My Best Friend's Wedding…

My good friend JAT will hopefully be blogging in my absence, although I do have a business centre when I'm out there - although it takes a good 36 hours to get from the door to door (a 24 hour plane journey on route!)

In Arsenal news, Mr Hleb has been talking about Arsenal and Arsene about how he's like a father and Cesc is like a brother. The prodigal son has left home for pastures new hey, Alex? Anyway, enough about Hleb. Ade says he might stay and all this money talk really got to his head. It will be interesting having him this seasons, he's really lost the fan's respect, but is also a good player who can offer a lot.

Gilberto has said that he found is very sad to leave and we wish him all the luck. Mr Arsenal Fan, Thierry Henry says Arsenal will win things and to have faith in Arsene. In his press conference this week, he handled the media well, respecting both his old and new clubs and also praising new arrival Hleb.

Anyway, I've got to get back to the wedding reception, apologies for the short blog.... Til tomorrow...]]>