It's Quite Sunny In Las Vegas… Friday Round Up

“Actually, we did not have normal contact from the Arsenal board, but from a member of the technical staff at the club. At the moment there is not a formal offer yet, but it is possible that will happen soon as Juventus and AC Milan have shown an equal interest in the player.” I’d be delighted if we signed Veloso, he looks like a very good player indeed. But with his club asking in the region of £23m, it’s always been an unlikely signing. Let’s see what Arsene does in the next week or so, but the quote above shows that Arsene is definitely planning to bring someone in – who, will remain the question… Talking about signings, the Marseille coach also confirmed the Nasri transfer to Arsenal, stating that he’s given his farewell and a sad loss for Marseille, but a great addition to Arsene’s revolution…

“It is unfortunate that Samir will leave Ligue 1. I regret seeing him leave and so do his team mates. But it’s good for him to join a big team like Arsenal. He has the mentality to have a great career. “
Well… wish me luck, I’m off to the casino shortly… I’ll let you know how it goes…]]>