What's going on with Adebayor?

I do not want to speak about this at the moment because of Arsenal. But it is possible there will be something to say in a few days’ time. Sounds like Ronaldo? Barcelona have reported offered 50 million euros for both Adebayor and Hleb. These are two players, one which we bought for £7m and could make a £20m profit on and the other, a player who wants to leave. So, if we do accept, we’ve got 50 million euros in the bank and that’s £42 million in the bank, maybe a little of it spent on Diogo, although we’d have to increase our bid and with Nasri, Ramsey and Vela already signed, we’ve been increasing the squad size. Short blog today, good luck Van Persie, Holland vs Russia.]]>

  • SB

    < ![CDATA[as much as I want to believe Ade is going but then if he wants to go he can go , we should not go as low as United went threattening their own players even when it is obvious he wants tp leave ]]>

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  • Fox

    < ![CDATA[Adebayor had his one good season last season and he ended it not very well, I say we cash in when the time is right. If Barca really want to pay us around 50million euros for Ade and Hleb then I'm well up for that! Imagine how many little gems Wenger can get with that kind of money! Bring on Arshavin, Diogo, Nasri, Ramsey and the rest! Oh its gonna be a goood summer!!!]]>

  • steve barry

    Adebayor, as good as he is?, is not a world XI player. What Arsenal need is a young Henry,Pires or Viera. You’ve got to trust Arsene to get this right, we’ve no doubt to believe he won’t. The money for Ade will be better invested for the future. We can’t always invest for the future as we want success today, but a good boss knows the heart should always beat the heart in these decisions.

  • lionel(gunner 4 life)

    ade can go , he had 1 good season and did not win us anything, like henry he can move on cause arsenal will live on and no one player makes a team. villa and arshavin will makes us stronger, hope arsene gets the cheque book out before its too late..

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