Word On The Street Was Premature

http://www.samirnasri.fr/. The site announced that he’d signed a four year deal, but today retracted their statement:

Nous sommes désolé d’avoir agit précipitamment en annonçant que Samir avait signé avec Arsenal, mais Samir est encore sous contrat avec l’Olympique de Marseille à ce jour.
Which reads something like, “we regret to announce the signing of Samir Nasri to Arsenal ahead of time. Today, he is still a Marseille player”, in a kind of rough translation. The deal is pretty much there, but the way in which the money is being paid is still in final discussion. Marseille, I believe, want all of it up front, however, we want to pay some now, some later… I’ll keep you posted…]]>

  • http://arsespeak.wordpress.com jamesgillesp

    < ![CDATA[It all seems very strange, there must have been some mix-up, probably the agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes didn't want it announced yet, negotiations may not be finalised. He is a bit of a dubious character!]]>

  • Emma Passmoor

    I think his agent is trying to get more money, Nasri must be ready to join so it can only be a matter of time hopefully his signing will show Adebayor that our team is imroving and he’ll stay.