It's all starting to happen now in the world of Arsenal…

“As far as I know, the player and his agent will travel to Athens to meet with the Panathinaikos representatives.” “If Gilberto reaches agreement with them then we will reach agreement with Panathinaikos.” So, where does that leave us? No Diarra, no Flamini and no Gilberto… Arsene, it’s a position that needs re-inforcing without a doubt. So back to all things Hleb. People “in the know”, not me, say that the fee has been agreed with Barcelona for the attacking midfielder. It’s in the region of £12.5m or 15 million Euros, slightly lower than the £18m discussed yesterday. With a further £2.5m to be wired over if Barcelona win the league or something like that. He’s an annoying quote from the Belarussian:

“I can’t get used to the chaotic way of life in London, where everyone is racing around 24 hours a day. It is uncomfortable and I’m mentally tired. I told Wenger that at our two recent meetings,”
OOoo, London, so crazy, argh, I can’t handle it… Hleb, I’ve lived here all my life, it’s fine, it’s actually what you want it to be. Go to Hampstead and put your feet up in a park – stop going to central London on the tube, that’s why it’s “chaotic”. Please go. And please make sure we make some sort of money out of it… One player who could fill his boots is former fans favourite Quincy Owusu-Abeye:
“I have got something to prove to myself as well. I thought I didn’t really get the chance to prove myself in my first spell but if I get the chance again I will put my life into it,”
Let’s see what happens. And a little more news sees Kerrea Gilbert join Leicester on a season long loan, which will ultimately see Eboue stay at the club. How depressing… We’ve been linked with about 10 strikers and 10 midfielders (again) today, I’ll wait to hear something more concrete… maybe Nasri will sign sometime soon too… Anyway, it’s Friday today / tomorrow, it’s going to be a good Friday – I have a feeling. Til then…]]>