Domination Surely Starts With Keeping Your Best Players…

“At the end of the season I just told the players to go on holiday, forget about it for a few weeks, and be ready to come back with a new desire and new hope for next season.”

“I feel the togetherness is there, the desire is there, and the quality is there. They have very good ingredients. We have done extremely well. We had 68 points last year, and we had 83 this season, so we made a big improvement.”

“We just want to make another improvement next year, and if we can manage that improvement, what will follow naturally is domination.”

Of course, we have improved, but today’s league is more competitive than any other league, arguably the best players in the league are Fernando Torres and Ronaldo, neither whom play for us… with Chelski, Liverpool and United all strengthening their squads, it’s imperative that we focus on winning the league rather than talking about domination. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate Arsene, as you all know, but sometimes comments like this only back fire. Arsene has also spoke about Ronaldo, saying “if you let him leave you are weak”, will those words back fire when or if Ade and Hleb leave? Hmmm, one of those summers hey? So over to the transfer saga that is Samir Nasri. We’ve heard the player is now on holiday and that’s the next hold up for him signing for us. It’s hard to believe that a player won’t sign because he’s too busy laying on a beach. It does sound rather fishy to me. I’m starting to believe that there may be a snag to this whole deal. Bernes, his agent, spoke:
“He is on his holidays. It (the transfer) will be made when he will be back, in about 10 days,”
How quaint. Well, as it’s July 4th, I’ve got an action packed day ahead of me… time to get a quick nap before the festivities begin…]]>

  • PauloPerich

    i think maybe they r waiting to sell hleb, then finally sign nasri.

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