Las Vegas Exclusive: Drunken Conversation With Flamini

It’s like a family, I can’t believe I ending up leaving. Matty, the choices was yours.

To feel unwanted is the worst feeling. They made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything, they were willing to sell me to Birmingham. After that I didn’t want to sign a contract. It’s not about money, it’s about feeling wanted. Only at the end of the season after I had given everything did they even give me a decent offer. They thought I would sign for little money because they are who they are, but I had to give Wenger back what he did to me.
A bit of a sob story, Matty, we offered you a new contract in August, improved it in October and then gave you a whopping offer in May. But you didn’t sign.
At the end of the season he realised what I could offer to the team. But we were stretched, tired and by being so far close to the title, we blew our chance. I didn’t think I would get a chance in the Arsenal team again to win something. I need to get out, needed to go somewhere where we have a chance to win.
Matty, that’s pathetic, you’ve bailed out. Milan aren’t in the Champions League and finished 5th in the league.
But now I’m going to AC Milan and I will be the star of the team. I will show the world that I am the best. Good luck to Arsenal, I have many friends there. But I will never forgive Wenger.
Suprisingly, he calls Arsene by his surname, like a school teacher relationship. An insight into Matty’s feelings. And he was being very sincere with his words. I made it obvious about my love for Arsenal, but he did feel a little hurt. Ultimately, he wanted more money and that’s a horrible fact of modern day football. Reports in the papers back in London have declared that Ade wants to move to Barcelona. Up til now, he hadn’t spoken on the matter, but this was his quote today.
“Barcelona have made a good financial offer,” Adebayor told the News of the World newspaper. “Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it is up to the directors to satisfy my demands, otherwise I will leave.” “You have to take advantage of the moment,” he said. “Why not go to Barcelona if the manager there (Pep Guardiola) already has me in his plans. “That means there is a big chance of seeing me there.”
He went on to say:
“I had a dream of playing for Arsenal, and Arsenal are one of the loveliest clubs in the world,” he said. “When I go back to Africa it is obvious that a lot of people love the club. But now I have a chance of playing with one of the biggest clubs in the world. “I haven’t had a chance to speak to the manager yet. But we will sit down next week and decide what is good for my career. “We will have to meet with the manager before anything can be decided. But, as you know better than anyone, a lot of teams want me to play for them. “It will not be a difficult decision. I’m just going to sit down with my agent and with my family and decide what is good for my career. “If they’re going to get 50million for me and they bought me for 10million, everyone is getting the benefits. “They have to make a good decision and I have to make a good decision. I have asked Arsenal to look at it and see what they want. “I have a promise from the manager Arsene Wenger that they will call me next week. I am waiting for their answer and next week I will decide. “I need to know before I come back to train on 21st July. At the moment, I am in a position that I don’t know where I will play.”
A sad state of affairs when everthing comes down to money. Players have to realise that a good season should be followed up by another good seson and then another good season before a new contract. If it’s true that Barce have offered him a contract then it’s another case of illegal approach. Arsene spoke on Ade and said:
“He’s under contract and that’s quite simple. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal football club I’m not worried. “Of course I expect him to be at Arsenal next season – he’s under contract.” Asked if he was going to meet the striker next week, Wenger replied: “No – I’ve already met him.”
Good words from Arsene. Let’s hope Ade speaks soon in a better way and does “those reports were rubbish, I didn’t say that” and this story goes away… Anyway, back to the casino’s – I wonder who I will meet today?]]>

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    DId this really happen?

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    WOW! How great is that you ran into Flamster. Didn’t know he has such grudge for Wenger. Thanks for sharing. cheers

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