£18m for Hleb, £36m for Ade…?

Samir (Nasri) should arrive soon and then there are also many young players who are knocking at the door. It may be a good opportunity to start in the ‘big time’. Sagna went on to say that he’s not leaving so that’s positive too (er, you just signed a new contract silly!). The media believe Hleb’s deal is almost done and it’s believed to be £18m, which I’d be very happy with, that’s two Sagna’s, a Vela and a Ramsey, cheers. He’s quoted as saying he’s going to leave and is thankful for Arsene blah blah blah:

“I am very grateful to Arsene Wenger. He is the best coach of my career. And not just a coach. He is a very good man and intuitive psychologist. I very much appreciate his support,. “I talked to him twice before the end of the season (about my future). It is also not that easy for me to leave this club, because it has become my home. I think he (Wenger) is upset, though it is better to ask him, maybe he is glad. “In life, everything changes. I believe that there are 10 top clubs in world football, and when a couple of clubs are interested in you and offer better terms, I believe that others would have done exactly the same. “But Arsenal is dear to me, I am grateful to Wenger for everything he has done for me. “As an Arsenal player, I can say that there is no better club in the English Premiership.”
Well, I suppose
we’ll find out tomorrow…. Swiftly moving on to the $$$ himself, Adebayor, £36m? Really? Is he worth that much? Well apparently he is and we’re willing to sell, this is the “letter” we wrote to Milan:
“Today Arsenal sent us a letter saying they were willing to talk to us about Adebayor. “The letter from Arsenal that says, ‘Following our communication of 13th June, in which we informed you we were not willing to deal over Adebayor, now we are writing to tell you that we will consider a deal if it still interests you’. “If Adebayor decides to leave, Milan definitely want him but it is clear that if an offer arrives from Barcelona it would be difficult for him to say no.”
So all in all, a productive day. A bit of these over-exhausted stories, would really like some conclusion on them soon… Okay, time to leave the office… tomorrow I’ll hopefully have more time to talk…]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Personally I am not that upset about Hleb going, we will only miss the dribbling skills, he couldn't pass, shoot or tackle...bring on Nasri. I think Ade will stay to be honest as we have offered him 60,000k a week and to be fair to him he has progressed well since being at Arsenal...lets just hope that he scores around 30 goals consistantly every season otherwise both Arsenal and Ade are going to look pretty silly. That is the biggest risk for us, if his form takes a nosedive this coming season then so will his value...and money seems to be holding Arsenal back considerably. Do we cash in now and buy a replacement???]]>

  • Concerned Die Hard Fan

    Yes we cash in now and buy a replacement once again I really like Huntelaar but with Man U interested we wont get him either . Just like about three years ago we should have had Torres but we were smarting over price. Yet we could pay 16 Million for Reyes blah. We need to invest in prospects whose personal terms are reasonable even if their asking price is great.

  • JAT

    if we can get £30+ mill for ade, then SELL SELL SELL! the magician has a few tricks up his sleeve, let’s wait and see what transpires!

  • http://www.arsenal-opinion.com scottpuffin

    < ![CDATA[Can't see Huntelaar fitting into our style of play. He'll score goals if we get balls in the box, but it's not our style. A little immobile for me. Wenger generally goes for pace and athleticism. van Nistelrooy was a great forward but I don't think he would've done well at Arsenal. Saying that, we have got Bendtner and Wenger did try and sign Ibrahimovich a few years back. www.arsenal-opinion.com]]>