Congratulations Cesc, Commiserations Jens, Adebayor/Hleb/Nasri Zzzzz

Many congratulations to Cesc Fabregas and Spain on winning Euro 2008. I was in a big Spanish city watching their Semi v Russia last week and the atmosphere was amazing. They do love Cesc out there (big time) and he has done himself many a favour by scoring the winning penalty against Italy and supplying those two assists against Russia. Spain were deserving champions – a (generally) young quality side that plays beautiful football. This statement gives us all hope for next season.

Cesc has since dedicated his success to us Gooners. He said: 'This was the happiest day of my life as a professional footballer.

But this is also for the Arsenal fans that have been suffering a lot this year.

For them, at least one player has won something. It is for them.'

I am always pleased to see any Gooner achieving success on an international level (albeit normally with France) but it doesn't come close to seeing a Gooner achieving success with the Gunners. Let's hope Cesc's Euro 2008 experience will help us go the whole 9 yards next season (as opposed to last season's 8.8 yards).

One Gooner's success was another's heartbreak. Had Jens Lehmann been playing for anyone other than Germany I might have had a little more sympathy. There were an abundance of German supporters at the airport on Sunday taunting my friends and I (for being English and therefore not at the Euros), but who's got the last laugh now suckers?

From what I can see there isn't really that much else going on apart from the usual Hleb/Adebayor stories. As always, there is nothing official coming from Arsenal FC so most of what we hear/read about is media/agent-generated and not worth giving too much attention.

I must say I went on holiday for eight days and I was expecting to come home to see Samir Nasri an Arsenal player but this has STILL not been confirmed. I honestly do not know what is happening there but I am sure it is down to mere formalities.

Patience, JAT, patience.]]>