Sunday Round Up, Walcott, Hleb, Ade & Signings…

Where was I? The Barnet game has got many fans excited, with Aaron Ramsey particularly impressing. It's early days, but the young Welshman looks like a very decent acquisition. Of course, we know that Jack Wilshere, albeit very young, is highly rated by Arsene. The next friendly takes place this Tuesday against Szombathelyi H. (part of the Austrian tour) and it's live on Arsenal TV online... more on that later...

Now that Alex "Judas" Hleb had left, I've felt a sense of peace, a sense of cleanliness and a sense of "good riddance". Hleb managed to take all the years he's played for Arsenal and the love we've had for him and screw it all into a big ball, put it in his mouth and spit it out, on the floor next to some dog poop. And if that wasn't bad enough, he's forgotten everything we've done for him, the agony we endured when he refused to shoot when confronted with an open goal, kissed the badge of Barcelona and proclaimed his love for the club.

When Henry left, he emanated his "hard decision", his "love for Arsenal" and how there would only be one other club that he could move to, and that Arsenal would always be in his heart. A big difference between the two players and a key reason why we feel so disappointed with the Belarussian. What did we mean to him? Anything?

And just when on top of all that you would think it couldn't get any worse. Today Alex Hleb continued with Barcelona's long protracted tapping up campaign for none other than Cesc Fabregas - declaring Cesc "loves the club" and "hopes he will be back". Well, we all know that Cesc has a great affection for Barcelona and that he is Catalonian. Of course he has love for Barcelona. But why start talking about him moving away from Arsenal? Because Alex Hleb is a Judas. His comments don't justify repeating here, but in a weird way, I must share:

“He told me lots of things [about Barcelona], his time in the academy with players like Pique, Messi and so on. He loves this club, and though he’s at Arsenal, who knows, maybe one day he’ll come back here.”

Really Alex, is there need? Anyway, Nasri is better so you can just go down Las Ramblas and eat some Paella. Not the nice Paella, the one that messes you up for days…

Quick change of subject, and let’s talk about our young super star int he making, Theo Walcott. He’s been a revelation at the end of last season and we all hope he will be a big player for us this season. He’s been in the press and spoke about the new season. He expects more from himself and said:

“In five years’ time I want to be a regular for Arsenal and England, scoring 20 goals a season. That’s a lot, but you have to set your sights high. I want to win the Premier League, the Champions League and the FA Cup. That’s the main thing, medals. People go on about money and contracts, but for me it’s always going to be about the football.”

It’s clear to see that his view differs from the likes of Flamini, Ade and Hleb. Is it down to his English roots? Who knows, but a remarkable kid and a super star in the making. Theo has been talking about his England call up too and how he thinks it was too early on.

“I didn’t expect the call-up. There was a lot of pressure on me straight away.  With most young players their development is not on the telly or spoken about, but with me it was different. The England call-up didn’t help my development, because everyone was expecting something straight away. In the end it was a good experience, but at the time it was like, ‘whoa’. Whereas before I hadn’t played in the Premier League, some players were probably thinking ‘What’s he doing here? He doesn’t deserve to be here’, now I’d been doing well. The players made me feel welcome, they trusted me on the ball – which was nice. I felt more part of the squad.”

I like hearing Theo as he’s got a sense of dignity and reality to what he says. If Theo can hit 20 goals this season that that would be really positive. If you look at the end of the season and saw his performances, you can potentially see that number achievable.

Before I go, Arsene spoke after the Barnet game about a few topics. Ade-bye-yawn was one of them, and Arsene has stated that he will be staying. He’s under contract and Arsene wants to keep him. Arsene goes on to speak about how it’s different than Hleb as he was in a stronger position and that Nasri was brought in as a direct replacement for Hleb. The comments from Arsene last week about being comfortable with this decision also vindicates the arrival of Nasri.

Finally, on new players, Arsene said that there is still one or two faces to join the squad and that is good news.

“Yes you can expect signings. I don’t know where and how many, but we’re in the market. If there’s a good opportunity we’ll take it.”

Although we’ve strengthened in the attacking department with the arrival of Nasri, Ramsey and Vela, but with the loss of Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini, we’ve got to look the defensive group of players and add to it.

Okay, adios, sleep tight, if you’re reading this on Monday then Good Morning!]]>