How nervous were you when Cesc took that penalty?

Chances were made, chances were saved, you kind of knew it was going to penalties... and as soon as it went to penalties, you knew that young Cesc had a chance to make or break it. As soon as the whistle for extra time blew, I had a shiver of nerves run down my spine.

I turned to my friends and said "Cesc better not miss". That was my first reaction? Why? Because it would make me look silly - people would say "Cesc missed" or it's "Cesc's fault", but really deep down, I wanted him to score for himself. I've seen people shattered by high profile penalty misses and I wanted Cesc to have that nerve of steel for himself and ultimately for us. If he tucked his penalty away against Italy, then when we're in the Champions League final next season, I would know - he would know - how to score and the impact it would have. It's part of his training. And he passed.

But as he stood up, the nerves were so high. What if he missed, Spain could be out, what would that do to the lad.

But Cesc is Cesc - nothing seems to faze him.

Up he stood. One deep breath. Next thing we knew, the ball was in the back of the net.

Spain were through - Cesc couldn't believe it. He made the impact, he scored the winning goal and Spain are through to their first semi final in 24 years.

Congratulations Cesc - that was some penalty.

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