Greetings from Los Angeles, Adebayor On The Move…?

Cesc winning the Euros, Theo getting the number 14 shirt and Bischoff and a bit about Ade, Nasri and Kroenke. Well today, I’m going to quickly touch on the antics of Adebayor and try and figure out what is going on. When Ade joined, he was pretty much hated by the fans. But had patience with him and eventually he showed that he would be able to start paying us back with some good performances. A sustained period of appearances also contributed to him playing nearly all the games of last season. He scored 31 goals in all competitions and 24 of them in the league. A good performance, most of which came in the first half of the season. Ade won the hearts of many Arsenal fans, not only with his early season form but his desire to be at Arsenal. Ade has proclaimed his love for the club several times and his desire to stay at the club for a long time and become an Arsenal legend. So why the sudden change of heart? Ade is playing for one of the world’s best manager’s in the world’s best city, so why would he want to leave? As much as I try and find reasons I can only think of the one reason. Money. It is rumoured that Ade is currently on 35,000 pounds (i can’t find a pound sign on this US keyboard) per week. We’ve reportedly offered him 45,000, but he wants 70,000. Now after one season, can he ask for a 100% wage rise? Arsenal is a club which always rewards players. Henry went from a Juventus reject to the highest paid player in the premiership. But he earned it. Season after season of top quality performances, 30+ goals season after season. But players nowadays can’t seem to wait, a momentary good performance seems to be enough to demand whatever they want. We saw Flamini unwilling to wait and stay with the club. Hleb is also being allured by a double your money offer and now Ade could potentially be off. With things as they are now, would you be happy to see Adebayor in an Arsenal shirt next season? Will fans boo him or be happy he stayed. If reports are to be believe, Barcelona have launched a “take it or leave it” 45million euro offer. That’s about 35m pounds. The Guardian reporting:

Wenger is understood to be disappointed by Adebayor’s attitude and recognises that there is no value in retaining the services of a player who feels his future does not lie at the Emirates. Adebayor would relish a move to Barça, whose president, Joan Laporta, faces a “motion of censure” by club members on Sunday which, if lost, will see him thrust into an election to retain his position.
The Daily Mail goes on to state that we’ve already contacted Blackburn about Santa
Cruz and that things are happening in the background… Food for thought, more tomorrow…]]>

  • KenyanGooner

    < ![CDATA[I'm really disappointed with adebayor's attitude. 31 goals in one season, yes, is great but for him to get a 100% pay rise just after that is not too justified...45k£ is reasonable. if he scores another 31 goals in the coming season put him up to 60k etc etc. Talking of roque santa cruz: I'd say not a bad replacement should adebayor choose to leave. Comparing stats from wikipedia: Adebayor (24 years): Appearances: 48 Goals:30 Assists:5 Roque (turning 27 years soon): Appearances: 42 Goals: 23 Assists 7. With the excellent arsenal supply, he (theoretically) should be able to score goals. He's a good finisher. Adebayor & roque are both the same height too. His stats @ Bayern are not all that though.]]>

  • Concerned Die Hard Fan

    I do not believe in keeping players who wish to depart. Let him go he is a good striker but needs work on his link up play and finishing. He can be either be abosluety brilliant or totally disinterested. He will be hard to replace my fav for years we were not willing to spend for which is (Torres). My best bets for a replacement would be Huntaleer,Aguero, or Pato all unlikely.. Also would love to see David Silva at us next season but I am only a fan do not know anything about money management.

  • PauloPerich

    35million??!! just sell him, we can get a striker as good as him for half of the price.

  • Nickyg

    < ![CDATA[I'm disappointed in his change of attitude, all the kissing the badge, we're family etc, seems to have disappeared when he thinks he can earn more elsewhere. One good season does not make him another Thierry. To compare himself with T is ridiculous. We should take the money and good riddance. It will be ddifficult for him with the fans if a move does not happen.]]>

  • fan

    I say let him go. I am very found of Ajax Hitman Huntelaar. He is such a clinical striker and would be great along side a fellow dutchman RVP

  • Fred Mwesigwa s.(Uganda)

    Its a wonderfull transfer of Nasir. Iwish we can have othe such gains in departments like the striking squad!