Ade's "New Price" & Swap Deal P.S. The Euro Exchange Rate Sucks

Carlos is a very good player, as he arrived at Arsenal I was there, but I don’t know why he had to go to Spain to play more before he went back to Arsenal. He proved this year with Osasuna that he is a great player and that will be able to do important things for him in the English Premiership Anyway, back to all things Ade-bye-yawn (Like that? I thought it was pretty special)… It appears that we’re willing to sell now and Milan look the most interested. The price initially quoted was circa 45 million euros, which in today’s poor exchange rate works out at roughly £37.5 million (at a 1.2 Euro to Pound rate)… so news today is that Milan are willing to do a swap deal with Yoann Gourcuff. The player has agreed a loan move to Bordeaux, so I’m sure Arsene will review the legality of the purchase and him moving to us permanently. For those of you who play Football Manager, you’ll know that sometimes you have to wait a year before you can play the player. After scouring the papers today, it seems that the deal we are proposing is worth approximately £25m + Gourcuff, which is a deal I’d be happy
with – (that’s 30 million euros) as a player like Gourcuff working with a manager like Arsene, could be a revelation in our team. Agent Vincenzo Morabito has backed this up with another statement today:

“We’re working to make the deal easier. The signs are very positive. We’re arriving at more reasonable figures.

“They’re still a lot, but a lot less than the 45 million euros that were initially asked for. A bit more than half.

“More than that of (Samuel) Eto’o and (Didier) Drogba but they are a little bit older.”

If we do believe what this agent says, then it does match up with what the papers say and there could be some truth in it..

Hmmm, this whole Adebayor saga really is overwhelmingly dragging on, so let’s hope for some conclusion soon. We really need to get our heads down and concentrate on our pre-season preparations. If Ade goes, it looks like we could be bringing in a new striker. A south American called Falcao has been linked, but nothing concrete. Let’s wait and see what happens with Ade.

Okay, have a great Saturday, relax, put your feet up and enjoy… speak soon.