Ade too expensive, Nasri signing imminent (this time, we REALLY mean it), Kroenke to pledge allegiance

Well, it looks as though both Milan and Barca have failed in their attempts to sign Adebayor. Milan Director Adriano Galliani claims to have been priced out by our ‘impossible’ asking price, and Barca have had their offer rejected outright.

Given the conflicting statements coming out of the Adebayor camp in the past week I have a sneaky feeling that this is not the end of the Adebayor transfer saga. Pre-season  starts in Mid-July and with Ade not having played in the Euro’s he will be starting with the rest of the squad come mid-July. One would have to assume that all this will be sorted out by then, so we have only a couple of weeks to wait and see what the future holds.

Hatem Ben Arfa has officially signed for Marseille. This is good news because (as I reported yesterday) it became evident that Ben Arfa’s agitated transfer to Marseille was the final stumbling block in Samir Nasri’s transfer to Arsenal.

Indeed at the Ben Arfa press conference Marseille President Papa Diouf said of the Nasri transfer: ‘An announcement will be made in a few days’. Now, I know we have heard this same statement from various sources for weeks, but this
time it is surely true. No Euro 2008 in the way, no Ben Arfa in the way – expect to see the official announcement on by the end of this week.

Stan Kroenke is set to be given a seat on the board of Directors. Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has given Kroenke his blessing but you have to feel that the aggressive nature of Usmanov/Dein’s interest in the club has rather forced his hand into choosing one side or the other. He has definitely picked the right side.

Kroenke is a man of sport and all of the clubs/teams he has had a financial stake in have thrived under his influence. With a proven record of success and an assurance in today’s Daily Mail that he has no plans to launch a takeover bid you have to think this man will provide a valuable asset through both his experience in sport and his financial investment in the club.

As far as I can see there is little else going on and you, like me, are probably sick to death of the same old Santa-Cruz/Martins stories. With that I shall leave it there for today, have a good evening.


  • spartan

    < ![CDATA[Stan Kroenke is the the guy who has taken over the running of the web site what a load of C**P. It just shows that DD was right all along. And yes the board are running out of places to hide.]]>