the time to go to Madrid. That you are wanted by Madrid, one of the biggest teams in history, is important.” Hmm, did he say that, was it taken out of context? Who knows? Cesc has always backed Arsenal and Arsene, signed long term contracts and I believe there is a lot of Arsenal in him.

“To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me. Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year.”
I’m sure we’ll find out if those quotes are true, but either way, I say let’s win the title and then see what happens. In other news, Newcastle have supposed bid £6m for Senderos. Is that good money? Who / how would we replace him if he went? He does love the club though and has a big future ahead of him (I think)… more about that story soon. Let’s have a look at the next friendly, it’s Burgenland XI v Arsenal, kick off at 6.30pm. The squad is pretty much the same as the one we saw last week, with new boy Francis Coquelin and Havard Nortveit both unavailable due to slight injuries. Let’s have a look at the starting line up:
Almunia Goalkeeper
Sagna Right Back Gavin Hoyte Centre Back Justin Hoyte Centre Back Clichy Left Back
Walcott Right Wing Ramsey Midfielder Denilson Midfielder Wilshere Left Wing
  Bendtner Stiker Vela Support Stiker  
With the substitutes: Vito Mannone, Gavin Hoyte, Armand Traore, Mark Randall,  Henri Lansbury and Jay Simpson. The rest of the squad, I understand will be there, but won’t
play. They’ve been working on their fitness and we’d expect to see a selection of the first team play against Stuttgart midweek. Players like Diaby, Ade, VP, Nasri and Cesc would all be good to see. As we understand it, Diaby is going to partner Cesc in midfield, so it will be essential to see this combination pre-season. Adios for now guys, I’ll be back tomorrow no doubt…]]>

  • Charles

    You see a similar situation with the Adebayor transfer rumors; one newspaper prints a “quote”, and then another newspaper prints a “quote” that directly contradicts the first “quote.” You have to look at the player’s history to determine which quote (if either) is actually true, and with Fabregas’ history of saying that he wants to stay at Arsenal forever (on video, no less), I’d say it’s likely made up.

  • devday

    Just a quick update – the game kicks off at 5.30pm UK time, not 6.30pm as mentioned above!