Will he, won't he, Arsene that is…

Well, that's what Arsene is going through repeatedly time after time. You've got to consider that a 50 million euro offer for two players that we got for 20 million euros within the last three years is a good offer to accept. You got to think that if you re-invest that money back into the transfer market you would be able to increase the overall quality of the squad.

I would like to make one thing clear - I have nothing against Adebayor, I think he's been a great player this year and if he stays will continue to improve - but our goals are team efforts, we create 20 chances per game, so is it possible for one striker who plays every game to at least score once every 2 games, I think so. What I mean by this, is a £20 million profit on a player that many people questioned after 9 months of good play isn't a bad thing is it? We've struggled to compete financially for some of the top players. With 50 million euros, that's a Diogo, Podolski, Villa and Kompany in the bag - and add to that Eduardo, Vela, Van Persie, Rosicky... (the list goes on)....

So what I say to all Arsenal fans is this - if Arsene sells, don't worry, don't presume our team is over and we've blown our chances - believe in the car theory above - sometimes it's all about the moment and the market, the value of what things are worth now.

If Arsene doesn't sell - and part of me thinks he would rather keep hold of both Ade and Hleb - then don't worry either - we know they can improve under Arsene. Believe me, when I say that Ronaldo will not be the player he was at United when he moves to Real Madrid - as much as I hate Fergie, he is a good(ish) coach and all can see the part he's play in Ronaldo rise.

Anyway, it's a mind boggling time for any fan... the friendlies kick off in a few weeks and it's nice to know who's going to be playing for you when you start the season... Arsene has learnt a few lessons in the last five years about loyalty, about player's worth and about squad size. I do expect this summer to end favourably to us no matter the outcome of the future of Ade and Hleb.

Milan have stated that we are prepared to sell, and that they have a 50% chance of signing Ade. They also say we'd rather sell to Barce - a swap for Eto'o plus cash? Hmmm, food for thought.

Before I go, here is a quick snippet from Arsene's last press statement:

“I brought my chequebook but, having looked at the prices, I’ve realised it isn’t big enough. I’ve not been surprised by the quality on show. There is a fantastic young generation of players coming through. But I will use my chequebook first to keep the players I already have.”

The will he, won’t he saga continues…

Spain vs Italy tonight, good luck Cesc, should be a cracker!]]>

  • fan

    I say sell them and buy Villa, Arshavin, and another CDM or CB. Ade is great but another ST can step in his place and do as good a job is him.

  • http://arsespeak.wordpress.com jamesgillesp

    < ![CDATA[Hey Dev. Wenger said on his Euro 2008 interview with BBC that he will use his chequebook to keep his players before he signs anyone. That should be a sign to anyone that his priority is to keep players like and Ade and Hleb before signing more, and I support that policy.

    On another note I'm so hapy Fabregas' penalty put Spain through, I was shitting myself when he stepped up!]]>